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When In New York………

………….Why not join the bare breasts and book reading club????

Apparently, a spokes person, not spokes woman by the way, was quoted telling The Huffington Post that  “once in a while a woman (and it’s always a woman) will give us a dirty look as she passes or mutter “really?” under her breath” ………”Really”, is that all the female passer by says, wow! I say, if you strip off then expect some comment from someone, otherwise, don’t strip off!

I wonder why other women walking through a city centre park, in the middle of the day, might dare to say something (even if the word is as inoffensive as ‘really’) to the topless brigade?

Are these well read topless women really (there’s that word again!) so clueless? Perhaps all that book reading hasn’t yet stretched to feminist literature!

One step forward and two steps back! Let’s once again refocus on image, youth, beauty, breasts, bums and vaginas and everything else feminism tried to overthrow because of objectification! Who cares what book they are reading when they have their breasts out! No one is evaluating their intelligence, just their breasts! Let us be blunt on that point!

Apparently, the males of New York are encouraging towards the bare breast book reading women……….who would have thought it!

Of course men won’t mind! It’s great watching women’s breast sway in the breeze! They are men, who find breasts sexually attractive! They are relieved to see breasts free of tops, jumpers and shirts! No longer do the men of New York have to walk around Central Park and try to sneak a peak at breasts, they are in full view! Happy days!

Yet, if a woman exposes her breast to feed a child, there is uproar (in the UK this is the case anyway). I just don’t get it, such hypocrisy! Breasts aren’t for feeding babies, did you know? No, breasts are merely just to be exposed for sexual gratification in any random situation! Of course they are!

This craze of stripping off is the same in Madrid. The sun comes out, which is does frequently in Spain, and so too do the half naked women, not men, but women.

Being a heterosexual woman, I don’t wish to be relaxing in any park and have to face the view of other women’s half naked bodies, regardless of how gorgeous they may be! I don’t visit parks to ogle other women’s bodies. Perhaps this female nakedness wouldn’t be so bad if the disparity between female nakedness, and male nakedness wasn’t so glaring obvious.

If naked is OK, or semi naked or whatever, why don’t men strip off too?

Why do only women have to walk, sit, lie and whatever else in a state of nakedness in public places? Why?

I personally rather keep my private bits and bobs under wraps. My reason? Do I need one? Should I have to strip off in public? Should anyone strip in public? Why is it so OK to strip off in public? Why is it deemed so liberating? What’s liberating about objectification?

Call me old fashioned, I don’t care! Call me a prude, I don’t care! I just wish people would think before they strip off, so sue me!

If more women than men strip off in public, then surely there remains an inequality. Women’s bodies are to viewed and objectified and men’s aren’t. Women are sexual objects who should parade their wares and men are not and do not need to.

So, regardless of my fragile sensibilities I suppose yet again I will be the only woman in the park thinking, my body is my body and not for the viewing pleasure of any Tom, Dick or Harry, nor is it up for discussion either! My body is mine and I show it only to myself and my partner. But, then I am old fashioned, and a prude! So, sue me!

13 thoughts on “When In New York………

  1. good post my friend and good to be reading you again
    i agree wholeheartedly on all your points but also i have to add that when i was a younger person around the age of 19 i used to be a topless barmaid- yup go me, but i have to say i look back and realise how naive i was at the time , my attitude was and still is – kind of – that heck my boobs had sat there 19 years doing nothing and now they were earning me money cool, but many years later and many life experiences later i realise that there is so much more to it than just the idea of boobs on show, i admit my attitude now is coloured by the idea of my son being severely autistic and just about to entering the dreaded teenage years, how would i explain it all to him? and worse how do i help him understand that while certain areas of public life have been known to accept women being partially naked it does not allow for men to actually voice their opinion on those naked bits and worse still attempt to approach the woman, the whole area is a minefield 😦 and one i readily accept is not a problem for most but then most people aren’t severely autistic,
    oh well i am lucky and glad that for now my son are not plagued by this problem and cross my fingers we don’t come across it any time soon have a great day my lovely hugs and love xx

