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Healing Within

Picture from: redbubble.com "Inner Turmoil"

Picture from: redbubble.com
“Inner Turmoil”

“Trying to win every battle can be hard,

therefore to stay positive and strong is also hard.

That is why inner healing is a

slow process over time, which requires patience”.


The Savvy Senorita (AKA: Bex Houghagen) 2013

8 thoughts on “Healing Within

    • Thank you, that is sweet of you. I didn’t think this would resonate with anyone. I just think in some situations it can be very applicable, and perhaps we have all at some time, experienced these feelings.
      Again, this is personal so I am honoured you get where I am going, or coming from with this, as most people might not.

      • The truth and wisdom will always resonate. It’s so easy to lose focus and patience. This has been a major theme of my blog after all. Taking it one day at a time and to not beat yourself up over failures. Failures are just an opportunity to do it better the next time. So yeah, this is great!

        • Well I truly do appreciate what you say here. I also agree. I often think thought that we are too harsh on ourselves too. Failures could just be learning, experiences and so on (one persons failure is another persons success). I would always say to anyone, don’t beat yourself up – enough people are willing to do that for you (if you allow them to).
          Thanks for your response though, as always I APPRECIATE YOUR feedback!
          Bex 🙂

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