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Enquiring Minds

I have some questions I want the answers to, in fact, I am demanding the answers to them!!!!

I am standing up and shouting; GIVE US THE ANSWERS!!!!!!

Some might suggest that answers won’t make any of us happier; well funnily enough I disagree! I want answers because I like reasons for things. I don’t wish to merely accept anything, not without a reason.

Surely we all deserve the answers to the questions that plague us about our lives? I mean, who are we if not the ones in charge of our lives, right?? Or, you would think we are the ones in charge in any case wouldn’t you?

So, all I want is to be enlightened, PLEASE, enlighten me!!

I am left wondering, have any of you out there ever asked why is it we just have to accept things in life? 

Might sound a tad on the depressing side, but sometimes it seems life is not on our side. Why? We don’t always know! AND we should!

So, I ask, and no doubt naively;

Why should we always have to smile in the face of adversity?

Why is it we are told things happen for a reason?

Why can’t we call the shots in our own lives?

Why is it that things are out of our hands?

Why are we at the mercy of others?

Why must it be a rough ride?

Why doesn’t happiness last?

Why must we keep hoping?

Why do black clouds follow all the time?

Why do we end up with the poop end of the stick?

Why must everything turn sour?

We are told we have to fight, to keep smiling, to keep our heads held up high, but what happens when you run out of strength? Fighting sucks, especially when all you want to do is just live a peaceful life!!

So, what are the answers?? Are there any??? Can any answers actually help us???


I wonder; if we can’t have the answers we need then where do our dreams, hopes and plans go to? What happens to them in the end? Do they merely dissolve? Is that something else we all have to just accept?!  

Perhaps, none of us have the skills we need to really bring anything in our life to its full realised potential, to fruition. Are we all destined to be blind fools veering from one misery to another?? Is that our fate???

I want answers.

I for one don’t feel OK with just living and not knowing WHY! When things happen, why do they happen and why can’t we know why? Where is it written that we should just lie back and accept and smile and pretend everything is going to be OK?

Has any one out there got any answers??

Enquiring minds want to know!! 

32 thoughts on “Enquiring Minds

  1. I don’t want all the answers, just an assurance, a sign, a hope, or a promise that my heart will not be completely destroyed.
    Even though, in my heart I know, I want to know.
    All the answers? No. Just a few, please.

    • Thanks for dropping by my blog, and for taking the time to leave me a comment; I appreciate it!
      I want all the answers to my questions because, similar to you, I might know the answers to some, but I need to know why this situation has now arisen. I need the answers because hoping, looking for signs and so on just isn’t enough any-more!
      Hoping your situation improves soon.
      Thanks again for commenting, truly appreciate it, and of course drop by soon.

          • That would just be too easy, if they were straight forward. I dislike the “game” of dating. I’m so very bad at it too, I tend to put my foot in my mouth a lot. But I do mean what I say. That’s a bonus. 😉
            Doing ok is good!

          • Yeah, I think there is plenty of what could be classed as a game surrounding dating now. It is good you say what you mean though, you have to be true to you. I am uncertain why there is a game attached to dating. It ought to be straight forward; you like someone, great, they like you, great, then go out and have fun, great, you both get to know one another, great, and then see where it takes you. I just think everything has complications attached now, just to make people miserable and life that bit harder.
            Good luck to you, and I’m certain you’ll get through the dating trials and tribulations.

          • Unfortunately, the road has turned bumpy. Guy asked for time to think, so he has his time, and space but I am not waiting. I’m not looking, I’m not moving on, I’m just living my life. I’m not going to lie, I’m not in my happy place. I feel so confused, but I can do it. I have no other option. 😢

          • Oh no, that sucks, its terrible. I wish you well and hope that you keep yourself, and mind strong and positive. You can do it, remember that, you can!! All the best, and keep strong. Hugs to you.

