Room 101

Attention all readers!!! I am asking all of you (at this blog and those I guest write for), to become more interactive with what I write. By that I mean, voting on my posts and also choosing the topics I write about. 

The reason being……………

 I need feedback for my Room 101 posts.

Let me explain the premise of Room 101 posts………………

I’m going to be writing about things I wish to banish from the world because I hate or dislike them.

These Room 101 posts will be inspired by subjects, and these subjects can cover anything, basically anything goes. So for example subjects could be; ‘Modern Life’, ‘Going Out’, ‘People Who Are Happy’, ‘Stereotypes’, ‘Banks’ (and so on and so forth).

Whatever subject is chosen by my readers, I will then write a post about and state what it is I hate or dislike about this subject.

Then you, the reader, can decide if I have made a persuasive enough argument to actually banish what annoys me, to Room 101.

Does this make sense??? I hope so………………….!

So, these posts won’t work unless I gain your feedback and your involvement in choosing the subjects I will then write about.

To kick off these Room 101 posts I have chosen the fist subject; ‘Modern Life’.

One thing I hate about modern life is;

The use of silly acronyms, especially, Y.O.L.O or ‘you only live once’.

“You only live once” seems to be a phrase used in conjunction with excusing something someone wishes to do that most probably others will frown upon.

It’s a phrase, which I feel screams vapid and glib. Is this what the modern world is??

Why should we concern ourselves with politics, law, money and love, because if we only live once, and live for the now, why bother thinking of others and what comes next?

For me, Y.O.L.O encourages people to adopt a selfish, self centred, self serving, egotistical, hedonistic approach to their life and take others for granted.

If Y.O.L.O isn’t meant as; do all you can, get all you can and to Hell with the consequences then what in fact does it truly mean? Does anyone ever consider the meaning before they say Y.O.L.O? Are people in the modern world less inclined to think before they speak?

I would love to put this Y.O.L.O saying to the test, and see where it gets me! It might make a good sociological study; test the theory of how Y.O.L.O makes you less interested in anyone but yourself! The Y.O.L.O ‘theory’ could inspire a damn good comedy film! Or is it in fact already a title to a James Bond movie??

Anyway, I for one would like to banish the use of Y.O.L.O to Room 101, because for me it has no viable usage. It’s senseless and stupid and we wouldn’t miss it if it wasn’t part of some urban dictionary or online chat room.

BUT – what do you think?

This is where you, the reader, gets involved.

Tell me what you think, decide if Y.O.L.O should be banished to Room 101 and then set me another topic to write about (and we begin the process again). 

I look forward to reading what you come up with!!

30 thoughts on “Room 101

  1. As far as the expression “You Only Live Once” goes, I dont have any feeling about it either way. In fact its been around over 200 years. In the 1774 play Clavigo, Goethe uses the phrase “one lives but once in the world”, and Strauss wrote a waltz in 1855 called “You Only Live Once”, as well as countless other bands who have recorded songs with the same title. Its a rather pointless and self-evident (providing you believe that) saying that could be seen both positively and negatively as people have already done here in their comments.
    My issue with YOLO, and why I think it should be bannised to Room 101, is the shortening of the long used phrase into some pithy, pop culture acronym that is symptomatic of the larger steady decline in youth culture today. Everything is acronyms now, or hashtags, cyberslang and an overall butchering of a well established and widely used language such as english. As far as I know the rapper Drake was the one who popularized the acronym and the negative cultural stigma it carries.
    Most people believe that their culture is some natural, evolutionary product of their own making but the facts say otherwise. Most, if not all, cultural trends come from some type of organized media, be it the music industry, movies, television, books, etc. These trends are marketed to us by very smart people for very specific purposes that almost never benefit or advance the larger group they are marketed to.
    So while YOLO seems to be among the most annoying acronyms in use today its just a grain of sand in a cultural beach of shit!
    As far as the acronym contributing to self absorbed, self destructive behaivor well, I think atheism plays a much larger role in that. If there is nothing after this and no real point to it then why care about anything at all ever? Why waste so much time caring for others and trying to be civil towards each other if there isnt any real point to life anyway?
    My Room 101 suggestion comes from the old saying “money is the root of all evil”, so I’d be interested to read your thoughts on “Money”!!

