Ambition Drives The Wheels Of Success.

Or does it?? Maybe ambition can hamper success, depends on what you aim to succeed at. We are all encouraged to do something that people themselves have a knowledge or experience in. What if you want to be something different, out of the norm? How do you succeed at a profession which sometimes has no written formula of success? What happens is that one day you wake to realise you are never going to be that rock star, astronaut or ballet dancer, and then life sucks! How can anyone settle for less than their hearts burning desire?

I would love there to be some education into actually helping kids discover how to become what they truly want to be, however off the wall it may appear to be, then maybe there wouldn’t be so many mid-life breakdowns!

Some things are nothing to do with ambition, but the application of it. How do you ever know you are applying it correctly when people in general don’t seem to have the answers you may require??

After years labouring in one direction I have now chosen to turn away from a ‘career’ path I thought I should pursue; again living up to other people’s ideals of a life. Now I am left wandering in the darkness wondering how to make what I truly want to achieve happen! How do you become a rock star?? How do you get a golden ticket in life?? Does one exist or are we all labouring under some false delusion instilled by the fairy tales we watched and read as children?

One final thought; I’d have found career services in school/college/work far more beneficial if they hadn’t just focused on the academic careers.  I was led to believe that I’d get no-where pursuing my creative side, and now I haven’t a clue how to truly forge a path into that working environment.

Maybe it is all luck or again that elusive and un-quantified term, FATE.

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