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Under Paid And Over Worked – UK Teachers Deserve More Money……….?

A Happy Classroom environment is worth its weight in gold.

A happy classroom environment is worth its weight in gold.

Are teachers are bunch of moaning so so’s?

I ask the question; why are they never happy with their salaries of £30,000 a year?

In the UK it seems this money wrangling never ends, and yet why are teachers so dissatisfied?

Teachers often claim their work demands, and pressures should equate to more money in their pockets; compensation for the service they provide, the hard work they do.

Of course they do work hard, and as well as look after the children in their care they educate them too. They deal with mounting Government performance targets, and disinterested and often hostile kids.

So, £30,000 a year is a well deserved salary, or is it???????

I am all for teachers getting £30,000 a year as long as;

They teach every child, and take into account every child’s individual learning needs. Not just focusing on the children who appear brightest or pick up the work the quickest.

As long as teaching is about teaching, and not figures and stats! How can anyone properly teach if they are concerned about exam results instead of quality of the lessons, and the topics being covered?

Especially as so many children leave education without even an English or Maths qualification. Now, that has to be wrong in the 21st century?!

I have no issue with teachers getting good wages, as long as these teachers aren’t making the children’s lives a misery by bullying them in the classroom, and making them feel inferior. Or, trying to strip away their sense of individuality, as is often the case in the educational system.

I also remember it used to be the case that teachers didn’t re-pay their student loans. I was pretty peeved to be left repaying mine when I left Uni, and I begun on less money than my teacher friends did!!

So should teachers get paid more money?

Well to be honest I think £30,000 is a damn good wage as it stands. Why would they want more, when other people in other professions, who have as much hassle, if not more attached to their work than teaching does, get less a year (with no option of demanding higher wages for their hard work).

Oh, and of course most professions have less holidays a year than teachers!

2 thoughts on “Under Paid And Over Worked – UK Teachers Deserve More Money……….?

  1. I’d be more satisfied in my own job if I earned even £15,000 a year!! I think that answers your question! 😉

    It’s odd though… I know a lot of people my age who’ve been through university and who have earned degrees in this and that. Yet, so many of them are now working as teachers.

    • Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know there are many people in that position, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

      How can it always be justified to raise the wages of one sector over others just as deserving?! It can’t in my opinion. How come they have the leverage and rights and others don’t? Surely now of all times NO ONE should be demanding more, especially those who are doing pretty well enough!

      To be honest, it is GPs who rile me most. For the service provided their pay is ridiculously extortionate. Half or quarter their salary and immediately the NHS could employ more staff!!

      Yes, that was the same with me. Mainly I think as it was a good choice to take because the money was good and guaranteed.

      Thanks again, Bex 🙂

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