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Taking a Break


Yes, I have come to the stage where I’ve had enough of WordPress yet again (no surprise there I knew it was coming). When that feeling has changed, if it changes this time, I will surely return like a lamb to the slaughter and begin blogging once again.

I have sadly come to realise that there is less and less interesting content or choice of genuine blogs to follow and interact with on WordPress. I am sick to my stomach of reading Positive Thinking posts from bloggers who merely want to generate ‘likes’. I wonder where all the real content has gone to – as everything seems fake and just made for popularity. In my opinion WordPress has degenerated into Facebook, which is sad.

I do wish to give massive thanks to my genuine followers and readers, and they will know who they are. Thank you for being supportive of my work for these many years. Writers like you are the reason I first begun blogging on WordPress in the first place.

If anyone has any ideas of any other blogging sites that haven’t already been tainted with the poisonous, sickly sweet and ‘I love myself’ Positive Thinking Religious Order, please let me know. I am however starting to doubt there are any left untouched by this writing decline!

Thanks and happy thoughts (only joking),

Bex; as always the Savvy Senorita  ; )

9 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. Hi Bex, post whenever you feel like it. I think that once a person has been in the habit of posting, it would be very difficult for them to give it up permanently – that white space and keyboard are always waiting. Also, I’m one of those who easily distinguishes between the aim of collecting ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ and that of being honest (as difficult that may be sometimes, both to share and for others to read) – I always appreciates reading your posts. Filippo del mondo

    • Hi Filippo, thank you for your comment, and I truly do appreciate your support of my blog. I do value my genuine readers, just like you!!! What you have stated is true enough, and I will no doubt make a return at some future point. To be blunt, at the moment I have had all I can stomach of WordPress, and of the one trick pony writing on here. I am an honest writer, and I don’t wish to pander to popularity or churn out the same dull repertoire over and over; but it seems that is becoming a prerequisite to W.P readership. W.P has become less and less the blogging platform I began blogging on years ago; filling up ever more with the vapid fakers. I’m just not interested in reading most of the drivel on here anymore if I am honest! Thanks again Filippo, and best wishes to you and your blog. Bex

    • Thanks John, and thanks too for your support of my blog as I completely appreciate it. I value my genuine readers and will miss you all. I have no doubt I will make a return to W.P at some point, but yes I need some time out from the WordPress B.S! Thanks again and all the best, Bex

    • Thanks for that, and I do appreciate your comment as it means a lot to me. I just need time out as I am disillusioned with the whole concept of blogging, most of the bloggers on W.P, blogging content and the W.P blogging platform. As I’ve already wrote, I do value my genuine readers, like yourself, but have had enough of the fakes out there. Thanks again for your support, and no doubt at some point I will return to W.P. A little time away won;t do me any harm, but plenty of good! All the best, Bex

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