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Just My Opinion!

Picture from: operationgeorge.com

Picture from: operationgeorge.com

During many recent conversations one salient point keeps arising; OPINIONS.

I have written about opinions before: Me, Myself And I Concur however, I thought I’d revive the subject once more for old times sake!! Opinions are so interesting 🙂

Opinions, everyone has them and who is to say one is more correct or relevant than the other?

Opinions are based on many things; experience, culture, ideas, education, knowledge, beliefs and so and so on. They are as individual as we are.

Opinions should be stated and accepted. However, no person has the authority or right to be able to dismiss one person’s opinion as not worthy or, as something that requires ‘re-education’ or ‘re-adjustment’.

Feel free to state your opinion, but move on; as not everyone will see things from your perspective, yet, that is life 🙂

I mean, who is anyone to think they have all the answers to ‘enlighten’ anyone else, right???

We are after all only mere mortals with many flaws, and things to learn. Surely no-one is so superior to believe they have all those answers??

There are debates about opinions, and there are aggressive rants and arguments; one method achieves something and the other one doesn’t. What is the point in arguing over opinions??  

If I state my opinion I don’t expect to have to go to war with someone over it. I’m sure everyone in the blogging world of WordPress is ‘grown’ enough to realise we all think differently 🙂

I love opinions, especially my own! However, life would be so dull if we all had the same opinions on every topic of conversation!!

I for one VALUE OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I welcome hearing and reading them, for me, that is what makes writing so special!

Just LIKE YOU, I know what I believe, have learnt, experienced and discovered. I know what I think, feel and hold dear. I won’t change those profound pieces that make me, me; so, don’t ask me to, as I wouldn’t ask you to do that either.


Feel free to state your opinions, don’t EVER stop!!!! Yet, allow others to state theirs too without making them feel bad about the fact they don’t see the world as you do.

And that folks is JUST MY OPINION!

Picture from: abccopywriting.com

Can cause trouble, BUT, I love them, so KEEP them coming folks!!!!!!
Picture from: abccopywriting.com

OPINIONS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are YOUR opinions about opinions????

How do YOU FEEL about providing your opinion???

What does YOUR OPINION say about you????

Have YOU faced criticism for your opinions???

Do YOU enjoy hearing other people’s opinions????

OR, do YOU THINK other people’s opinions are terrible things???? 

23 thoughts on “Just My Opinion!

  1. Before I answer the questions, not to placate my own ego or anything *rubs chin all sage-like* but I can’t help but feel I played a some part in helping you revive this topic a bit as we did discuss the idea of opinions, Good and Bad, recently on another topic of yours. 😀 Just wanted to throw that out there.

    Timing and observation aside, here are your questions with answers! :3

    Q: What are YOUR opinions about opinions?

    A: Sometimes I do like to believe some people’s opinions are better than others, especially when they are opinions that have kindness, compassion, merit, intelligence, experience, passion and drive behind them to do something good that might ally with my own Altruistic senses.

    I know, “Opinions are like butt-holes. Everyone has one and they don’t all come out smelling or looking like roses.” 😛

    Q: How do YOU FEEL about providing your opinion?

    A: Often I try not to give my opinion or advice unless I am asked. If someone asks they are extending an invitation for you to share. Or I say, “If I may” or “May I?”.

    Although, I’ve had one experience where someone invited me to share what my day was like once and they rudely cut me off and promptly copped an attitude, saying their day was obviously harder than mine.

    So long as you give me an ounce of respect to share my opinion then I will return the courtesy and favor in kind. If you don’t, I have no reason to waste my time.

    Q: What does YOUR OPINION say about you?

    A: I hold pretty true and firm to what I feel very strongly and passionately about. If you want to change my mind, I am not an unmovable force. You simply have to argue your thoughts logically and in a way that is clear and understandable (makes sense to me) if you want to help me understand your side of things.

    When I give my legit opinion on something I’m very honest about my feelings on it and there is always a reason supporting it. I never try to make overly harsh judgements about others until I extend the courtesy of them to prove me wrong on a 1st hand account (if I’ve formulated at least a “light” opinion beforehand). I’m pretty open for change.

