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Should The British Be Ashamed Of Being British?

Over worked and underpaid???? Ashamed to be British when all said and done???

Over worked and underpaid???? Ashamed to be British when all said and done???

I read an article stating that British MPs are dissatisfied with their salaries. These MPs weren’t willing to go public with this dissatisfaction, I wonder why? No, this ‘poll’ was conducted in secrecy, and this secrecy allowed MPs to answer honestly (for once). However, the results were revealed; though unfortunately NONE of the MPs names were provided!

69% of MPs believe they deserve a 32% wage increase.

Shock and horror!!!!

Who would have guessed that MPs, people in power, want MORE! Doesn’t matter what state the UK is in or how the people flounder; as long as they are OK, they don’t give a damn about anything or anyone else. Democracy at its finest!

A reality check perhaps is required. I would love to see them actually working for a minimum wage, without expenses. Then maybe they’d get the gist of the Hell they put everyone else through. That or maybe something more drastic!

Anyway, a response to this revelation was that people have said that they feel ashamed of being British. Britain is seen as the joke of the world.

I wondered, is that true or just us Brits paranoia kicking in??

So, I ask all of you out there who may wish to voice an opinion on this;




I am EAGER for ANSWERS to these questions.

Please let me have your thoughts and opinions; enquiring minds need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Should The British Be Ashamed Of Being British?

  1. I’m ashamed of a lot of the stuff happening in the UK. But I don’t consider myself British, despite being born here and having lived here my whole life. Haven’t got time for national struggles when there’s so much happening internationally.

    • Hi, and thanks for your comment and input into this topic. I appreciate it.
      I don’t consider myself as being British 1st and foremost either! I would think every country has a part to play internationally though; they each have an effect on their surroundings. Or, international affairs have an effect on each country.
      Anyway, thanks for your comment once more!!!!!!

      Bex 🙂

  2. I’m embarrassed to be British when I see how we ‘allow’ our leaders to patronise us in such way. I’ve no idea how the other nations perceive us but I think our own media is disgraceful and it certainly has a HUGE influence on our own perceptions of each other. Corruption of the highest order.

    But, I’ve heard that things are better in Spain, as if celebrities (using footballers as a case example) are able to live in the capital whilst maintaining more of a private life… Not in Britain!

    • Thank you for your point of view on this, much welcomed! I like the points you have raised here; very true indeed.

      I did hope to get input from people from other countries on this –
      but alas, no such luck! I sometimes feel the UK is perceived in a tragic light by other countries (EU countries mainly). I mention this as whenever I meet people from other EU countries (which I do quite a bit now), it is as though there is an edge, some divide, something unspoken; as soon as they realise I am from the UK. I wonder how much other countries actually know about the UK; past and present though? What ideas have they built up or preconceptions do they harbour? I have my theories and opinions on this, but wanted others to tell me their thoughts!

      Well, I think that is no doubt true actually. Real Madrid is very popular here, as it is throughout the football loving world! I have never seen anyone freak out over celebrities, and the press swarming everywhere all the time! Maybe privacy is respected more here.

      Thanks again, Bex 🙂

  3. I think Its riduculous that they think they derserve a wage increase, they get enough money and once they start improving this country then maybe it should be considered but there is much change to be done.
    I am not ashamed to be British but I feel let down and disappointed with my countries government!
    I am currently Ill with a sick note for 26 weeks and I suffer major depression, complex ptsd, intentional self harm and anxiety issues and they will not provide me with any financial help whilst I am at home ill having to suspend my uni course for a year, they will not give me dla even though im entitled to it and are taking me to a tribunal about it and i applied for esa with advise of a job center advisor and they wont give me that unless i withdraw from my education! Why should I have to!!
    I worked so hard to get it!

    The finances and support for people with mental health issues isnt there and I think this needs to be addressed!

    • Thanks for your comment and input into this Faye!

      I think disappointed it a good term to use here. I can agree with that. People are disappointed from how they are being let down by the powers that be. Your case highlights this perfectly!

      I also join you in outrage – why should you be forced to leave Uni? You worked for it, and are trying to em-better your situation. Yet, the country isn’t trying to help you do this, only hinder you. Where is the logic to not offering help?!

      Mental health issues are misunderstood. I feel so many people suffer with one mental health issue or another, the country is on a verge of an epidemic (yet, it is practically ignored in and outside of the workforce). I wonder when the Government will begin to address these mental health issues flooding the nation with decently funded programmes. As not even enough Counsellors are available to see people.

      Bex 🙂

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