    • Hello again, and thanks once more for your considered response. I truly appreciate you getting involved with these posts!!!!
      Ah, money, yes a very interesting topic; thanking you in advance for the suggestion. I will endeavour to do a worthy job in expressing my disdain for ‘the root of all evil’!!!!!
      Back to YOLO; this is where I take offence. It isn’t the origins or the real meaning behind YOLO, its the frivolity of it and what connotations is now associated with the word. The ‘pop’ culture B.S that is caught up in something that really has a far more profound meaning. It has become tainted, mocked!!!!
      That is why I think it should go to Room 101, or more appropriately, the people who misuse it!!!
      Thanks again, Bex

  2. Yup, banish this one too! The original idea behind YOLO was okay, being don’t let fear hold you back from attempting something, pretty much ‘seize the day’ but now, yeah let’s banish it.

    • Thanks for your comment and taking the time to offer your opinion of this, appreciate it as always.
      I agree! I dislike the word, but the people who abuse it, I dislike more!!!
      Thanks again, bex

  3. I understand what you mean but it can be used in many different circumstances. For example someone may be unsure of doing something good and worthwhile. A skydive to raise money for charity for example. Someone may use YOLO to encourage them and in this circumstances I don’t think it is bad. However shortening everything to letters can be very annoying although I do it myself. YOLO is not something that I would normally use however …… no you’re right it is mostly used for self indulgent purposes so I think it should go in room 101

    • Many thanks for taking the time to read and comment on this post. I truly appreciate you getting involved and letting me know your opinion.

      I certainly feel that it was a phrase whereby everyone jumped on the bandwagon, and begun abusing its meaning. Yes, by all means live a life and enjoy, but not at the expense of others.

      Thanks, I agree – or maybe it is the people abusing the phrase that need Room 101!!!

      Thanks again for your comment, and keep a look out as I am soon to be posting more Room 101 subjects.

  4. I’m going to keep my thought on the matter simple. In my opinion, only idiots YOLO.
    No to YOLO. It’s used as an excuse for poor behavior. I’ll do something selfish or stupid, shout “YOLO”, and it’s all good.
    But that’s just me.

  5. I think this is a “too much can hurt you, too little can hurt you” scenario. I agree with you fully, its a great excuse to get drunk on monday night and jump off some cliffs, maybe even hurt someone.. this i think is too much of YOLO.

    But the other side of the idea is to encourage others to take risks. So many people fall short of their plans and expectations because they are scared to risk what they have. Having moto’s like YOLO lets us try and fight these fears. Its the equivalent of “carpe diem” or “lifes all about living” YOLO is just more internety.

    I don’t think we can can bannish YOLO as the other context it gets used in is very wise. What we could however bannish is people trying to throw off their responsibilities and delve into idiotism. That way YOLO only gets used in the right context 🙂

    • Thanks very much for your considered response on this topic. I truly appreciate you taking the time to get involved and state your opinion. I agree with your points here. As others have stated before and I also agree; life is worth living, for sure. I suppose my main nag is about the people who seem to use the phrase as though it was merely a throw away comment. The people who buy into the culture of life as being disposable (the empty and vacuous way of seeing life, promoted by reality TV and the media and so on). Definitely, I would wiling dispose of these people for pure idiot-ism!!! Thanks again for your comment, appreciate and and feel free to drop by my blog again!! Bex

  6. I agree, that YOLO needs to be banished. (High-five to the 1984 reference, by the way). The above comments are all very insightful and I do agree with many. However, in my opinion, I feel that YOLO has become a sub-culture of sorts. Scanning through social media and listening to random passers-by, it seems that YOLO is commonly used among a younger crowd. #YOLO can be found in various arenas, on the web and in other media formats.
    Personally, I fall in the 20-25 age bracket, and it appears that many people in the 16-25 range coin this term frequently. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it can only apply to those of a younger generation, but Millennials and those behind them seem to create an overwhelming majority.
    From my own observations, this sub-culture of young adults or teens seem to grip onto this ideal to escape from reality – a sort of “Neverland” theory. This may help them feel invincible, while the reality of responsibility and adulthood looms ahead. Therefore, they may make rash decisions, be selfish, or just plain idiotic.
    Although I believe in the right of free will and taking advantage of every day you are granted, YOLO can leave a loose and unrealistic taste in the mouth of too many people. As far as science can tell, we do only live once. So, why not just try to make the most of it, without jumping backward off of a canyon ledge just to post to Twitter, with a picture of your broken arm? Live. Don’t waste.

