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You Can’t Handle The Truth!

Laying it all bare, for the world to see, dropping the pretence, the charade?

I agree with being honest. Just being free enough to say this is me, this is it, these are my feelings and so on; but most people don’t want honesty. In fact studies show we don’t even want honesty ourselves; our own unconscious brain dictates that. Under tests participants have proven to blatantly ignore truthful facts if they are detrimental to them as humans. It seems lies are a human fundamental, a defence mechanism; part of something ancient that remains within us all.

So basically, when we are faced with the harsh truth, our minds deny it so we as a species can carry on living. Maybe without those lies we tell ourselves daily we’d never get up in the mornings?!

If we saw the real truth all the time we might decide to merely curl up and die, because the truth often is grimmer than the reality we think we know and see around us.

Lets face it the truth can be detrimental, examples; chances of getting cancer in your lifetime, chances of dying of a heart attack, likelihood of divorce, chances of being cheated on, murder, becoming homeless, being bankrupt, unemployed or never fulfilling a life’s dream. In short it takes away hope, and no one wants to admit that whatever they are doing could cause themselves harm in the long run.

Truth when applied to some situations merely deprives us of the remotest possibility that everything will be OK. Regardless of the adversity and the odds that are against us, we all hope everything will be OK in the end.

As people we are therefore used to being tricksters, excellent at concealing the truth even within ourselves. We have our reasons no doubt, does it always have to be because we have a hidden agenda or can’t face up to reality? Aren’t some things best left to the imagination or indeed left unsaid?

If we could always see and hear the truth would we choose to? Could everyone cope with seeing behind the veil of everyone’s reality or the world’s for that matter; no I don’t think we all could. I understand there are some things that need to be revealed as truth, but it is doubtful that everything truthful would be received as a ‘blessing’, because people are used to a life in the dark; and there are some truths that might be out of our comprehension.

Maybe then living a half lie is OK?

Perhaps so, as not every lie is meant to be harmful.

We as people should be able to choose what part of life we want to see as a harsh reality, and that which we choose not to; and what pieces of our own psyche we conceal and that which we don’t (it is our prerogatives as humans). After all no one knows anyone or anything 100%; we and everything around us are based on opinions (how we perceive ourselves, others and the world). Who’s truth is correct? Some people don’t even know themselves 100%; so how can they fathom out any lies inside themselves, how can they know what they are seeing in the world is a lie or the truth?

What is the truth anyway? Isn’t it relative to the situation, person, place, time and so on? Perhaps one person’s lie is merely another persons truth?

What do you think? Please leave me some food for thought!!!!

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7 thoughts on “You Can’t Handle The Truth!

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  4. Just to comment this:
    “Regardless of the adversity and the odds that are against us, we all hope everything will be OK in the end.”

    Time solves nothing…This end you talk about is mere repetition of What Is, and Ideal is only mere escape from clearly seeing this. Nothing will change unless What is, is understood…

    This improved “end” will never come… unless despite adversity and hardship, WE REACH OUT FOR SOMETHING TO FEEL OK IN THE MIDST OF WHAT IS NOW!! Accepting what is, changes our attitude to what is…


    • Hey Julien,
      I know it maybe repetition. and I understand what you mean; but not everyone does or will. No one can impose a universal understanding if people aren’t receptive. It is like pearl before swine. Saying ‘this is it’ won’t make it understood or accepted. No one can really judge until we walk in others shoes, people don’t all think alike or experience the same things as we might. That is just life. People don’t reach out, because they don’t think they need to. Not everyone sees ‘now’ as some awful thing that needs to be fixed. Not everyone sees things the same as maybe we do. What is (or perceived to be), will differ from person to person; there is no universal truth.
      Hugs to you too, Bex

      • You see,
        If you really get what I mean, it´s all fine with me. Just realize that in this second,others don´t exist.

        I exist NOW as I write to you, you exist now reading this…That`s all it counts in this moment.
        There might be not such thing as universal truth, but there is Truth…:)

        • Yes, but who lives in the moment? It is a Psychological concept that is desirable, and yet difficult to achieve. I like to be in the moment; we miss so much when we think of what will be or could be, and so on and so on. Yet, as humans that is our nature; always searching for the bigger and better deal. Sad, but true for many.

          I understand you, and lament; wishing others felt the same. I hear you, and read your words as though you are merely directing them to me. Yet, telling others what is, well, in my experience, no one can be told anything (they have to figure it out for themselves). That is their personal development, their path in life to follow.

          I am just putting this opinion across, as it is viable. It is how most people feel and think.

          This doesn’t detract from the fact that I enjoy having these discussion (albeit virtual) or ‘debates’ with you. Its good to find someone who feels and thinks as I do (but people aren’t easily converted, I know, I’ve tried)! 🙂

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