    That’s some of what I’d say my opinion says about me.

    Q: Have YOU faced criticism for your opinions???

    A: Oh yes certainly. Especially concerning my beliefs which I do take quite seriously with the utmost respect and professionalism of being a Priestess. Some of the criticism I have faced is at times why I have been “Gun-shy” about sharing much about myself, my beliefs, etc unless asked.

    If I trust the person further than I can throw them, that means something and I’ll be more apt to share personal things with them. If I don’t, I’ll politely skirt along away from the issue onto something else unless I feel there is a reason I should at least continuing addressing said issue.

    Q: Do YOU enjoy hearing other people’s opinions?

    A: When it is a good, thoughtful, deep, personal opinion with conviction behind it, yes. Those opinions practically make me giddy, because I always know there is someone intelligent enough I can hold a conversation with about SOMETHING, even if we don’t agree on everything.

    OR, do YOU THINK other people’s opinions are terrible things?

    A: If it is an opinion that is obviously there to be detrimental in some way, shape or form or deliberately “taunt” people into a Flame-war, ye-ah, I think they can take their opinion and shove it. 🙂 Arguing with Brick Walls or negative people trying to get a rise out of you is pointless, a waste of time and energy better spent elsewhere.

    • Hi Gweny,
      Not to negate any inspiration on your part, but to be honest I had been mulling this topic for ages. The reason, well, there had been some interaction on my blog that spurred the thought into action. Everything was brought to fore again when writing to you, it was the final nudge, the last line in my thinking; this needs writing about!!!!!!! So, thanks for the final push to actually write it!! I thought you might mention it 🙂

      Yes, a sliding scale of opinions, or valuable opinions that we weigh up accordingly. I think we perhaps have in-build ideas/senses of what we see
      as our truths/relevance (the ones we will accept or indeed take on board). There could be plenty of opinions, but maybe they don’t all hold fast with what we feel is right or that which we know. It is a case of perhaps deciding on everything individually and as you allude to, accepting one another?

      Sharing opinions can be a lethal, Russian Roulette kind of business. People may want them, but then realise the opinions are not what they expected to hear, and are not what they are willing to accept! They can quite easily mishear, misinterpret and jump upon you for speaking!!! I suppose if we differ the whole conversation does come to an end, unless we are willing to slog it out and insist the other finds us right. Yet, it would be refreshing to know that people could at least hear what is being said. No one says anyone has to acquiesce, which is where I think the arguing comes in; people just want to be heard though!!!!

      Of course some opinions or ideas are not set in stone, some are though. I know I have some firm opinions and again, if I am certain I am right I am unmovable from that point of view. Nothing will induce me to alter my mind. Surely we all have those opinions on some-things??

      I am happy you are not ‘gun-shy’ sharing your opinions here!!!! Again I thank you for your input and concerted effort to answer all of what I pondered. I enjoy reading, and am interested in your candid responses. The points you raise, for me, are great Gweny!!!!!!!!!

      Thanks you again, you are a little star 🙂

      • Hallo Bex! (Spelled on purpose that way) 😛

        lol I figured that might have been it but I’m glad to help with a final -push- nonetheless. That happens often for me too. It’s why I get all worked up and post a new rant or topic I feel pretty strongly where it feels like my soul just shouts out a Medieval-Battle-Cry, “NOWS THE TIME FOR REVOLUTION!” or – something vaguely like that. I’m silly so I wouldn’t be surprised. XD

        And you’re welcome for the push! 😀

        Aye; accepting one another or at least promoting a world we can all just learn to live in peaceable to some extent. Lot better than blood, gore and violence all the time. @_@ I definitely agree with the Russian Roulette analogy. That’s so fitting! I should have thought of that! >.<

        Indeed, people are going to hear or see what they want regardless often of how we try to best express ourselves. Which, you'd think that would sink into my psyche by now, but I'm still working on that. Every post is a new venture of chance and excitement for me to see how it moves others. 🙂

        No one has to acquiesce or even come out the Victor, but too many people focus on trying to be the "Winner" because either people make them feel they are wrong all the time every day of their life or that being a Winner is the only way you are right in general or to have what you say be deemed as important. I do agree though, I feel more often than not – people just want to be heard, perhaps their views even appreciated.

