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Council Tax! Wheres Your Money Going?

I want to thank Robin Hood Revival for posting this, and asking the question that I feel needs to be raised before the next General Election. It is a frustrating fact that Council Tax only ever increases, and have often wondered whether it would be fairer to only pay for the services we actually access. In my experience, the services my Council Tax support are substandard; the North Wales Police-force being one of them. What is especially annoying to me is that I continue to pay Council Tax for a house I no longer live in, in a country I no longer work for!!! I can’t receive a rebate, well, six months and that is it! Even though the house is now a rental property, as it is a void period in the tenancy, I still pay it! I am exempt from claiming benefits in the UK, accessing National Health provision, but still I have to pay my council tax!!! The UK is a country that grabs its law abiding citizens around the throat and squeezes very hard, unfortunately I am not savvy with how I can bend the rules and get something for nothing, if I could, I would no doubt thrive. Seems to me the more honest you are as a citizen in the UK, the more you are penalised, and of course, pick up the ‘tab’ for everyone else who doesn’t pay a penny into the pot! It infuriates me.

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