That’s Right!


I may have been missing the freedom I had working for myself in Madrid, but now I feel a sense of relief wash over me at least.

Yes, I have a new job!

Even though I currently work from home, the majority of the time, I didn’t feel clinical research and policy was really adding the sugar to my spice! Plus of course regardless whether I am working from home, I still had to deal with ‘The Fools’.

Now though I merely smile and think I’ll be gone soon! All because I’ve been offered a job I just couldn’t refuse, which now enables me to say adios to ‘The Fools’; hoping I don’t encounter more fools in my new destination. Yes, I get to move onwards and upwards once more!!

“I’m so happy…..come along if you feel happiness is for you……I’m so happy!”



The Stupid Fool

I was so annoyed yesterday with that stupid fool. I suppose that is my fault though, for letting her get to me. Yet, she is such a little *expletive* though.

My main problem stems from the fact I really want to tell her to *expletive*off! That is why I feel so aggravated by the situation, because I can’t say what I truly want to and remain professional (whatever that means, as to me it means being two-faced, a liar and a butt kisser)!

I do know what motivates the stupid fool to be an utter idiot with me. She is such a picky mare and all because she is jealous. Why else would the stupid fool single me out with such zeal, other than the fact I make her look stupid, and she can’t condensed to me. So, she tries to portray an impression that she can merely to upset me or spite me. Yet, she is spiting herself.

The other one said that the stupid fool is supposed to be more intelligent than we are; no she isn’t. Just because the stupid fool is of a higher rank doesn’t make her automatically more intelligent. Her behaviour, actions, attitude and general posturing doesn’t exuded intelligence, just B.S! Yes, she does have (supposed to have) a knowledge base and skill set I haven’t, but I could learn it if I wanted to. There isn’t much I can’t learn or won’t learn as my experience dictates! My path is not hers though, and I don’t want to do her job. I would actually equate doing her job as a personal failure in my life!

Yet, it is this prevailing notion in that place which completely sums up the attitude, ethos and thinking of them all. It is; a place for everything and everything in its place. Or as I like to correct them; being kept down and condescended to as though we are all indentured serfs. These people have a serious case of deference and enjoy tugging their forelock; which by the way if you weren’t aware of it already, just isn’t my style.

That’s not how I was brought up; I speak up and challenge everything. I believe in fair play and fair treatment. I also think anyone can do anything, and money nor the career you have makes you a better person or akin to God.

The thing is I know I have a brain and that I am educated. No one could convince me of the reverse, and I certainly don’t need to prove a thing to anyone (let alone the stupid fool)! Yet, the people I am stuck with (not family, not friends), are nothing like me. I have nothing in common with them or their attitudes, but I have to pretend to have a commonality; but mostly I am completely disinterested in them.

I have gained what they haven’t; although I am proud of this, I don’t make a point of it or brag about it to create reaction or effect (that’s not me either). I have qualifications, experience, skills, expertise and knowledge. I have worked in different roles covering different sectors. I have been through the  mill personally and come out the other end having learned, grown and developed. I am capable and also talented. I have done, have been, have achieved, and still will do. I am cultured and well versed with places and people.

The stupid fool who thinks she is condescending to me, already knows all about me and my skill set (et al). She also knows that she has no ground available to her by which she could look down upon me; couple that with the fact she is about 4 foot tall, and therefore physically never could in any case! I don’t say too much about myself though (unlike them). I like my personal space, but when their bragging begins I do retort. Yet every time I say something their faces turn sour, which is their way of saying “We hate you”!

I know that jealously is a terrible thing, but it certainly demonstrates just how important I must be, and of course jealousy is the biggest compliment of all so I merely smile to myself. Such silly reactions certainly make them appear to be insignificant, especially as they are all the type of people who require someone to condescend to; just to make their insecure selves feel better.

Of course I do play a role there, but it is not the real me. I play this role just to get by, which proves the power lies have within the workplace. We all seemingly have to pretend and lie to fit in, and actually ensure we have a job; it just seems so empty and fake.

Employers perpetuate this too and are setting people up to fail. It is an odd culture whereby we encourage employees to be liars, sneaky, spiteful and back stabbers. People it seems just don’t want nice or a nice truth. They don’t want diversity and variety, they want what they think makes a good employee, not person, employee; a thing, an object. God help if you rebel, speak up, disagree or want more!

Employers want someone they can manipulate, bully, harass, intimidate, use and abuse. They want us to jump to their commands and have no input, no value, no respect in return. I question what  employers can gain from that, because people aren’t happy; people cannot deliver their best under those conditions.

If people were treated better, they’d be happier and more productive. If they had more freedom to be themselves and speak their mind, they’d be happier. If the power balance was more stable in work and people didn’t become depots in their roles, people would be happier. If it wasn’t one rule for one and one rule for another, people would be happier.

People would be happier, perhaps therein lies the issue; who wants anyone to actually be happy in work and life?! Heaven help! Perhaps if that stupid fool wasn’t so curtailed she wouldn’t act like such a, fool, and maybe as a knock on effect those she comes into contact with would feel happier too! What a revelation; treat others as you would like to be treated – who knew that was such a hard lesson to learn? Well, she is a stupid fool though, so what can I expect!