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Contraceptive Pill And Fertility Fears

Going on the contraceptive pill could damage a woman’s future fertility, at least temporarily, a new study at a Copenhagen University Hospital has revealed.

To say I am not surprised is an understatement. I made this link between the pill and decreases in fertility years ago, without having any scientific training!

For me it is pure logic; if a man takes Steroids on a long term basis, what happens to his natural hormone levels, to his ‘man-hood’? Well, we have all heard the horror stories of those body builders who end up having the testosterone levels of nine year old boys, shrivelled up bits and bobs and so on and so on.

So, why would taking the female hormone in its many contraceptive guises cause a different result for some women? Why wouldn’t the unnatural pill hormones mess up, decrease or eradicate the natural production of female hormones, the natural biology of a woman?  

I am not against the contraception pill by the way – I agree with it whole heartedly, but, it doesn’t get the medical spotlight I think it ought to. Women don’t necessarily know enough about the hormones they ingest daily to prevent pregnancy. 

As contraception pills and devices are seen as an everyday thing, safe and trialled and tested, a thing which has been in use in one format or another (legally) since the 1960’s, so common place they HAVE to be innocuous. Therefore the many health risks associated with contraceptive pills are not really talked about, not after the initial first chat about your contraceptive options with your medical practitioner. The risk to long term fertility once you stop taking the pill is NEVER mentioned.

The only factors regularly discussed at 6 month pill ‘check-ups’ are blood-pressure levels and of course your weight. Yet, other serious factors that can occur as a result of taking these pills from a young age, when your body hasn’t really fully developed into a woman, what happens when you ingest unnatural hormones that meddle with your bodies internal mechanisms, and precious endocrine system, are never mentioned.

As long as you are your perfect weight and your blood pressure is OK, then you get the pill!!! If you have a lapse Doctor they might not even check that, nor even if you smoke. If you smoke some pills can cause allergic reactions, this happened to a friend of mine and I told her to revisit her Doctor as she was on the wrong pill, for a smoker! Her Doctor hadn’t even thought to ask her this vital question before dishing out the pill to her!

I actually took the pill for a good few years. I also suffered from stomach complaints throughout the time of taking the pill, the connection between the two was never made of course. I had my Gall-bladder removed about 2 years after I stopped taking the pill, but it had been failing me for a good few years before this time. Anyway, I was asked recently about the side-effects for the pill I had been prescribed, but I couldn’t remember. So, I decided to do some research, and wouldn’t you know it Gall-bladder disease was one of the side-effects!!

I was NOT aware this side-effect, I had NEVER been made aware of it!! If I had been aware I would have been fully and properly informed, and able to take full control of what ‘medication’ I decided to ingest. I would have reconsider my options too, as the pill I had been placed upon was obviously not the right one for me. I had a family history of Gall-bladder disease, but I had never been asked about this by my Doctor.

I felt outraged that I had not been told this was a side-effect of the pill I had taken daily for years!!

So, what of fertility then? Well, if the Gall-bladder can be affected by the pill then surely anything can be!

What I want to know is why women’s bodies are treated as though they are not their own? Why are we treated like pieces of meat by so called medical professionals? Why is the full information not being disclosed to us? Why are women not being allowed to take control of their own medical care/choices? Is it just because the contraceptive pill is common place and seen as the norm in medical care, or is it because no-one cares what happens to a woman’s body, as she is just a woman?

Thinking about fertility I have asked my Doctor about my own hormones. I thought after years taking the pill I would be bound to have more dormant issues. I was told though, that my ‘complaints’ were normal. That getting some teenage troubles (like spots, severe period pains or whatever else) in my twenties or thirties could happen, especially if I hadn’t had these troubles when I was a teen! It was perfectly normal for hormones to alter, to do weird things to my body. I wanted to be offered a test though, to check, to put my mind at ease, but testing for hormones seems to be something they aren’t keen on doing, unless of course I wanted to get pregnant, then they would have to test me. I was as usual told to shut up and put up. 

So, I am non the wiser regarding my hormone levels or fertility (post contraceptive pill), just like most women out there.

Has my fertility been decreased or eradicated or whatever else? Have my hormone levels been damaged? Who knows. I will just have to take my chances and see what happens. As for now, I don’t wish to get pregnant, so until I do, my hormones will mean very little to the medical world!

Not so reassuring is it. 


