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What Is Hope?

Oh dear, I cannot imagine what planet I was on when I wrote this post! A blast from some crazy past; when I had hope. Career aside, as that really is inconsequential right now; perhaps because I have had too many careers to count, and never really settled down. Content, no; hope, no; change, yes – and too much of it!

The Savvy Senorita

Hope, the best weapon against life. Hope, the best weapon against life.

I had a rather disconcerting conversation with my friend yesterday, which all began because I asked the question; “What makes me unusual?”

Somehow the topic shifted. Soon we, I.E my friend and I  begun discussing my desire to pursue a career, and the reason why I insist upon believing in a dream job (term applied loosely; this represents a job I truly enjoy, and feel good about doing).

My friend told me; “Dream jobs don’t exist! Plus, they are immaterial because everyone only works for the money”.

I then tried to explain my take on the dream job; “I need to feel I am achieving something and also progressing. My work life cannot be static; it has to move forwards and not backwards. I need to feel I am respected, appreciated and have responsibility in a job. I want to be treated like an intelligent…

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