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Jealousy Is The Biggest Compliment

I have been thinking recently about those people, I am sure we are all aquatinted with, who enjoy making little sly remarks, boasting about themselves, feel they have something more to say, enjoy gloating and generally revelling in making those around them feel bad about themselves.

They play a game, a very specific, but a harmful game. A game called jealousy.

Jealousy is destructive, obsessive, consuming and dangerous, but, it is also the biggest compliment anyone can pay you.

For someone to be jealous of you, they must deem you to be a threat, highly important and a person who makes them (the jealous people) feel inferior or appear inferior.

Is this your fault? No, this is their problem and not yours, but they want to aim their problem at you, to make you feel as badly about yourself and your life as they do about themselves and their lives.

If you play their game you will lose. To become embroiled in their inner turmoil you give them what they want, a reaction and ammunition to continue pulling your strings with. This game gives them and their lives some temporary meaning – harsh, but very true.

Many people feel intimidated by those who display jealousy, they often feel they cannot retaliate or they don’t even realise the person who is aggravating, upsetting and being nasty to them, are actually jealous of them.

Yet, 99% of the time, people who suffer bullying, nastiness, bitchiness, lies, back-stabbing and so on, are the victims of jealousy. Jealous causes most of the problems between people, jealousy drives people to do strange things to one another.

I have experienced people trying to hurt me because they have been jealous, and people can and will be jealous of anything! Of course I have also at times played the game of these jealous people, and sorely regretted it. Through this experience I see clearly what the outcome of such things will be, and I avoid those I see that jealousy resides within like the plague! It is difficult though, because sometimes regardless of how impartial, diplomatic, genuine or nice you are, you attract jealousy. Once these jealous people have you in their sights, they point blank refuse to let you go; well, not until they have attempted to wreak as much damage upon you as is possible.

I have experienced their damage too, and believe me, on some occasions the pure maliciousness of the jealousy aimed in my direction caused me great turmoil.

I am however a great believer in karma. What goes around does indeed come around. I have though been lucky enough to see the malignant and jealous individual fall, and was able to inform them I knew their game, jealousy.

Regardless of how much hate they muster, how much spite they spit, how much damage they claim to cause, these jealous people can never escape what they wish they could, themselves. They will always be stuck with them, long after you have been freed from their jealous radar, they will still be the vile creature they always have been. Again, this may seem harsh, but it is very, very true.

I have no qualms in feeling as I do about jealous people. I have no mercy for those who are jealous, because they have no mercy for anyone else. In fact, they take great delight in attempting to destroy people. They therefore deserve nothing more than pity, but not sympathy.

Jealousy I feel is useless though. It destroys, but not only the victim of the jealousy, but the perpetrator too. If only these people could understand that fact, and employ as much effort into changing what they feel bad about, instead of ploughing their energies into jealousy, things would be different.

When all is said and done though, it is only us who tolerate jealousy. In reality, jealousy needn’t have a place in our lives, just don’t tolerate it; call them out, name and shame, publicly humiliate them! Remember too that you are far better than those who seethe with jealousy, and also, karma is always a bitch!


20 thoughts on “Jealousy Is The Biggest Compliment

  1. I am just now reading this and it actually helps me see things clearly. I recently am burning a bridge because the constant fights and dealing with my friends own hatred and inept jealousy is something I am just so done with. And it was a hard decision to make, but slowly but for surely I see more and more examples from the past of how she treated me based off of her own jealousy. It is not a compliment, it is disastrous and destructive.

    • Well, it depends on your view point and how you let it affect you. I see it as a compliment, and in telling them that it stops their venom. They realise they can’t get to you. That is what made me see things clearly.

  2. I agree with what you said.
    The best thing is to avoid and ignore them.
    You can’t let them ruin your life or bring you down.
    They are pitiful and just want to vex and ruin you.
    Don’t play their games.
    Live well and stay away from them if you can.
    They say that about sociopaths too.
    I think we need to realize they have a sickness and beware.
    Look out for yourself.
    Thank you savvy señorita.

  3. You suddenly discover that you have a terrible disease and only one month to live. You reflect on your life and all the people you have known. At this point Is jealousy really high on your list of priorities? Is it really worth considering at all?

  4. I never thought of jealousy as a compliment, but you are making me see it in a whole new light. If I ever encounter jealousy, even if I know it’s there, it makes me feel so angry. I know I shouldn’t give it so much power. There’s always this feeling that you must keep it to yourself, to not let it bother you. The flip side, however, could be to call that person out somehow. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to do that! Great post.

    • Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed reading. Thanks also for your response, I appreciate it! I am happy I shed a new light on jealousy for you, it is food for thought, and also, a helping hand for future reference. It certainly helped me to realise this! I agree, it is normal or socially expected to keep it to ourselves, but then that is the jealous persons power over us. I think if you put your mind to it, you could indeed call them out. Give it a go! Thanks again, Bex

  5. what your saying is right on. Until now, I haven’t seen it as a compliment. thank you. Life lessons and this one has been a big one. I’m healing one step at a time, I have earned all the stars & stripes and I won’t allow anyone to take that away from me anymore.

    • Thank you for your input, I appreciate it! I am happy to have offered up some sound advice on jealousy, glad it has helped you see things from a different perspective. Good to know you are healing bit by bit, wish you luck with your personal journey. Thanks again, Bex

  6. Great article!!! I’m so jealous 😉 hahaha
    Seriously though, you really nailed it on both sides of this issue and it’s one I think everyone has experienced on one side of it or the other!!

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