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The Bored Blogger

I have been absent from WordPress for a little while, and for good reasons, may I add.

I am thoroughly bored!!!!!!!

Blogging has begun to feel as though it serves as no use or ornament in my life; in short, it serves NO purpose for me any more.

I guess I am frustrated. I’m not sure whether my frustrations lie with the confines of WordPress or the fact I have little enthusiasm for the topics being written about. Who can tell!


I think I have realised that the more followers I have, the less connected I feel. I assumed followers/following would guarantee interaction, because there would be more people to ‘converse’ with, but I fear I have been wrong in that assumption.

The amount of times I have left comments on blogs, and so on and so forth, and received nothing in return is disheartening. Realising that the comments I take time to contribute mean so little to the person who is blogging just like I am, is harsh! I mean really, why blog if you don’t wish to even acknowledge your readers!


It seems everyone is so wrapped up with self promotion, selling something, writing, gaining followers and following blogs (they never visit). Hardly anyone seems to make the effort to really connect, to engage, to really enjoy what is being written any more. This for me is truly sad.

I know there are bloggers out there who do engage, respond and connect – I am lucky that those of you who DO read The Savvy Senorita are such bloggers, and have given my writing great support (which I thank you all for)! I hope that I have done the same for you all too (or maybe you think not)?

Anyway, its just that when I first begun blogging at WordPress, I felt there was more of a sense of real community. I spoke to fellow bloggers regularly, we interacted via trading thought provoking comments and there were so many different topics out there to debate. Now it seems to me that these ‘old school’ bloggers have become out-numbered by more disinterested and aloof types. Consequently, I feel the words have run dry.


I can’t help but wonder, why in the Hell do I blog???!!! AND no, I’m not expecting anyone to run the defence of my writing skills, or wise crack over my lack of skills, I am just asking; what is the point in blogging to an absent audience?????

I know I’m not the only blogger feeling disillusioned, deflated, disheartened and fed-up. Other bloggers have confessed to me that they are having similar feelings regarding their own blogs and efforts. Maybe these people choose not to make their feelings public, because they are afraid to broach this subject as they wish to avoid remonstrations, well, I’m not one for holding my tongue!

I know I want to see more of the bloggers who want to write and read and comment and respond and engage. All of that interaction IS blogging; sitting on the side-lines playing a ‘how many likes can I get in an hour’ while ignoring my readers ISN’T blogging!

It makes me question; has blogging become nothing more than a popularity contest gone wrong?????????????


Anyway, regardless of the fact I feel most of this blogging malarkey has become pretty vacuous and glib (sorry, but it is how I feel), I do really want to hold out a hope that WordPress will change. I hope it will revert to how I felt it was when I first begun this pointless blog of mine – interesting and connected; a place where bloggers want to be involved with other peoples writing and their readership.

So, if you too are feeling the frustrations let me know!!

If you don’t understand where in the Hell I’m coming from, well, lucky you!

If you think I’m being a malicious mare, just double check the meaning before you make any accusations!!





34 thoughts on “The Bored Blogger

  1. I’m a writer by day and a blogger by night…so I get your sentiments on many levels. For me? I blog because I feel like I have something to set free. Perhaps it also provides enlightenment, guidance, laughter or introspection for a reader as well. I don’t mind lurkers; I appreciate engaged readers. But I admit that I often don’t have time myself to engage back in conversation with those that comment. Between my profession, and the breadth of social media I’m also expected to converse through…sometimes I have nothing left to say.

    I say all this because I appreciate your words, I follow your words, and I hope you keep writing!

    • I do agree with you. I know some people feel they don’t have something to ‘say’ about everything posted, so they don’t necessarily engage. There are definitely time constraints for people, as social networks, blogging and life in general can be all consuming; that is partly why I am not on WP all the time too. I wonder how some bloggers manage to find the time to update their blogs as often, I sometimes feel a little guilty that I don’t!
      Thanks Sarah, that is very kind of you and means a lot to me. I appreciate another blogger showing such support of what I write, it is a great boost! I will keep writing, I have some ideas for posts already running through my mind!
      Thanks once again, Bex

  2. I always thank people for their comments, but I am sure others don’t. I think maybe you just need a little detox. I get that way with other forms of social media. I do agree many of us are here to push our “brands” but many of us like the connections! I think the bigger the following, the less you may feel connected…or the more interesting comments you may find. I guess it depends.

    • Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. Yeah, that is why I don’t visit WP everyday, as I think it would drive me crazy!! Yeah, many don’t though – I think there is nothing wrong with self promoting as long as the readership/followers and support online are also remembered/included. Without readers no one could self promote (I think some blogs forget this)!!
      Thanks again, Bex

  3. Where do I begin? Well, I want to start by saying I’m sorry you feel this way and I can understand why you feel this. I have felt this at times, but know that blogging can sometimes can go in phases. Sometimes, I know I need to mix it up a bit, for myself and for my readers. Typically, I feel overwhelmed by the amount of blogs I could be reading, and I try to read a bit of everyone who stops by. That can be so overwhelming. That’s my main feeling most of the time. If you are bored, maybe you need to find some new people to follow and engage with. I would start there. Taking a break is not a bad thing either. You can do other things that inspire you, to write about and to share. But I get it when you say that more followers doesn’t necessarily mean more engaged readers. I’d rather have less followers and more engaged readers! What’s the point of numbers, if you don’t get to know these people, and then you have to ask just how many people can you know and follow. Keep writing! Do it for you most of all!

    • Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. I do agree with your points. I have attempted to mix up, what I write about, and that has worked to some degree, as I feel less confined in the topics I cover. When I write, and what I write about, I gain enjoyment from it too. I know it can be a phase, so I don’t dwell on the fact how I feel will last forever; I’m sure I will keep on writing (thanks for your encouragement on this)! I have engaged with new blogs/bloggers too, and this has proved to be a good thing; I think I need to do this again though to expand my network once more.
      Thanks again for your comment and for your words of advice/support! Bex

  4. One of the reasons why I follow you is because you don’t hold back. I feel there has been a terrible influx of vanity in WordPress, too. Not saying that I am not vain, but I mean the vanity of the task. I also feel like the goth kid whose retreat is being overrun by vamps. Everyone who isn’t goth, including the vamps, thinks we’re the same, but the vamps are just phoneys, just in it for the fashion.

    • Thanks for your reply on this topic, I appreciate it!!! Haha, no I don’t hold back, that is for sure!!! Agreed, there is that vanity and superiority (dare I say). I get your analogy completely; I don’t have time for the ‘life-stylers’ as I prefer the real deal!!!!

  5. I totally understand what you are saying. It is one of the reasons I stopped posting. I started my blog because I like to interact and talk about things I have learned or just stuff I would like to talk about. I have 4 younger sisters I try to interact with but they don’t get it. I could care less about followers who “like” a post. Leave a comment, talk to me. I purged people I follow and will do it again soon. I stopped my facebook account for a while also. I want some conversation, not just a lol… or a like. I was thinking that there has to be someplace to go to find others who will converse about a subject. Anyway, I hear you!! Unlike Roger who thinks we want attention, we want more than that. Thanks for the post!

    • Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it! Yes, I have been feeling the same exact feelings – wondering what is the point??? Yes, I enjoy comments and commenting (only if I feel I have something to say though)! I too have no personal FB account, it was all just superficial nonsense and a complete waste of head-space. I am seeing FB and WP becoming ever more similar though, especially when more and more bloggers seem to avoid any real interaction in favour of just hunting ‘likes’.
      Thanks again, Bex

      • After commenting last night I went in and purged a lot of blogs I follow and also commented on those I really enjoy. Most of those commented back. Facebook is mostly family and I do enjoy the photos they throw up and some of the comments. I am the oldest of 8 and we all like to talk, just some only do it publicly, I enjoy some deep and intimate conversations. I think I scare them. Thanks for the response.

