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Opinions, we all have them…..

I forgot about this post, but thanks to robertmgoldstein.com reminding me of my words, I decided I’d re-publish………..

I speak, you speak, they speak, we all speak; but do we even care what is being said?

Opinions; seem to be integrated into us, derived from who we are and what we know. Yet, they are subject to change. Opinions differ from person to person, context, situation and time. They can be fleeting or concrete. Yet what influences them to change? Is it because we are malleable and easily swayed when we come under pressure from others?

Do we willingly abandon our opinions when challenged? Should we?

As bloggers we all have plenty to say. I know I can’t get enough of opinions; mine and other peoples! I thoroughly enjoy writing opinions and reading them; new ideas, experiences and knowledge hold a wealth of inspiration for me. I actively seek out new blogs just to read what has been posted; I think I am addicted to the written word! I know I WOULDN’T want anyone to tame their opinion or tailor their words to please me. Yet, some people might not feel the same. Some people might only appreciate opinions that concur with their own.

So, what do we look for or find in other peoples words to make us think; ‘Hey I like what that person has to say’?

I know when I see something that strikes a chord within me; it makes me want to respond or react. It could be anything at anytime. Yet, is there a specific element that qualifies one opinion to hold more credence or appeal than another? Is there an essential mix that creates a good opinion? Can we ever all fully agree on one thing?

Is a good opinion one that matches with our own personal belief systems and affiliations? What encourages us to agree with another person; is it something we do because we feel in awe of that person? Perhaps, we want to reciprocate something they have done for us, so we agree with them? Or do we want to pay homage merely to feather our own nests?

Are some opinions more important to us than others?

Opinions are part of our ‘mundane’ every life. I mean, everyone has an opinion on something; what they prefer for breakfast and why, what country they like to visit for holidays and why, what political party they choose to follow and why. Yet, opinions are powerful if directed correctly; they change the way we perceive things and the world around us. Isn’t it therefore a privilege to be able to know what other people think or believe, even if we don’t concur?

Or, maybe every topic of conversation has already been covered so thoroughly, that now we are just reinventing the wheel by discussing the same things? Are opinions boring? I don’t think they are, but then that is my opinion!

It is highly therapeutic for me to share my words, and other peoples! Discussing and debating is part and parcel to my life, without these things it would be a dull existence. I urge people to speak their minds, and I listen carefully to what is being said even if I don’t agree. Likewise, I read carefully what is written.

Do we all truly hear the words being spoken or read the words written? Or do we switch off if the message conflicts with what we want to see and hear? Do we see and hear merely what we want to? Do we then misconstrue the message? Do we ever listen to others opinions and words; or are we all just waiting for our turn to speak?

Putting it simply; do we really care what others have to say or write?

I KNOW I CARE!! I hope I am not alone?!

Maybe you might think there are too many opinions, so many that they get lost in the background? Or is there not enough? What is missing in the grand world of opinions that needs to be said?

Any ideas to share???

5 thoughts on “Opinions, we all have them…..

  1. In principle I hold the same attitude as you do toward other peoples’ opinions: I read (or listen to) them carefully and try to take their point of view in order to judge their validity. Judging is a rather hard word, so I’ll set the context for it: We need to judge whether another person’s opinion or arguments which it contains are acceptable to us. Whether we try to convert the holder of this opinion in case we consider his opinion invalid is on another page…

    I also get the impression that many people don’t diligently assess their peers’ opinions. So, I thought, do they think they’re giving new opinions due thought, and just ignoring a plethora of “basically the same”? I do encounter many people who think pretty much the same on plenty of topics, and I tend to just shut my eyes and ears on that. So, I must amend the first part of this comment as follows:”If I’m not already sick and tired of discussing the same old thing”

    • Thanks for leaving me your opinion on this. I do value what you think, and understand your point of view on other people’s conversations, or topics of conversation. Some things are spoken about too often to really listen to. Mainly, I feel because they speak about the same old, same old. I also switch off when the usual topics are brought forth. For me, it seems most people are only interested in talking about themselves! There lives also seem to revolve around six basic topics; family, kids, TV, food, holidays and exercise. If you wish to discuss anything outside of these six you are somehow strange to them! However, I admit I do bore easily! I really feel that lately I am starved of more complex conversation. I see verbal diarrhoea, harsh as it might be, a curse to forming any decent personal connection to others. Especially now I am back in the UK, I see the superficial being ‘discussed’ more than ever. I find myself removing myself from conversation, because I can’t relate to people any more. I struggled before I moved away, now, people ask what I’ve been doing and I tell them and they look at me as though I’m either a threat to them or an alien! They don’t wan to hear what I’ve got to say! It is as though opinion or experience that doesn’t match their ‘norm’ really offends. Thanks again for your input, appreciate it, as always.

      • I know what you mean. My (soon to be former) roommate and I used to have very vivid discussions, but with him mostly high when we’re talking I can’t get anything sensible out of him, and having an IQ 30 points higher than the average of my work buddies makes them suitable for talking about soccer (a.k.a. Football), which really isn’t my cup of tea, but not the economic/idealistic crisis surrounding “Brexit” and “Grexit”, which I am very much interested in

  2. Very good post. We all must learn to accept each others opinion gracefully. Though many a time we might not like what other has to say if its especially different than our thought process but that’s their point of view.
    Good one friend .

    • Thanks very much for reading and commenting. I appreciate your input. Yep, we definitely freeze out others opinions, especially if they conflict with our own. I think that the art of debating opinions, ideas is often deemed as aggressive. So, we avoid debating what we think or feel and consequently good conversation often is inhibited in favour of etiquette or societal norms! Thanks again for commenting friend.

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