The Final Post For 2012

Just wanted to let everyone know that this will be my final post update on The Savvy Senorita for 2012!!

I know it is still a little early, and not quite Christmas yet, however I am leaving for the UK tomorrow (Friday); once there I won’t have frequent access to the internet. Plus, as I shall be visiting family and friends I no doubt will be disinclined to spend quality time online, and neglect spending precious time with those I love.

Consequently my presence on my blog shall be limited until my return to Madrid in January 2013; when posting shall resume as normal 🙂

I am wishing everyone a BRILLIANT CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY beginning to the NEW YEAR though!!!
Let us hope 2013 will be a wonderful, and productive year and bring everything you wish for!

Big hugs people!!!!!!!

Speak to you all in 2013!

Bex 🙂