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A School Reunion

School reunions, the very words make me cringe!!!

To be blunt, opting to reunite with school ‘friends’, is the sort of thing that evokes imagery of Hell. I can think of little worse than spending my free time with the fakes and phonies of yesteryear, in what would be a completely forced ‘pleased to see you’ situation. Let me be honest, these ‘friends’ are the very people I had to spend my school days with! Why then would I, via my own volition, decide to reunite with them, when I was more than content to never have to see them again???

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not cynical about school and enduring friendships. I do have one good friend from my school days, just one, but we have been friends since we were eight years old and know each other better than most married couples do! So, I am aware that some friendships do last, However, I am in contact with the one and only school friend that I want to keep in contact with, I therefore don’t feel the desire to catch up and reminisce with those I have always deemed to be fake friends. The past is the past and for me it is best left there!

Although I may be unnerved by the thought of a school reunion, I can’t quite escape it either. This is because my good friend of too many years to count has decided to be in attendance, though I truly wish she would change her mind. I suppose I will then have to hear all about the night in blow by blow grim detail, yuck! I can understand why she longs to go though, as she likes to know what’s happening, I on the other don’t. I am disinterested beyond expression regarding the ups and downs of Joe Bloggs of yester-year. I couldn’t care if Joe Bloggs has walked on the moon or festered in vomit, just so long as I need never be troubled by any of it or any of them!

I have actually asked my friend the simple question of what exactly she expects from this school reunion. I mean what would have changed so dramatically about these past ‘friends’ that it would make a reunion worth having; in my opinion nothing near enough to make me willingly attend! Well, I know these ‘used to be’ kids may have grown up, but as far as I’m concerned, only in stature. My evidence to substantiate this accusation; I used to have a personal Facebook page. Those school ‘friends’ I did allow access to my page hadn’t really changed their outlook on life or other people. Unfortunately for them they still are petty, immature, self- obsessed, jealous, boastful, vile, disingenuous and nasty; bad character traits don’t necessarily diminish with age!

So, a school reunion is a euphemism. It’s really the renewed opportunity for these people to brag about how wonderful they are, to try and make others feel inferior to boost their already gigantic egos and for them to have the audacity to pretend as though we were all bosom buddies! Personally, I don’t need to waste precious time on validating myself or my life to complete strangers, to people that didn’t and don’t mean a jot to me! So, I am certainly not going to rent a limo, and buy an expensive dress to go and play let’s pretend we’re grown-ups!

School reunion is merely another chance for the arseholes you despised in school to try and take pot-shots at you and yours. It’s the time to reunite with the bullies, the bitches, the wannabes, the fakers and the phonies as they all clamour for attention and desperately try to gain approval to demonstrate how they are the number one, no-one!

So I ask, is life so dull that I would surrender myself to such masochistic acts? No it’s not, and even if it was, I’d rather sit at home and watch paint dry than suffer the action!

School reunions, in my opinion it is a disaster waiting to happen!

25 thoughts on “A School Reunion

  1. Sounds to me like they still need your approval but you clearly don’t care about having or not having theirs. The reason I see for you not to go is just that, you don’t need it, you don’t want it but they do and that’s the best victory you could ever hope for Bex! Smile, you’re so far ahead of those tossers that if you did go you’d be ashamed of yourself for ever lowering yourself to their stunted, adolescent reveling in their own mediocrity! So stay home, watch The Breakfast club and enjoy being you! 🙂

    • Thank you Poetic, my sentiments exactly; they are ‘tossers’!!!!! Thanks, you are too kind! I agree, it is their need, and certainly not mine. I can think of nothing worse than being surrounded by people like that, and pretending all is OK. I am not very tolerant of such things, and as I get older this distaste I have for such people and behaviour only increases. So, I will stay at home and just enjoy being me!! Thanks again, Bex

    • Many thanks Filippo del mondo, I appreciate you stopping by and taking time to leave me a comment! I do try to be honest, and hope it connects with those who read it, and perhaps resonates too! Thanks for your support!! All the best to you also, Bex

  2. Bex, sounds like a good time to use some of that repression we have been talking about. In your post and comments the memories of your ‘friends’ still come across as raw, still having the ability to hurt you. Forget them, ignore them, repress them. They are not worth a second breath.

