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The Final Count Down

“I think I’ll have to do more painting” I sighed as I stared around the four walls of the dinning room, “great, I can’t wait”.

Admitting there was still more work to complete, when I’m already working to a tight schedule, wasn’t what I needed.

Painting and decorating can be soul destroying, especially because every time I return to the UK I am faced with a million and one D.I.Y chores to complete.

Luckily, I’m quite a dab hand with a paint brush. I’m not sure if that’s because I have inherited my Dad’s genetics or if it’s due to the fact I’m arty and crafty in general. Anyway, this skill has helped me enormously over the last eight years.

As my house is over a hundred years old, there is always something to do, so by now you’d have thought I’d be used to it! Usually, I can get the work completed without a fuss. I take pride in doing a good job and there is something satisfying about seeing the end results, usually. Yet, now I have to admit that I am beginning to run out if steam.

Possibly this is because I’m on a final count down. Soon, my home of eight years will become a rental property.

Turning what has been my home, into a rental property for someone else to live in, seems strange and I have mixed feelings about it. I know why, because I am really quite emotionally attached to my house! Some of you might think that is strange, but that’s how I feel.

I know that the house needs someone to live in it, as I’m living in Madrid. And hopefully the tenants will care for it and look after it, and of course receiving a rental income will be a relief and add extra money to the pot. Yet, knowing there will be strangers living here, makes me uneasy.

So, as I complete my D.I.Y chores, for the benefit of someone else to enjoy, I see the house becoming ever more ready to become a rental property. I can’t help thinking though, that what has been a significant chapter in my life is now coming to a close.

Next time I return to the UK I will be staying with family. Also, I won’t need to complete any D.I.Y chores in what was my home, because it won’t be my home anymore, it’ll be some strangers home and responsibility.




6 thoughts on “The Final Count Down

  1. Leaving a place where you’ve once considered home is really sad. I don’t know, but I always have this sentimental feeling towards the places that I’ve lived in the past. Even now, I’ve been living in this apartment for 5 years now, and I can’t imagine myself moving out of it for any reason.

    • Yes, that’s it. I know I am in Madrid as a rule, but I really like my house in the UK, it’s got such a good feeling to it. The only thing that I won’t miss is the street my house is on, I don’t really like the area or the neighbours!

  2. I’ve lived in an old house for nearly 20 years. I know what kind of work it is, even if 4 people are doing it. There’s some kind of project every year. Last year, it was the southeastern outer wall. Removing the old plaster from the late 70’s, fixing the wall, painting it. Took 3 weeks.

    • Yeah then you understand 🙂 it’s defiantly a never ending chore and responsibility! Yet, I often don’t mind the work, it’s just factoring the time in to get it done, now that’s where the headache really begins!

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