          • I imagine you would be confused, but try to concentrate on you now. You can, and you will be OK and get on just fine. Thank you, that is very kind and sweet of you; same to you also. Hugs to you 🙂

  2. I don’t claim to have all the answers. And the answers I do have may be untrue or/and unsatisfactory. Trial and error, as you know. I say it is moronic to smile in the face of adversity. Why should adversity run from a smile, when smiling is an invitation to stay? Scream, curse, yell and shout! Hizt it with all you’ve got! Maybe, you can push it far enough away to get some room for respite. Then you can smile, because it’s not all just rain. It’ll come back soon enough, so enjoy the sun while you can. And by whatever is holy to you, don’t take the crap that everything happens for a reason. Everything has a cause, but that is not synonymous with reason. That’s like saying physics is the expression of some deities will. The only thing with reason is what anyone does on purpose, so if something bad happens to you, it is simply bad luck or malicious intent. If you find it is malice that caused your adversity, show the world how you deal with people who cross you. The world will recognize you, and possibly, less people will want to cross you. Bad luck you will have to accept as a fact, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have contingencies in place. They won’t eliminate bad luck, but minimize its effects.

    From: Sith Code, Darth Revan’s comments

    • Thanks for your comment on this, I was interested to have your perspective on it. I must admit, I try to not take much crap from people, it therefore infuriates me when I can’t speak my piece to those who need to hear it, as they are the ones vexing me!! I hate it when I feel things are out of my hands, so to speak and nothing I can do will alter that. I think that smiling when we have our time in the sun is all we can do, as that time is limited; it soon rains, and when it does it often pours. I hate the feeling of being powerless though during these rainy times, as though I am a football someone is kicking about for the fun of it! I know all things can’t be controlled all the time, if ever, but even when you try to consider all angles, often it isn’t enough to save yourself from some fall or another.
      Thanks again, and hopefully I have all my contingencies in place, but at the moment I can only hope that, as I don’t know it for sure!

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I find myself facing these questions often, in almost every avenue of life. In your above comment at 2:59, you bring up another good point: No matter how many questions we ask, we tend to up back at square one.
    Personally, I look to various sources to try and find answers, but in the darkest point of the night, the answer is always the same. The meaning of the struggle and the meaning of the challenge continues to stump me. Things get hard and frustrating and out of our control, but society forces us to keep a smile painted on our faces. Why?! Emotions bring judgement and lack of emotion does the same.
    I guess in this rambling comment, all I mean to say is that I agree with you and wish the best for us all. Life is a fickle thing and the struggle is half the fun, I suppose. One thing I have learned so far is to just keep your inner spirit free and at peace. After that, everything will fall in line as it will.

    • Thanks for your considerate and eloquent comment. I couldn’t have said it better myself! Spot on and agree with what you have written. I am trying to keep my inner self in line, but I have wavered as I wonder if I have the stomach for more upheaval, or challenges. Life definitely is fickle mco9com! Thanks again for your comment, I truly appreciate it. Bex

  4. Damn right! Let me know when you find the answers. 😉
    On a serious note… your right. Much is expected of us… too much and why? for what? So others can have it easer?

  5. I think a lot of these are different for everyone. I do agree that the buck up quotes are annoying. Smile in the face of adversity, hah! I see your smile and raise you two scowls! 😉

    • Thanks Green Embers, appreciate that. Yep, that annoys me too. I suppose that is true. I am just throwing out some questions, I have to, as for the moment these questions are very pertinent. I just wondered if anyone else felt as I do about it all! I need to know I’m not alone in feeling this confusing and uncertainty!!!

  6. I’m going to sound a bit Zen here, but isn’t asking the question enough? Answers are important when they come to you, but often times force you to define yourself more narrowly. Which may or may not be a good thing depending on where you are in life.

    That being said, I get your drift here. It’s frustrating and disheartening to live life without the information that you need to make sound decisions. It sucks, I know.

    • Thanks Ally, but you know what, I am not really that sure any more! I have asked my fair share of questions during my life, and still find myself returning to the same old ones I have always asked! I wouldn’t mind a narrow definition, not if it meant I would have some clarity on how to now proceed. I am fed up with groping around in the dark. Yep, that is it exactly – without answers where next to turn?? Its quite impossible and actually unfair.

  7. I’m one of those ‘rebels’ who seldom goes along with the program. Since age 7 I have stirred the proverbial bees nest by asking too many questions. In my humble opinion, most do not question enough!

    • I agree, but where does all the questioning get us?? I often feel as though I question, but end up back at square one!!! I just want to know why it is that we try to get on with life, we then seemed to get slapped the most and hardest!

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