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“Negativity; a natural state of being human”.

Bex 2013


6 thoughts on “Negativity

    • Hi, glad you found something of interest in my words. That is great news, a convert! I am introducing a little positivity at a time, little by little; of course we cannot always be smiling though! Take care, and enjoy the positivity! 🙂

      • I will! Well I was already trying to be positive and optimistic, but I didn’t realise how negative I could, after, would you believe it lol, I read your words. So! Will definitely aim to much more positive! Take care too and Happy Blogging!:)

  1. Our brain evolved over millions of years to solve problems, most of which are no longer relevant or helpful. For example, if you heard a rustling in the bushes behind you it was probably sensible to assume the worst and start running without spending too much time thinking about it. As a result, over time, our brains became hard-wired to pay more attention to negative information than to positive information because our lives depended on it. However, nowadays this negative bias has lost its utility and become a hindrance.

    • Yes, this is true. I feel it is or can be a hindrance, most definitely! This is why I am trying to immerse myself in something positive everyday! Bit by bit, I will be positive human!

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