    • Yes, I couldn’t agree more actually Malcolm. I was thinking the very thing whilst writing this post! You are right, it is a sore point, but until I think of it, it doesn’t bother me. So, I should just put it away and repress it, because they aren’t worth a second breath, for sure. Thanks again, appreciate your insightful comments as always.

  3. 🙂 I could so hear my voice in your post! I am not the person who went to school in my body and I imagine many of those I was at school with are the same. I believe life is a process of reflection and change — in my case, change for the better and I can’t see any point in trying to revisit who I was. My son has just graduated from high school and he didn’t even want to attend the prizegiving because he’s already moved on from that life. I think it’s a mark of maturity not to need to return to “school days” and suspect that for those who do, it was either the high point in their lives, of they aren’t yet comfortable enough with their “new self” not to need to show it off to people.

    • Thanks for your insightful comment, I appreciate it as always 🙂 I couldn’t agree more, I find ,u self nodding at your take on the why a person would act in such a way, and be desperate to return to a high school setting. I was very like your son, I actually didn’t attend my school ‘graduation’, I was done with school at 14. By the time I graduated I felt as though I was being suffocated by the system! School for me became ever more soul destroying, stifling and didn’t do one to encourage individuality, my self development or learning! Thanks again for your comment Su 🙂

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more.!! Never been to one, hopefully never will go to one. I once dated a guy who couldn’t wait to go to his school reunion so he could brag about all of his accomplishments. ! Needless to say, that relationship didn’t work out because that’s not my take on life.

    I too would rather watch paint dry with or without a glass of wine 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it as always 🙂 oh dear; for me, that type of person seems almost as though they haven’t left the past behind, and aren’t secure in their future selves. I mean the act of attending is fine, but it’s what goes with that that I cannot abide! Well, I don’t blame you!
      Yeah, the wine option sounds good 🙂

  5. Disaster waiting to happen – that sounds like the place to be for me!

    But seriously. I have dallen out of contact with any of my old school buddies. As I might have mentioned (or not) in a previous post, I was neither particularly popular nor particularly unpopular in school, as I was socially awkward but physically strong, so not many would dare pick on me, and those who did dearly regretted that decision. But yeah, there aren’t many from my graduation class that I would be interested in meeting again, either.

    • Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it, as always 🙂
      Yeah, same here. I didn’t have a particularly awful school life, well there were good points; its just fair to say that if the majority of the idiots had stayed home, school would have been a better place for me. The reason being is because I did get bullied, by the boys, not the girls – can you believe it! Boys picking on girls, great! Also, there are people I had problems with after school, two in particular became my stalkers, and they were girls. So, all in all I’d prefer, like yourself, to not really associate with them now. The past is the past for me!

    • Thanks for your comment Green Embers, appreciate it as always 🙂
      Don’t blame you. I know some people have had good school reunions, but personally, attending mine would be a waste of my precious time! The people attending my school reunion aren’t worth crossing the road to see, let alone attending a fancy reception somewhere with! The whole idea makes me heave!

    • Hi there, many thanks for reading and posting your comment, I appreciate it.
      Yes, I suppose most people do enjoy their reunion. For me, its not something I think of fondly or could relish in attending. I know those who will be attending, and they haven’t changed their spots, so to speak. To be honest, I really don’t want or need to receive the respect of those I don’t respect to begin with. Its great you felt a sense of respect, and so you should as you no doubt whole heartily deserve it, but believe me, those at my school reunion are better off forgetting.
      Thanks very much again,

      • I loathed high school because I had a sense of myself which resisted conformity which led to some bullying and rejection. It hurt but it didn’t break me. I’d redesign high school from the foundations because it seems to be inefficient and ineffective in fostering aptitude and talent.

        • Yeah, I understand what you mean – it wasn’t all singing and dancing for me either. I do think what school represented for me, and still does for some kids, is a place where you will be overlooked, under-estimated and repressed. I really feel schooling can, if given the opportunity, create a long lasting negative impression on the psyche. It took me some time to leave behind the memories of school, but I did. I soon realised that those who were the idiots, were that way because they themselves had issues and inferiority complexes! I have moved on from my school days, but too many of them have remained an insecure bully, and that is a pity. Imagine living a life so stunted?!

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