        • Yeah, doing that from time to time can be a good thing. FB for me was just getting too much, and I haven’t missed being on it at all! Most people seem to be frightened by deep conversations, which is a shame.
          No problem, I enjoy the interaction!!!! Thanks for commenting 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it! Thanks for that, that is very kind of you! I just let my wandering thoughts dictate the topics my blog covers, which can also be a great form of therapy!! Thanks again, Bex

        • Thanks John, but think I’ll give those a miss!!!! I don’t need to be any more angry than I already am!!!! I’m a bit confused over these blogs though;
          A) wasn’t aware men needed to exert their rights, BUT
          B) in saying that, I suppose each to their own (live and let live).
          See, I’m trying to be as fair as I can be 🙂

          • I know, I do agree, but how can anyone argue with such dumb blinkered fools? I have read some of their stuff and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, it was humorous, crazy and offensive. Such things make me incensed, hence why I have to avoid it for my own sanity!! I think that there might be a future post in the making though, as I feel my blood beginning to boil so its a good excuse to vent through writing 🙂

  6. I immediately stop following bloggers who don’t respond to my comments. My time is so precious, to continue to support those who have no concept of manners is beyond my ability. They do not have to agree with me, but a simple “thank you for the comment<" is enough. Good post.

  7. You make a valid point. In my experience though, if I am looking for others to feed my passion I will most likely starve. Keep writing if for no one else but yourself.

    • Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.
      Yes, I understand that and I will keep plodding on, as I love writing. At the moment I have lost a little bit of the desire to write on WP though. WP for me was always about the interaction between bloggers, that’s why I enjoyed having a blog, but often that dimension of the blogging experience is missing, which is sad.
      Thanks again, Bex

  8. I know how you feel. I spent decades becoming literate and knowledgeable in my subject, which is a marginal type of sociology. In the last 30 days I posted every day about a book called Escape From Evil by Ernest Becker. I got a few looks and a handful of comments. I shouldn’t really expect a lot, however, because my topic is a little esoteric, but what’s the point of trying to make my posts easier to read. I think that would be defeating the purpose. In any case, I think we blog for the attention, that’s why people write books too. If we don’t get the attention we get disappointed. But I think poormansurvival is right up to a point. What does that say about our entire culture and the waste of human intellect it encourages?

    • Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. Yes, I can understand how that would be frustrating; people do miss the opportunity to learn something new. It seems people don’t want to deal with convoluted topics though. For me, I feel the lack of interaction is a sign of people’s desire for the superfluous, and not receiving feedback/comments diminishes the blogging experience. I write on a blogging platform for the very reason that it offers the opportunity to gain social interaction (intelligent). I enjoy the ‘conversation’ that is derived from the topics being covered by the author. For me, this is what makes blogging unique and interesting. I suppose it is almost like having your words reflected back to you from another’s perspective. Is it attention, well maybe, but for me, I just enjoy comments and commenting (interaction about something interesting). Thanks again, Bex

  9. I am so sorry that you got so frustrated about this. Blogging should be fun! I understand what you mean though, I have almost 600 followers now, but I always communicate with just a few of them. Not because I don’t want to read or communicate with the others, but because of what you say: you leave comments and read posts but just don’t get a answer. I decided that I could better spend my time on those who really want to read what I write and like it when I visit their blogs. This way, blogging stays fun for me because I know for who I’m blogging!
    I hope you can somehow regain your fun in blogging, because I do like your blog, although I am mostly a silent reader, I only talk when I have to say something lol! 😉
    But I will always answer!
    Lots of love

    • Thanks for your response on this topic, I appreciate it 🙂
      Yes, blogging should be fun, but at the moment I feel a little disconnected from it. It is a comfort to know that you have experienced some of the same things as I have on WP, as bloggers tend not to really discuss these ‘issues’. I appreciate you sharing how you feel. I do agree, and I also seem to mainly interact with a small few. I have tried to expand my connections, like you, but it doesn’t work and that frustrates me too!!! I don’t understand why people blog if they don’t want interaction!!!
      Awww, thank you for that, that is kind – don’t worry, I am the same, I only comment if I feel I have something to say, and of course I will always reply!!
      Lots of love to you also, Bex

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