Room 101

Attention all readers!!! I am asking all of you (at this blog and those I guest write for), to become more interactive with what I write. By that I mean, voting on my posts and also choosing the topics I write about. 

The reason being……………

 I need feedback for my Room 101 posts.

Let me explain the premise of Room 101 posts………………

I’m going to be writing about things I wish to banish from the world because I hate or dislike them.

These Room 101 posts will be inspired by subjects, and these subjects can cover anything, basically anything goes. So for example subjects could be; ‘Modern Life’, ‘Going Out’, ‘People Who Are Happy’, ‘Stereotypes’, ‘Banks’ (and so on and so forth).

Whatever subject is chosen by my readers, I will then write a post about and state what it is I hate or dislike about this subject.

Then you, the reader, can decide if I have made a persuasive enough argument to actually banish what annoys me, to Room 101.

Does this make sense??? I hope so………………….!

So, these posts won’t work unless I gain your feedback and your involvement in choosing the subjects I will then write about.

To kick off these Room 101 posts I have chosen the fist subject; ‘Modern Life’.

One thing I hate about modern life is;

The use of silly acronyms, especially, Y.O.L.O or ‘you only live once’.

“You only live once” seems to be a phrase used in conjunction with excusing something someone wishes to do that most probably others will frown upon.

It’s a phrase, which I feel screams vapid and glib. Is this what the modern world is??

Why should we concern ourselves with politics, law, money and love, because if we only live once, and live for the now, why bother thinking of others and what comes next?

For me, Y.O.L.O encourages people to adopt a selfish, self centred, self serving, egotistical, hedonistic approach to their life and take others for granted.

If Y.O.L.O isn’t meant as; do all you can, get all you can and to Hell with the consequences then what in fact does it truly mean? Does anyone ever consider the meaning before they say Y.O.L.O? Are people in the modern world less inclined to think before they speak?

I would love to put this Y.O.L.O saying to the test, and see where it gets me! It might make a good sociological study; test the theory of how Y.O.L.O makes you less interested in anyone but yourself! The Y.O.L.O ‘theory’ could inspire a damn good comedy film! Or is it in fact already a title to a James Bond movie??

Anyway, I for one would like to banish the use of Y.O.L.O to Room 101, because for me it has no viable usage. It’s senseless and stupid and we wouldn’t miss it if it wasn’t part of some urban dictionary or online chat room.

BUT – what do you think?

This is where you, the reader, gets involved.

Tell me what you think, decide if Y.O.L.O should be banished to Room 101 and then set me another topic to write about (and we begin the process again). 

I look forward to reading what you come up with!!