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How Can We Teach British Values In School If We Are Afraid To Assert Them Ourselves?

Thanking Semi-Partisan Sam for this eloquent post, which I feel is highly relevant at the moment. What are British Values? It seems British people are uncertain, well, I for one know what my values are as a Welsh/British person! I would prefer to ask though, why are people so ashamed to be British? Why is embracing the history, culture and modernity of Britain seen as a joke or a racist thing to do? From what I can see most people view Britain as the place to be. Living in Madrid, I actually see more British flags adorning everything from phone cases to handbags than I do when I’m back in Britain! Britain has its issues, that is true, but then so too does every other country. For me, if you live in a country, you should have some pride for it, otherwise why live there!

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Just what are British Values?

Well, apparently the concept is sufficiently fuzzy in the minds of some people that we all now need to take time to argue amongst ourselves and reach a common consensus while one of the biggest and most worrying educational scandals in recent years plays out unobserved.

In response to the ongoing scandal of Birmingham schools being compromised by activist governors to deliver covert Islamic religious teaching, the Education Secretary, Michael Gove, made the slightly awkward if well-meant assertion that in future, all primary and secondary schools will be required to “promote British values”.

The Guardian reports:

Michael Gove, the education secretary, has seized on a finding byOfsted that a “culture of fear and intimidation” existed in someBirmingham schools by announcing that the government will require all 20,000 primary and secondary schools to “promote British values”.

These values will include the primacy of British civil and criminal law, religious tolerance…

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2 thoughts on “How Can We Teach British Values In School If We Are Afraid To Assert Them Ourselves?

  1. I’d imagine British values, very much like German values, focus on industriousness, fairness, politeness, honesty and education, which is why Germans and British get along so well in the modern world. The cultural aspects and methods differ somewhat, but in essence they are worth promoting, and not in any way chauvinistic.

    • I’d agree with that 🙂 I actually have a few German friends here in Madrid, and have come to realise just how similar our values actually are! I think, well for me in any case, that living in Germany would be far easier than living in Spain!

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