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Life’s Little Vultures

There are people out there who seem to thrive on wishing harm upon and doing harm to others. These people go out of their way to injure others, just because it lightens up their otherwise dull non-existence. 

I call these people life’s little vultures (little being the operative word; small things please small minds). 

Vultures seem to only ever want the worst for you, and for no other reason other than the fact you are you. They may hide behind their friendly smiles and an avid interest in you and your life, but in reality these people are your enemies; predators posing as house pets.

These people come in all shapes and sizes, or designations. Some are family members, friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, and heaven forbid, your partner. 

Now, some might say these people are social psychopaths, but I disagree, and that makes their behaviour even more unforgivable.

They know full well what they are doing is wrong. They choose to act as they do, it is not merely their nature or nurture to blame. They know they are hurting others, but they enjoy hurting others just to see the effect and outcome their hate filled spite, and insidious jealousy will have. Yet, if the shoe was on their foot, they wouldn’t like it at all.

There is often no rhyme or reason for why they choose their victims, but as I have mentioned in various other posts, 99.9% of the time it is because they are jealous. Jealousy is the biggest compliment anyone can pay you (I’ve written about this before too), but it can also do significant damage.

The damage, is what these vultures want, like hungry wolves baying for blood.

I have experienced such people throughout my life, as I am sure you all have too. As I have grown older though, I have very little time for such fake and phony vultures, and usually can spot them a mile off. There is something about these type of people that just always remains visible. Regardless of how well they wear their friendly disguise, their mask does slip, if you know what to look for.

I have worked with, met and been friends with many, many people from all over the world. In that, perhaps I have more people experience than some, and this experience has taught me to watch myself, and keep my guard up whenever I meet someone new. Luckily, there are more nice people in the world, well, in my world (thankfully), than baddies. But, whenever I do encounter one of these baddies, one of these vultures, they are usually akin to The Wicked Witch of the East (that is the men and the women)! They are real deal nasty pieces of work, but nevertheless, something about their aura, essence, body language and eyes betrays them every time.

My most recent encounter with a vulture came in the guise of a young woman from the UK. We met via a meet-up group. Immediately I sensed she didn’t like me, which was inexplicable as we hadn’t even got passed the ‘hello, I’m…’ stage, but I knew. Her vibe was off.

Of course I ignored it, as after all it was a meet-up group, and I didn’t necessarily need to be bosom buddies with any one I met through such a group. So, the weeks progressed and I attended more of the same meet-ups this young woman was also at, and by the by she let her mask slip ever more. Unfortunately, I was her target, that was certainly made clear!

However, I didn’t lament as I am big enough, and bad enough to handle any would be vultures. I quickly and eloquently redirected her sharp little digs and of course, remained as pleasant as ever killing her with kindness. This really flummoxed her. I suppose she thought I’d be offended, crumble or avoid her, but, no, I continued to enjoy the meet-up groups, get along with everyone present, be involved with conversations and of course, enjoy laughing with others.

So, what was her problem?


Well, she wasn’t comfortable socially. She had claimed to be X and Y, and to have travelled and so on and so on, but this was all a lie. A lie I had caught her out on, on more than one occasion (not on purpose, may I add). Her obvious awkward actions and behaviour just gave her away as a fraud, none of what she said added up. She was not what she claimed to be. She lied to fit in, but I didn’t buy her lies.

Now I’m the sort of person who couldn’t care a less whether you are The Queen of Sheba or haven’t got a pot to pee in, so long as you are a nice person and don’t try to harm me or mine, but this young woman thought she could do just that. She was wrong; you bite me, and I bite back!!

Did she get the message?

Loud and clear! She now avoids me. Whenever I see her she ensures she sits as far away from me as possible, oh, such a shame! She keeps her head lowered and her voice also. Don’t get me wrong, we are polite enough to one another, ‘Hello, how are you?’ but that is as far as it goes. And that for me, is far enough!

Is there a moral to the tale?

Yes, don’t let any vulture fly about and peck at your head, clip its wings with a rather large and sharp pair of scissors! It works a treat every time!    





12 thoughts on “Life’s Little Vultures

  1. Frienemies. There is nothing worse than a shallow, passive-aggressive ‘friend’ who LOVES it when you fall on hard times.

    These people are bad enough in ‘normal’ life but for anyone suffering with a brain disease that promotes DEADLY internal negative self-talk – they’re like kryptonite.

    Glad you got rid of one of yours!

    All the best,

    • Thanks for reading my post, and taking the time to leave me a comment; I truly appreciate it!
      I couldn’t agree more with you; frienemies are certainly kryptonite.
      I am not diagnosed with any disease or disorder, but I know I have had to/do have my fair share of difficulties with such false friends. I often wonder whether they can hone into those they deem to be more sensitive to their nastiness?
      Anyway, I do empathise with the hurt and damage these people can cause. Now, I do all I can to nip their hate in the bud though.
      I see my life/me as being too precious to allow them one inch of intrusion; why waste time dwelling on their empty headed nonsense (that is what they want).
      Thanks again, appreciate it, Bex

  2. Yes, well, I do consider people like that sociopaths. Compulsive lying and vying for attention are hallmarks of them. Thing is, if she doesn’t leave the group on her own, for lack of impressionable people to turn into lackies, she will split the group in two or drive you out by manipulation of whatever dimwits they can pull on their side.

    • I understand exactly what you mean, yikes, and I have encountered the people your comment pertains to. For me they are THE MOST dangerous individuals who should be avoided and shunned. No, it wouldn’t get to that stage with the young woman that inspired my post. She is not so arrogant as not to realise she has done something wrong (fortunately), and she avoids me as a consequence (which is great)! For her its not really her psychopathy, but her jealousy as a cause of her naive and pathetic actions (she is a little bit too dim to be a psycho)!! Thanks for your comment!!! 🙂

      • They really do. It’s awful and infuriating, but you certainly have the right attitude about it. Life goes on and the unhappiness of others doesn’t need to get under my skin.

        • Yep, you cannot let them beat you down, that would be their ultimate reward or triumph. It is difficult, especially if you have no choice but to be around them, a lot. If you can avoid them, or cut them short, then that is always best, but the more persistent of them, it is best (for yourself) to deal with them directly. Having someone so devious trying to claw their way into your life is dangerous.

          • I have certainly learned that recently. I tend to be rather passive aggressive with people I’m around frequently. Though I try to keep the peace, avoiding issues isn’t the way to do anything. Whether or not an agreement is made, getting weight off of your chest is a wonderful feeling.

          • Oh dear, I hope you can resolve this, it does become something that seems to fester if it isn’t resolved. I think the best feeling is getting stuff off your chest, it will clear the air and your head. If you can, then tell them how you feel, if it would be wasted on them, ignore and avoid them (as much as possible). Hope you can resolve it all soon, it is a nasty situation to be in, I empathise.

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