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12 thoughts on “Contraceptive Pill And Fertility Fears

  1. I think it is good you bring this up. Many people usually aren’t made aware of even what all their prescription medications can entail as well. When I was worried about my mother there for a while, I had to secretly look at all her medication she was taking and look up what side-effects they could cause in her. I found that some of her medication together could be making certain behavior worse or even cause physical bodily problems.

    So I showed her my findings and made her aware. She deserved to know and I told her to stop taking what meds she should not, together, until she revisited her Doctor and said, “Hey! I’m on these meds, but I found out I’m not suppose to take this if -this- happens.”

    Jumping back to birth control, when I was taking it I found it -really- screwed with my sex-drive (I know, possible, TMI). Before I was back on the pill my drive was pretty decent and good, after I got back on birth control it was almost like I didn’t want to have anything to do with sex and I was with someone at the time I actually really loved and cared about.

    But something to keep in mind is that I’m not considered the American “Normal” average height or weight, so that might be one factor as to why Birth-control effected me differently too. Now they are talking about Birth-control for men in a pill form and while that might sound all fine and good, things like this make me -worried- even for the opposite gender. 😦 I did eventually stop taking Birth-control and haven’t had a need to since thankfully.

    None of us deserve to be treated like “Cannon Fodder” or “Meat” but I think that doesn’t matter to the folks approving this crap and to the folks not really trying to keep us in the loop or informed. Perhaps anytime any of us gets meds of any kind we should just start researching what the other possible “side-effects” could be in order to arm ourselves the next time we are at the Doctor’s or otherwise. *shrugs* Just a thought.

    • Thanks, happy you found it useful and informative. Appreciate your comment and the fact you shared your own personal experiences regarding this matter.

      Yep, info on any medication is extremely important, but too often overlooked, especially on those meds many people take regularly, and have taken for years.

      I always read the leaflets with any medication now, and if I’m not happy with the side effects I won’t take them. Also research is a good thing, as often side effects aren’t all listed.

      I think often any pill is used a s a quick fix and money saving device to prevent people opting for tests, surgery or whatever else. I think often this removes people’s personal choice, or their chance to be in control of their own health, which they should be. A body is often seen as just a piece of meat, well, I feel this is the truth in some cases anyhow. Some medical professionals don’t view people as human, just medical subjects! I suppose when someone is in authority over life or health like a Dr is, they might become a little odd!

      Thanks again for your comment, appreciate it as always 🙂

  2. The Gall bladder incident sounds rather severe, which means medical professionals should be on the lookout for something like that. Many doctors, however, need to find the thin line between hypochondric behavior and real health issues, and many laboratory tests are fairly expensive. Of course, some (many?) doctors don’t look very closely in the first place, as your smoking friend’s ordeal has again demonstrated. I don’t believe this is an estrogen-specific problem, though the side-effects of the pill seem subtler than those of anabolic steroids.

    • Yep, but most Doctors are interested. I blame the fact they have too many patients to see a day, and the fact most Doctors rotate/change so often in the local practice surgeries. Consequently, Doctors no longer know their patients and don’t have time to get to know them, or their family history.
      I agree, however if you request a specific test for a specific reason you should be given one. Doctors are quick enough to insist on patients being tested for diabetes, cholesterol and so on. These tests are something that a person might not really ever need, but they make money from putting people through these tests (Doctors in the UK do anyway). So, why not allow a test for something specific – and more relevant to a patients needs??? After all it is our health, our bodies, we have the right to be informed and be in charge of our own health. Preventative medicine is surely less expensive than dealing with the consequences of missing a nasty disease for years.
      True, the side effects of the pill won’t make the sexual organs shrivel, like steroids can for a man, but it ages (prematurely) the reproductive system. It therefore could have casual effects perhaps like an early menopause (in severe cases), or not being able to have child (pretty severe for some women). Granted there might not be as many woman effect by pill hormones, as the equivalent men who take steroids; yet, the study is new and only now bringing the evidence to light – so who knows how many women have been effected during the years.
      I think it is quite a scary thought!

    • Thanks, I am happy my post helped to provide you with some useful info. I didn’t know for certain, but had an inkling, although my Doctor wouldn’t confirm it (the news did)!! Thanks for commenting, Bex

      • Of course. I was kinda stunned because I can’t recall any doctor including mine talking about anything else beyond smoking, blood pressure, and weight gain. Well maybe strokes. But none of the concerns you posted. Great informative piece.!

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