    • Hello lovely, thanks for reading and leaving me a comment. I appreciate you sharing your own experiences on this, and what relevant experiences, wow wee! I wonder if it could be a case of with added experience we see things differently?? Do you regret it though?? As I think you shouldn’t, it is all experience to grow from. Perhaps being a Mum have you a different perspective; as you mentioned, wondering how you’d explain it all to your son. As far as the conundrum with your son, I cannot answer what is the best course of action. I wish I could help you! I do know though, you are a clever woman, and shouldn’t doubt that you will figure it out 🙂 Just be who you are, be natural and truthful.
      Have a great day too my friend. Hugs and love to you also xx

  2. Hmm….
    My poor understanding of the phenomenon you’ve blogged about here is that feminists want to be able to walk around topless because men can do it. I guess it’s because they envy men being able to go around topless if they feel like it (within reason, of course), whereas women cannot.
    And my equally poor understanding with feminists and breasts is that they seem to go around harping on-and-on about how breasts are not sex toys (even though humans are the only primates with permanently-enlarged breasts), while they participate in endless slut-walks and other engagements of a topless nature — which to me negates any headway they were trying to make with their words on the matter.

    Anyway.. great article, as usual. 🙂

    • Thanks again for your response, appreciate it as usual. Thanks too for your compliment on my post, again, I appreciate it 🙂

      Yes exactly, the point of it seemingly being a giant leap backwards as far as feminism goes! It makes me reel! The fact people say topless or semi naked is a sign of confidence or liberation for me is also very confusing – the logic is flawed.

      I often find those who are keen on being semi naked seek the most approval, and feel least self confident. Their desire to be seen or made visible, via their bodies, is for me to gain approval. It is as though being given a score on their appearance, is what they require to feel validated as a person.

      Well, my breasts alone do not validate me. I more than the sum of my parts, private parts or not. I rather be seen as a complete person, mind, body and soul, than a piece of meat.

      But, then that is my humble opinion, and I know many who do disagree with me.

      Thanks again, Bex 🙂

  3. I do love your article. But I do want to weigh in on the point of breasts and sexual attraction. Most men, of course, like perky, puffy breasts. And there is a taste from men for every other type of breast. Rhat also encompasses male chest, but for the time being, this is digressive. Anyway, the human condition gives rhe rare item precedence in attention over the common. Women have achieved the right to vote over great resistance from within their own gender in the beginning of the previous century after World War I in Germany. As a man, I find women with a strong personality very attractive, and a confidence to show the breast is very strong. But the more do it, the less Avantgarde and confident it will become. Progress and resistance go hand in hand. Neither unrelated, nor quite related, my upcoming post might shed light on my stance, though you might have to think hard on what I mean. Because I am kind of drunk. Which is a hint of its own.

    • Why thank you, I know we differ on this topic though! This response maybe verging on rant – but you won’t mind I’m sure! I understand your point, but feel as a man you would of course see naked/ semi naked as free, different, avant-garde, daring, confident – I don’t. It’s the case of everyone is always showing everything to everyone, they have been for decades and it’s got no limit, no decency. Its nothing new! It’s cheap and nasty and unnecessary. This, ‘wow, I’m so cool and confident because I show my breasts’ attitude, is bullshit! Especially when these type of women, with this silly attitude then look down on sex workers who, in theory do very similar things but for money. Double standards, dual morality and nonsense, it annoys me! What’s confident for me is walking down the street clothed, looking good without pandering to what society dictates (female flesh exposure). I look good, and no need to strip off to prove it, I’m confident enough, because I have high standards and won’t be belittled into wearing no clothes to prove any point to anyone! I am a woman, a lady, and respect myself too much to become some naked randomer running around a park, with a book (as though anyone cares about the book)!

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