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Why I Hate New Year Resolutions

Why I hate New Year resolutions;

Because we always allow ourselves to perceive that the previous year was a failure, a let-down, a time when we weren’t good enough.

After all, isn’t that really what the notion of a resolution alludes to – we are all failures, and therefore are required to modify and rectify that at all cost?

Why can’t we just be us, and decide we don’t need to change?

Resolutions are very like false promises;

Sorry, but I’m not going to jump on the positivity bandwagon. I’m not going say that 2015 will be your year, and that you have the power to transform and achieve. Mainly because I don’t really buy into all that stuff!!! The reason being; I see all of that rhetoric as negative, life assassination, and unnecessary pressure to live up to other people’s expectations of us.

Why should we buy into the idea that with every new year we will suddenly all morph into wonder women or men? That in 2015 we will definitely be destined to become another person, a wonderful person, in fact a person you were probably never actually meant to be.

It’s all just a teensy weensy bit delusional;

Just because it will soon to be 2015 doesn’t mean anything has fundamentally changed. We can’t shrug off the past; we all have our individual life experiences, thoughts, ideas, desires and so on.

Why is it with a new year we then become washed clean??

More importantly, why do we want to be??

Just be you;

Because life, from one year to the next, is merely about the experiences we have and share, the learning curve and the path we chose to travel.

I can make a million resolutions, but it doesn’t mean I can or will fundamentally change!

I am merely advocating the ethos; be kind to yourself. I am asking you all to stop applying the pressure to be what you’re not. I make a plea for you all not to view your life (you) as a failure thus far. I call for us all to stop procrastinating with resolutions, which are only made to then be broken.

I suggest that we don’t wait for another new year to come and go; live life now and have fun amassing your experiences, which you should then proudly reflect back upon, without qualms and guilt!

Live your life now, while it is here, and see what it brings you! All the ups and downs are welcome, it is life and you can’t just pick and choose the best bits and edit the rest.

So, let 2015 be what it will be – life as we know it.

Oh, and my New Year Resolution; don’t make any, quite simple really!


23 thoughts on “Why I Hate New Year Resolutions

  1. Couldnt agree more! Actions always speak louder than words so why shoot the breeze about it when you can just be about it. The whole New Years resolution thing makes me think of a quote i heard a long time ago that always stuck with me “procrastinate now, dont put it off till tomorrow”
    Just to add to what you said about resolutions implying the previous year was a failure, making resolutions is often just setting ourselves up for more failure as well in the new year!

    • Thanks for your comment, appreciate it as always. Yeah, just let the year happen. I don’t need to add to the stresses and strains by applying a feeling of ‘loser’ before I even begin! Yes, I agree, and think I’ve actually put that in somewhere. Or, it could be a point I raised on my other post on the other blog I guest write for!! I agree anyway, and my belief exactly!!!
      Thanks again, Bex

  2. I don’t do resolutions, as I get upset when I inevitably break them. Besides, what was wrong with the previous year? You are right- nothing.
    Thanks for the like by the way.
    I have never been to Madrid, but I have been to Barcelona, Figueras, and Rosas. And I love Flamenco, and the films of Carlos Saura too !
    Best wishes from England, Pete.

    • My pleasure, thanks too for dropping by my blog; appreciate it. Yeah, nothing at all!!
      Well, I’m Welsh actually! Been living in Madrid for three years, so fortunately I’ve also managed to travel around much of Spain, and thoroughly enjoyed living here!! Thanks once again for your comment, Bex

      • Well you got me! You look suitably Spanish, so I would not have got the Welsh connection. Wales is good too, especially Pembrokeshire. Manorbier is one of my favourite places.
        Cheers Bex, enjoy your time in Spain, and the delicious tapas!. Pete.

  3. “isn’t that really what the notion of a resolution alludes to – we are all failures”

    I’m not sure I agree with your statement above but the post is a breath of fresh air. This New Year resolution thing has got out of hand. Just because it’s Jan 1 means nothing to me. If I had a heart attack and resolved to eat better and exercise more, that would be a memorable and worthwhile resolution. But to resolve to do these things just because it happens to be Jan 1, lacks any supporting context and explains why most New Year’s resolutions fail.

    • Many thanks for your considered comment Malcolm, I appreciate it as always. Thanks too for stating my post as “a breath of fresh air”; I hoped people would merely see another perspective, and perhaps rethink their motivations behind resolutions.
      Just to explain the above statement; it refers to those people who are constantly dissatisfied with themselves and their lives. Irrespective of what they have or achieve. I know people who decide to ‘remake’ themselves every year, and think resolutions are the answer. Yet, as you have stated, these resolutions lack context. Consequently, every New Year these people feel like failures; though clearly they are not.
      Thanks again, Bex

  4. Well said. I’ve come to loathe the whole “New Year” thing with all the false hope and bonhomie. It’s taken a while to shake off the expectations but tonight i plan to spend with my partner of 20-something years – on a date – not cos it’s New Year but because our son will be out and we can. 🙂

  5. Easy to fix-Don’t make any resolution. Example: If you want to lose weight or be more healthy, just make a plan to eat one thing that is good for you instead of another. I stopped eating Frito Lay chips and instead, snack on pecans. I lost weight and didn’t give anything up!

    • Agreed, that is why I never have nor will, make a New Years resolution!!!

      I think planning to fix anything with a ‘one hit wonder’, such as a drunken resolution, won’t achieve the desired aim!! For people who may want to lead a healthier lifestyle, its really something you have to do over the long haul and fully commit to (not just during the month of January)!

      As always, thanks for your comment. Wishing you a Happy New Year in advance 🙂

  6. You’re right, it’s stupid. But it does something for lots of people. Lots of people need the illusion that wishful thinking at magical moments… well… makes that wishful thinking come true. For everything we feel we could, or should, do with our lives, the active period of this life just seems too damned short. Even if we were born grownups, and remained unrestrictedly mobile until our deaths at potentially 120 years, there’s just so much to do. Yes, it’s stupid, if you look at it from the point of view of actually fulfilling these resolutions, but they are an expression of hope. And that is something humanity needs to go on, because times are always trying, life is always scary and most humans are just plain stupid

    • Thanks for your comment, oh, and allow me to wish you a Happy New Year (in advance)!

      Yes, I do see that resolutions at New Year are in many ways about trying to gain a feeling of renewed hope/possibilities. I understand that of course, but it would be nice if more people could realise that there is hope and a bit of ‘magic’ throughout the year too. That they don’t have to only wait for New Year’s Eve to infuse their life with a sense of something more.

      Thanks again for your comment, appreciate it as always 🙂

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