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This Girl Can

This girl can

I have now relocated back to the UK. I have left my old life in Madrid behind me with plenty of fond memories stored away for reflection.

As sad as I am to be beginning again away from a city I called home for over three years, I realise change is inevitable and life goes on. One chapter closes and another one opens.

I was fully prepared to make my return to the UK though. Months before my arrival here I had been applying for work, and also returned last year to complete volunteer work and gain UK references.

Even so it has been a upheaval. It is a shock to the system and emotionally I have felt uncertain, sad and lost. Not to mention that now I am here I am currently living out of suitcases in a hotel!! Although it is a nice hotel, with a fabulous gym and restaurant, it isn’t home. Until I find a place to rent, as my house is now tenanted, I won’t feel as settled as I would like. I miss my things; everything I own remains in storage, and I have no car. Here I need a car!!! I am relying on unreliable and terrible public transport in what is always a gloomy and cold UK winter!!

I certainly don’t need my sunglasses here!!

I have also discovered that job hunting in the UK has become far more difficult than I recall. As I have lived abroad I forgot how much the UK (powers that be), like to be able to track their citizens whereabouts.The need for four plus references, consecutive references, personal references, recent experience, ability to do jobs without training, skills have to match exactly to every job applied for, full employment history track, police checks, address histories, credit checks, ID checks and so on and so on is exhaustive. Paperwork galore to prove I wasn’t some criminal Drug Lord on the run in Madrid, or whatever else!!

I have come to realise how many barriers exist for people who actually are seeking work in the UK. I wonder just how anyone who has lived abroad, is foreign, been unemployed or can’t prove their history ever finds any work here. Especially when every job application requires something new as proof of who and what you are.

Sometimes a person just can’t prove their every movement in life, sometimes a person doesn’t have that ability!!!!! Life isn’t so smooth or easily categorised and dissected!!!

On the upside, I have found a job. I have gone through the exhaustive application process and personal / police checks. I now hope, and keep fingers crossed, that everything I have done (checks included) will be sufficient enough to allow me to actually begin the job as agreed in March.

I must admit I am looking forward to being able to regain my own financial independence. Just working in a stable environment whereby I move towards something and progress makes me feel more settled and optimistic about being here.

Oh, and because of the fabulous hotel gym, I have taken my fitness routine to a new level. Getting up early and hitting the gym is actually helping me feel happier, mentally and emotional ready, more positive and allowing me to hone my focus regarding the chaos of everything else going on around me. I actually think I prefer the gym now to dancing and walking, the only thing missing is my boxing classes!!!

So, all that has been done and dusted and now I have to wait and see what the next few months ahead will bring for me and my life. I hope that all will be good, end well and that life will be kind while I keep thinking “This girl can” regardless of what is thrown in my direction!!

19 thoughts on “This Girl Can

  1. Interesting read and hardly surprising. The UK is reaching United States level of paranoia lately and it is no surprise really; when you go around bullying the world there will always be people wishing to exact revenge (with good reason). The fact you are a UK national and they have treated you like this is appalling. First opportunity I get (when I can clear debts incurred through a spell of unemployment and the ludicrously inefficient DSS who supposedly overpaid me and are demanding it back in huge unaffordable chunks despite 27 years of contributing to the system) I am off!

    • I am sorry I had to to return to the UK on many levels, however, change in whatever guise is donned happens and I had to deal with it. I know the next time I find the opportunity to relocate elsewhere I will be too!! It is crazy and unjust how people who have tried to better their circumstances, and have contributed find themselves treated shoddily by overly dogmatic and bullish policies. These so called ‘helping’ strategies are often meant to (in reality) keep people down not actually help them! Wish you luck with your path and thank you for your sympathies.

  2. Reading of your determination to go through all the lengthy and sticky processes I say with conviction “you are a savvy señorita” with a bright future. Wish you all the very best. 🙂

  3. I moved to the U.K. from the U.S., and even opening a bank account was a project. We needed 2 kilos of paperwork to prove we weren’t drug lords or money launderers, then we find out that London’s a major money laundering capital. Ummm. Kinda makes you think they’re checking the wrong things, doesn’t it?

    • Hi Ellen, many thanks for taking the time to read my post and leaving me a comment. I truly appreciate it. Yes, it is fantastical and do agree with you!!! I couldn’t quite believe how complicated such things have become. It seems that they want evidence of everything, and often this evidence cannot be produced because other countries don’t keep such tight control of such things, unlike the UK. It seems that the checks the UK have introduced do not favour the ordinary, decent, innocent and hard working people who may wish to settle and work here. The checks even work against such people, and I am a British citizen!! I do wonder how so many criminals and goodness knows what else manage to slip through the cracks, or, whether they are even subject to them at all. I actual feel as though I have been living on the moon, instead of in Europe. The suspicion I have been faced with is ridiculous and I am struggling to jump over the never ending hurdles put in my way.
      Thanks again, Bex

    • Many thanks for taking the time to read my post and leave me a comment; truly appreciate it!! Thanks for the welcome back, however I have to admit that I am feeling like a fish out of water 😦
      And although I’d like to think I am on the right track, I can’t say this for certain. I am wondering if in fact I am actually winning anything (frustration)! Things are so very complicated and remain ‘up in the air’. Thanks again for your comment, and good wishes Bex

  4. I’ve Ben self-employed for twenty years, and I think that would make me prett much unemployable in the ” new world order.” I’m so glad things are starting to get sorted for you. All the best with your new job and life!

  5. Yeah, with John on this one, very unexpected. Glad to see you’re hitting the gym. I have to say, it is probably easier to get a job as a Drug Lord than be gainfully employed there! Yikes, it’s like they discourage people from finding jobs!

    • Hello Green Embers, thanks for your comment I appreciate it as always. As I mentioned in my response to John, I did blog about the situation about a month ago. It was on the cards since last year, and I hoped to avoid it!! Yes, I normally do dancing and so on, and whilst in Madrid I sporadically attended the gym. I am actually really enjoying the gym here, its a good gym and well air conditioned (not like in Madrid)!!! Yep, its a nightmare. There are too many hoops to jump and hurdles to overcome. I have been pulling my hair out over it all. I just hope I’ve done enough now and can eventually begin work. Haha, yeah I might yet have to peruse the Drug Lord avenue. Thanks again, Bex

  6. I can empathize even though I’ve been self employed for most of my life…as an employer, it is disgusting what information the government wants to you collect beyond taxes…screw the government. I made everyone an independent contractor and tax-wise, they all see the financial benefit.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, appreciate it as always. Yeah, highly frustrating!! Well I was self employed in Madrid (albeit part time) – which is what is causing me so much hassle now!! Self employment was far easier though than trying to become an employee in the UK!!

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