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Anti Human Trafiicking Ad

A new concept to raise awareness of the global issue of human trafficking has just been released. An advert, which was filmed in the Amsterdam red light displays the ‘reality’ facing many of the cities sex workers.

What do think about adverts to raise awareness on such issues?

Does the advert make its point clear enough? Is it ‘hard hitting’ enough?

Will this raise new awareness about the global issue of human trafficking?

Take a look at the Youtube link to the advert, and give me your opinions please.

9 thoughts on “Anti Human Trafiicking Ad

  1. At first I was going to be super critical about it being nothing more than a music video but that end was good. I think more awareness should be made for sure. Also make it easy for people to help somehow, donate or whatnot. Knowing things like this are going on makes me sad. 😦

    • Yes, me to at first. Like my reply to WyndyDee; I have been passionate about educating myself, and others about anti trafficking or modern day slavery, for many years. People can be naive when it relates to prostitution, and the origins of the women, most times it is not a consensual act. Unfortunately, progress and change is slow in anti trafficking, probably because it is even more lucrative than drugs or trade in weapons. It is complex, and covers many countries, with different policies. Also those involved are not just street thugs. Yes, I agree; these campaigns need to provide info or public knowledge to raise awareness, and also places to be able to donate. They don’t do this enough, and it frustrates me.

  2. Reblogged this on Wyndy Dee and commented:
    Wow! That got their attention for the wrong reason, but the looks on their faces when they realized what it was for…priceless! Stop human trafficking and non-consensual slavery!

    • Yes, it was a shock for them. People never consider the real facts, they can be quite naive about how people come into prostitution. Anti trafficking, stopping modern day slavery, is something I have been passionate about for many years. It seems to me change and progress has been too slow for those victims caught in the slavery trap.

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