    PS. I enjoy this interactive style and hope to partake in many more to come. I’ll toss out the possible topic idea of: Censorship

    • Wow, what I fantastic repose – so many well considered and articulate points! Where do I start? Well firstly let me state how much I appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post, and that you’ve answered my request fully!!! You are the first!!! “why not just try to make the most of it, without jumping backward off of a canyon ledge just to post to Twitter, with a picture of your broken arm? Live. Don’t waste” I think this sums it all up pretty well for me – exactly my belief and I couldn’t have written it better!! Thank you again for your comment, appreciate it and hope to hear from you soon. Oh, I will take your suggestion and use it for sure. Bex

  7. You only live once. Aside from being obviously true, it serves as a reminder that we are finite. I know plenty of people who have a very thick shell – I am one of those people – and more often than not, they hide inside that shell – that wouldn’t be me. For people with this kind of emotional agoraphobia – coining a phrase here – Y.O.L.O. is useful to get out of that shell and live a little. As anything, the phrase has two sides to it: not only is our life short and begs to be lived, it is also fragile and irreplaceable. If I lived every day as if it were my last, the third day would definitely be my last. In that sense, Y.O.L.O. is not only “Carpe Diem”, but also its opposite, “Memento Morti”, two rivaling world views that have their modern roots in the 16th century, the first advocating boundless hedonism, the second contemplation, duty and responsibility. Of course, in our consumer society, the favored side of Y.O.L.O is the one spelling “Carpe Diem”, and most people who use the phrase do not think of turning this coin and contemplating their mortality. It’s not the term that deserves the Room 101, but those who blatantly disregard its true meaning by using it to behave like asswipes, and those putting forth this singular meaning to the asswipes.

    An other acronym for you to hate: I.S.I.S. They deserve it

    • Thanks for your considered response on this. may I say that I fully appreciate you taking the time to read what I wrote and requested!!

      I do understand your points here, and of course can completely agree. The term itself, if understood and applied correctly maybe doesn’t fully deserve a Room 101 status!!

      So, I figure this one will have to remain in usage and I will have to live with that 🙂

      Thanks again for your comment,

  8. This is the first time i read the acronym YOLO. But beyond the ‘selfish, self centred, self serving, egotistical, hedonistic approach’, the other side of being conscious of having to ‘live once’ is my favorite quote that says, “I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again”. So there… YOLO… and you have to live for others…too!

    • Thanks for your response to this; completely appreciate you taking the time to share our thoughts on YOLO!!

      Well, I’m not sure we only live once, as I believe in reincarnation. I do however think people should live a good life, albeit not stuck in a completely selfish shell though, whereby they treat others badly.

      I think from the comments, YOLO cannot be banished to Room 101 (not quite yet anyway)!!

      Thanks again,

  9. In America language is devolving. Fewer have a vocabulary range of more than 2000 words. Even our newscasters cannot speak properly with their limited range of ‘awesome’ ‘went missing’ [proper in Great Britain, not so here]. I believe too the 800 lb. gorilla known as our federal government adds to the problem with its encyclopedic length of alphabet agencies which are bankrupting the United States.

    • Thanks for your response on this, I appreciate it.

      I understand the points you have raised. The media do tend to stick to a 2000 word vocabulary, as that is pretty standard for newspapers and magazines; in the UK and even in Spain this is the same. I do think the media encourages the degradation of language though, especially social media like FB and SMS (texting). Especially when children are concerned – they use text speak/writing as substitute for real language with such horrendous spelling and vocabulary!!!

      Yet you haven’t mentioned if YOLO should be consigned to Room 101??? Any thoughts on that???

      Thanks again, Bex

  10. Language evolves, that’s it’s strength and although it throws up words that feel cheap and ungainly, it’s a reflection of the culture and the people within it. I cast no word aside because that implies that there was a fixed point where our language achieved a platonic ideal and everything since then has been a slow degradation.

    I don’t believe that, and the richness of our collective languages is too important an ideal to police without showing deep consideration to the ugliest of words as we do the loveliest. I believe that YOLO is an ungainly and cheap word, but it’s got a rich semiotic association that makes it worthy of being denied entry to Room 101.

    • Thanks for taking the time to actually read what I’ve wrote, and get involved with the post. I truly appreciate your considered response!

      I do understand the points you have raised, and in many ways completely agree. So, it seems that YOLO cannot be banished to Room 101!

      Any suggestions for another topic to cover/debate for my next Room 101 post??

      Thanks so much once again, Bex

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