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Best Laid Plans

Do you plan your life out to the letter? Do you see your life as some sort of map to follow, whereby you carve out many paths to lead you on to something specific?

You do? And how does that work out for you? 

I have been told that planning in life is a good thing. By planning we gain control of our lives, we have something to work towards, we can succeed instead of floundering. 

Well, in my experience, this is nonsense!

Some things are just out of our hands, we cannot control them regardless of what plans we put in place.

Just when you think you know your life, if you ever allow yourself to be assured of such things, this is when a curve ball comes right at you with gargantuan force! 

Life is made up of the unexpected, I have always known that. I have never really relied on or been assured by plans. They provide no guarantee that things will run along smoothly. They are only plans, and not exactly divine intervention! 

So, why do people make plans?? Why do they swear that such things can guide you and help you control events? Why do they lie?

Best laid plans are always laid to waste eventually. This is where fate comes into play.

I am always then reminded by a saying my great-grandmother used; ‘If something in life is meant to be it will never pass you by’. Exactly! 

We may not always understand why things happen, but they do, and no amount of planning can prevent them from coming to fruition. 

So, plan all you want, but sometimes life has alternative plans for you. Remember this, and you won’t ever feel too disappointed! 


18 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. Well, there are plans, and there are plans. I haven’t exactly set any long term plans in store, but I know what I want to get from this existence: a bloody good time! I have dinner plans tonight (at work. I am cooking at work), so I needed to plan what to cook (shepherd’s pie. But I have to substitute mutton mince with beef). This is where plans come in handy. I’m meeting friends for Pentecost, and since I am working until Sunday morning, I need to decide whether to go home and sleep, to take the train at noon, or go there right after work. How reliable plans are depends very much on the reliability of the information you have. The more factors are involved, the less reliable a plan is. That makes life virtually unplannable. But the single blocks that make up life are to a fairly good degree, once you arrive at a time when the pertinent information is available.

  2. Heh, detailed roadmaps never work for me. I don’t think planning isn’t bad per se, but planning in detail seems like setting up for disappointment. I think the best planning is really a set of guidelines and a personal code that you adhere to. Guidelines to give a rough idea of what you want to accomplish and the personal code gives you an idea of how you will/want to react when unexpected things happen.

    • Exactly so, as details change and can be overlooked. Guidelines speak more sense to me! Nothing is set in stone after all. If anyone insists on sticking to a plan, then I feel they will struggle with change, and life seems to love change!

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