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Happy Saint David’s Day

To my fellow Welsh people out there, and surely there has to be a few of you lurking about WordPress;

Happy Saint David’s Day!!!!

Hapus Dydd Dewi Sant!!!!


6 thoughts on “Happy Saint David’s Day

  1. I’d forgotten all about St. David’s Day. Thanks for the reminder. I can’t speak or read the language, but I know that my ancestors came from there. Plus Dr. Who is produced by BBC Wales, so you know it’s gotta be a great country!

    • Don’t worry, usually everyone rallies to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, it always steals St David’s Day’s thunder!!!
      That is cool, I know many people with a Welsh heritage. I am actually Irish and Welsh, so Celtic through and through!!! Yes, it is a great place full of culture, history, myths and legends and of course a cool flag and language!! Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it!!!! bex

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