Why I Hate New Year Resolutions

Why I hate New Year resolutions;

Because we always allow ourselves to perceive that the previous year was a failure, a let-down, a time when we weren’t good enough.

After all, isn’t that really what the notion of a resolution alludes to – we are all failures, and therefore are required to modify and rectify that at all cost?

Why can’t we just be us, and decide we don’t need to change?

Resolutions are very like false promises;

Sorry, but I’m not going to jump on the positivity bandwagon. I’m not going say that 2015 will be your year, and that you have the power to transform and achieve. Mainly because I don’t really buy into all that stuff!!! The reason being; I see all of that rhetoric as negative, life assassination, and unnecessary pressure to live up to other people’s expectations of us.

Why should we buy into the idea that with every new year we will suddenly all morph into wonder women or men? That in 2015 we will definitely be destined to become another person, a wonderful person, in fact a person you were probably never actually meant to be.

It’s all just a teensy weensy bit delusional;

Just because it will soon to be 2015 doesn’t mean anything has fundamentally changed. We can’t shrug off the past; we all have our individual life experiences, thoughts, ideas, desires and so on.

Why is it with a new year we then become washed clean??

More importantly, why do we want to be??

Just be you;

Because life, from one year to the next, is merely about the experiences we have and share, the learning curve and the path we chose to travel.

I can make a million resolutions, but it doesn’t mean I can or will fundamentally change!

I am merely advocating the ethos; be kind to yourself. I am asking you all to stop applying the pressure to be what you’re not. I make a plea for you all not to view your life (you) as a failure thus far. I call for us all to stop procrastinating with resolutions, which are only made to then be broken.

I suggest that we don’t wait for another new year to come and go; live life now and have fun amassing your experiences, which you should then proudly reflect back upon, without qualms and guilt!

Live your life now, while it is here, and see what it brings you! All the ups and downs are welcome, it is life and you can’t just pick and choose the best bits and edit the rest.

So, let 2015 be what it will be – life as we know it.

Oh, and my New Year Resolution; don’t make any, quite simple really!


A School Reunion

School reunions, the very words make me cringe!!!

To be blunt, opting to reunite with school ‘friends’, is the sort of thing that evokes imagery of Hell. I can think of little worse than spending my free time with the fakes and phonies of yesteryear, in what would be a completely forced ‘pleased to see you’ situation. Let me be honest, these ‘friends’ are the very people I had to spend my school days with! Why then would I, via my own volition, decide to reunite with them, when I was more than content to never have to see them again???

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not cynical about school and enduring friendships. I do have one good friend from my school days, just one, but we have been friends since we were eight years old and know each other better than most married couples do! So, I am aware that some friendships do last, However, I am in contact with the one and only school friend that I want to keep in contact with, I therefore don’t feel the desire to catch up and reminisce with those I have always deemed to be fake friends. The past is the past and for me it is best left there!

Although I may be unnerved by the thought of a school reunion, I can’t quite escape it either. This is because my good friend of too many years to count has decided to be in attendance, though I truly wish she would change her mind. I suppose I will then have to hear all about the night in blow by blow grim detail, yuck! I can understand why she longs to go though, as she likes to know what’s happening, I on the other don’t. I am disinterested beyond expression regarding the ups and downs of Joe Bloggs of yester-year. I couldn’t care if Joe Bloggs has walked on the moon or festered in vomit, just so long as I need never be troubled by any of it or any of them!

I have actually asked my friend the simple question of what exactly she expects from this school reunion. I mean what would have changed so dramatically about these past ‘friends’ that it would make a reunion worth having; in my opinion nothing near enough to make me willingly attend! Well, I know these ‘used to be’ kids may have grown up, but as far as I’m concerned, only in stature. My evidence to substantiate this accusation; I used to have a personal Facebook page. Those school ‘friends’ I did allow access to my page hadn’t really changed their outlook on life or other people. Unfortunately for them they still are petty, immature, self- obsessed, jealous, boastful, vile, disingenuous and nasty; bad character traits don’t necessarily diminish with age!

So, a school reunion is a euphemism. It’s really the renewed opportunity for these people to brag about how wonderful they are, to try and make others feel inferior to boost their already gigantic egos and for them to have the audacity to pretend as though we were all bosom buddies! Personally, I don’t need to waste precious time on validating myself or my life to complete strangers, to people that didn’t and don’t mean a jot to me! So, I am certainly not going to rent a limo, and buy an expensive dress to go and play let’s pretend we’re grown-ups!

School reunion is merely another chance for the arseholes you despised in school to try and take pot-shots at you and yours. It’s the time to reunite with the bullies, the bitches, the wannabes, the fakers and the phonies as they all clamour for attention and desperately try to gain approval to demonstrate how they are the number one, no-one!

So I ask, is life so dull that I would surrender myself to such masochistic acts? No it’s not, and even if it was, I’d rather sit at home and watch paint dry than suffer the action!

School reunions, in my opinion it is a disaster waiting to happen!