Say No To New Year Resolutions

Couldn't have said it better myself! Hehe!

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Hehe!

I am certain some people have bought into; New Year = resolutions.

I for one haven’t.

I probably should, as I could do with a plan, a map to track my direction; but I know I won’t adhere to anything I set in stone now.

I wonder, is there a point to resolutions? Is there a point to discussing these resolutions continually with everybody else? Could it be setting yourself up to fail? Can’t we just breathe, and then except our flaws (which are inconsequential in the greater scale of things)?

This year I am choosing to go with the ebb and tide of life; well, so I continually inform myself! I will do what feels right for me at every given moment, without a pre-agreed plan to inhibit me.

I do not make resolutions because I don’t require an excuse to beat myself up whenever I fall short of my goals or desires; I am apt enough at doing that already!

So, resolutions to me are nothing more than interjects – ‘I should, I must, I have to’ – which then makes me thoroughly miserable when I realise ‘I can’t’!

BUT, that is only my opinion…………………………

And I ask into the silence; WHAT IS YOURS???????????????????????????????????