        We certainly do have those immovable opinions that we hold onto pretty strongly, I know I do. Again, doesn't hurt to hear others point of view either – even if I don't agree. 🙂

        Certainly not much like my blog. I enjoy being able to sometimes give people a taste of my mind. XD You're very welcome and though sometimes I think to skip certain questions sometimes, I still think they deserve a good answer nonetheless. It's how we learn and I appreciate answers or stories people share with me. In a way, I think you do too! 🙂

        You're again very welcome! Thank you so much. ^_^


        • Hey Gweny!!!

          Thanks again for the reply!!!!

          The winner is definitely the correct analogy – the feeling of having to win, getting someone to submit or concede. Some people adopt that idea when expressing opinions to others all the time!!!! This is a real problem. Not conducive for encouraging new thoughts!!

          Yes, I like to receive a mix of opinions too, I like to throw in a few challenges – often this is misread though (see the winner categories).

          Thanks again,
          Bex 🙂

  2. Hi there…

    That’s what America is all about…I get to mouth off about my likes and dislikes and the tradeoff is so do you, even if I disagree. Beware the people who would control your speech, your thoughts, your activities. It’s called political correctness and it amounts to social Marxism. I see you haven’t succumb to this tyranny and I hope you never do.:-D

  3. There are good viewpoints and bad ones. Not all viewpoints are the same. I value those backed by data more than those that are not.

      • By data I mean being able to cite sources, rather than opinions formulated solely based on emotion. There are some opinions that I tend to have a distaste for, but those are usually ones formed not from experience or information but from pure emotion.

        • So for you perfect opinion is that which is based on quantifiable info not feeling/emotion; as one is founded in ‘truth’ and the other unmeasurable. I think that might be how most people view opinions, and what makes them valid or not.
          Interesting what makes opinions, opinions for different people.
          Thanks for your input on this,
          Bex 🙂

  4. You know I’m not exactly shy about voicing (what word corresponds to “writing” here?) my opinion, but they are rarely my opinions alone. Like probably everyone, I align myself along an existing philosophy, a mode of thinking, which, in my case, is scepticism (see the irony?)

    What does that say about me? I hope it says smart, educated, and not arrogant or insensitive. I like a good argument, so I also like to hear (or read about) other people’s opinions. I learned how to conduct a proper argument in school, though I get the feeling that many people who supposedly leared that, too, don’t exactly remember how to do it, or their teacher messed up. The method I learned was confirmed and refined in College, and I’m fairly certain that my professors have that down, being scientific authorities themselves.

    And that is the point with opinions: There are authorities for everything, especially opinions. We have the choice of which ones to follow, and differ on details. If we manage to create an entirely new opinion, and manage to spread that opinion and control the facts surrounding that opinion, we become authorities ourselves.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your response, or opinions!

      Any particular sceptic?? Would you follow the route of a sceptic just because it is a sceptic’s route??? Would you question the opinions of those you revere?

      Interesting to have people’s ‘take’ on their opinions, why they have them, follow them and of course what they think makes valuable opinions.

      Bex 🙂

  5. I enjoy hearing other people’s viewpoints. What I don’t appreciate is the blame often associated with not expressing agreement. Far to much ranting, not enough listening. As one person told me, “There is no such thing as personal taste – there is good taste and bad taste, and I for one know the difference.”
    That is not the starting point for a discussion, that’s the starting point for an argument.

    • Thanks for your input, I value it on this ‘difficult’ topic!!
      I love opinions too; this blog hopefully encourages people to state them freely. Like you I don’t like arguments over opinions. I don’t appreciate being made to feel I have to express assent with others if I don’t feel it. That’s not about opinions in my eyes, but something else.
      Like the quote; highly appropriate!
      Well, thanks again for being the first to broach the subject and leave your opinion.
      Bex 🙂

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