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Things That Come To Test Us

Hay un problem!!!!

As though there is a time when there isn’t a problem!

But, why do problems always occur late at night, early in the morning, when you are alone and of course in a foreign country without a clue of what the Hell to do about it?!

So what is the problem exactly; bathroom and kitchen plumbing problems. No big problem I hear you all say! Well, I’d normally agree as such problems are not new territory for me, I’ve had these issues before, in the UK. Yet, I’ve never before experienced the hideous situation of discovering shit coming up, and out of plug the holes, and then that same shit filling up my bath and shower, in both my bathrooms!!!! NEVER!!!

What makes it worse, I’m the bottom apartment so the shit does literally stop here, and not my shit either may I add! Other bloody peoples shit, the whole buildings shit in fact, and this same shit is coming up through MY plug holes!!!

Great, superb, fantastic; just what I always wanted as a nice little surprise first thing in the morning.

4 bottles of bleach later and the problem still isn’t solved, oh, and I am on my own (did I mention that?); extra bonus shit for me!!

As I feel so annoyed by the situation I thought I’d share it with you all, because I’m generous that way. As I haven’t really posted on WP for what seems like an eternity, what better way to kick off my WP come back, but by talking about shit!

Anyway, to be serious this whole situation got me thinking. Since living in Spain I have realised that I can’t ever again take for granted the simple things in life, such as communication and knowing what’s what and who’s who. These things are priceless, and unless you can grasp them you are basically out of your depth in any non-English speaking country; and every time I have a problem, no-one speaks English!!! What d’ya know!!!

Today is one of those days whereby I really wish I was able to fully fend for myself, and not feel as though I am an alien on a foreign planet. I really lament for not properly understanding Spanish people speaking Spanish, fast, very fast!

Also, I was wondering if this whole thing is more of a life lesson; why does the shit always stop with me (literally and metaphorically)?! Is someone trying to tell me something?!

Shit for thought people, shit for thought 🙂

19 thoughts on “Things That Come To Test Us

  1. Now that is one helluva shitty story. You made me laugh and laugh although I felt a little guilty doing it with you in the shit and all, Shit happens – really hope you get fixed up. If I wasn’t in south Africa I’d have popped over and tried to help you out of the shit. 🙂

  2. “I’m tired of your shit, people!” is what you need to say to those people above you. Of course, this is incredibly unbearable. Obviously there’s something wrong with the whole plumbing system and someone professional should have a look at it. Don’t involve yourself too much in this “shit”, unless there isn’t anyone professional available, then you would have to indulge :’)
    God bless you and better luck in the future.

    • Oh dear, I’m sorry, did I ruin your enjoyment of your apple? I admit that reading about, well these sort of things can be a little off putting whilst eating! Thank you for your sympathies; its all sorted out now and normal function has been resumed, phew! Thanks for your comment, appreciate it 🙂

  3. I’m the bottom apartment so the shit does literally stop here, and not my shit either may I add!

    Oh damn, I needed that laugh! You poor thing. I would suggest just packing a small bag and fleeing 🙂

  4. Hi there! You ever watch The Wire? Every time I see the word shit, I imagine Clay Davis saying it (YouTube it if you haven’t seen it), cracks me up. Well It looks like despite how frustrating the situation is, you can still joke about it a little and that is a good thing. So keep up the attitude. (Oh my gosh, I know exactly what you mean by fast speaking. Don’t worry though if you keep at it one day it won’t sound so fast. I speak from experience (except for football matches on the radio… never heard such fast speaking in my life, lol).

    • Hi, how are you doing?? No, never seen it, I’ll have to take a look at that. Well, its almost too crazy to be serious, a little like a Fawlty Towers scene 🙂 I’m trying, but still nervous about speaking to strangers; I’m too tough on myself as I want to be word perfect all the time! However, if I think how far I’ve come in nearly 3 years, I ought to be proud of all I’ve learned. Thanks for your comment, appreciate it as always.

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