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Where’s Autumn?!

Dear Autumn,

RE: Where Are You This Year?

I write to you with a grave concern I felt compelled to express. I am consumed with sorrow, because of your absence.

May I enquire, why have you decided not to visit Madrid this year? What have we, the people of the city, done to offend you?!

It is the MOST horrible thing about living in Madrid, the fact I rarely have the opportunity to enjoy your company.

There has been this year, as last, a distinct lack in seasonal change, which is once again intolerable. In fact the only season that seems to last the duration here is summertime. Summertime never knows when it is polite moment to leave!

Snow, well, that too would be some kind of miracle. I think I saw some last year, but it was similar to someone with bad dandruff shaking their head nearby. Madrid’s version of snow sucks, just like their version of ‘Autumn’.

You Autumn are merely Autumn in name alone, and you should be ashamed of that fact!

The sun is unashamed, it remains fixed in the blue sky, mocking anyone who wants to feel a cold northernly wind scratch at their face! The temperature still hovers around 25 degrees, even though everyone walks around in coats, with runny noses, colds, and coughs. They, like me are willing you to put in an appearance and offer reprieve. Yet, regardless of this, you Autumn, are NOWHERE to be seen!

This for me is sorely disappointing. I mean, how can I truly enjoy Halloween, the highlight of your season, without a chill in the air, without a sense of the eerie or melodramatic?

It is unnatural, celebrating Halloween in a tee-shirt, and probably shorts. It sucks!  This suckiness is something YOU Autumn, are responsible for!

I want the cold, the rain, the icy mornings, the crisp evenings, the purple and red leaves, the thick wooly hats and scarfs, the coats, the extra socks and cold nose, seeing my breath in the air and feeling winter is on its way!

What is extra odd though, whilst mentioning the changes in leaf colour, or absence of such; that even if you Autumn are confused about the date, the tress aren’t. OK there are no dramatic leaf colour changes, because of your late arrival Autumn, but nevertheless the leaves vacate their branches. I feel deprived when leaves merely fade from green to brown, as here in Madrid, they just curl up and die! Every leaf on every tree falls by the wayside, they slowly just decide to give up the ghost! They realise it is October and they should be shed already, they hurry in their departure.

You see the trees know the seasons, even if the weather does not! Yet, you Autumn haven’t been involved at all, shame on you for shirking your responsibilities!

What I want, what I miss is the cold, is the sign Summer is over. So, please, please, please Autumn let it be cold soon!! I have had enough of the heat, the dry scorching air, the dusty roads, the parched vegetation, the hardly there attire!

You know what, to add insult to Autumns injury, today I saw a butterfly flutter past me whilst I was walking to the university! Yes, there it was as bold as brass, basking in the afternoon sun. It was just like summertime, summertime in the very nearly middle of October! Despicable! Absolutely despicable! What do you think Autumn? Are you now fully shamed into making your appearance?

Anyway, if you are by chance reading this, belated Autumn, get your bottom in gear and hurry up and arrive! Better late than never!

Yours sincerely,
A frustrated city dweller.

19 thoughts on “Where’s Autumn?!

    • I know, and I have been told it is where the Autumn/Winter truly is! The only problem, I have begun teaching (self employed basis), so for now I am, and will have to remain in Madrid! Enjoy your Autumn, lucky you 🙂

  1. I feel your pain! I’ve experienced a couple days of fall (East Coast – USA), but then it’ll go away and suddenly it’s 80-90 degrees again! What is this??? Fall is the world’s best season. We need more of it.
    I demand a FULL season!

    • Yes, it seems to have let most people down this year. Yet, I suppose certain places in the world are always going to be most notorious for having the worst Autumns! What makes it worse, I have been watching Autumnal films too, set in places like New England. It seems they have a wonderful Autumn there, which makes me envious!!

  2. You won’t be getting any sympathy from those of us in the UK here. It’s raining, grey, grim and cold! Autumn has not arrived here either because we seem to have skipped straight to winter!

    P.S. Is it a possibility that autumn worldwide was cancelled due to the US govt. shutdown?! They closed the Grand Canyon! 😉

  3. If this morning’s fog is anything to go by it looks like you might have got your wish…maybe autumn had arrived after all!

  4. This rant made me smile, but also made me remember how much I missed the changing seasons when I briefly lived in Florida. I feel your pain., though I’d rather feel it in Madrid. 🙂

  5. It’s hard to imagine the consequences of what is happening. It’s even more hard to imagine how polar animals are coping with these environmental changes. Human beings ruin everything they put their hands on, and they’re on the search for another planet that could sustain life in order to destroy it too. I’m sorry for ruining your post by this pessimistic comment 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for you comment 🙂 Well, I think in Madrid this is normal. Though this time last year, it was colder! I am not sure if climate change has much to do with it, but I do know I prefer a real Autumn! 🙂

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