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Spanish Anti-Abortion Move

Out with the old and in with the new? Well, not for Spain.

An abortion policy that really ought to have been condemned to the history books is soon to be revived, if Spain’s ‘Popular Party’ have their way.

The Socialism of the previous Government is the antithesis of the Popular Party. There is no room for what was. The right wing ruling machine have opted for a ‘clean’ slate’, well, if you consider corruption in economic dealings and social injustice per se, a clean slate.

Apparently, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has drawn his inspiration for tougher abortion laws from the Catholic Church. He is happy to publicly allay himself with the moral and ethical ‘standards’ of this religion. Well, just like in religion, adopting double standards never hurt the cause; just those following it.

So, the plan is to reinstate an outdated abortion law which keeps the religious elements appeased (70% of Spainish claim to be Catholic). The law will state that abortion will be deemed acceptable, only, in cases of rape (Spainish law is also outdated concerning this too), and if the Mother or child will suffer severe health risks.

However, laying stake to such a high moral ground seems perculiar, especially upon knowing the sexualisation within Spanish culture. Sexually transmitted infections are on the increase, affairs are common place, prostitution is ignored, couples are extremely intimate in public places, sex and nudity advertises everything, oh, and women dress scantily clad. Spanish culture is hardly demure and reserved.

So, what can such a restricted abortion law achieve?!

Seems to me as though Spain is a country with conflicting morals; two and two doesn’t necessarily make four.

To make the serious issue of abortion, the rights and freedoms of women worse, Pro-Life organisations have become involved in the mix too. 250,000 plus supporters have protested and petitioned.

One such protester, Ana Maria Llera de la Torre, spokeswoman for Adevida-Jaen Pro-Life Association told the press proudly that her organisation agreed with the Governments proposals to tighten abortion laws. She said in a recently interview; “We want to say yes to life, say yes to the birth of a son”. Ummm, how interesting. Perhaps then, Ms. Torre and her archaic attitude, would be far more sympathetic, and extend the offer of an abortion to those expectant Mothers carrying a girl child?

Such nonsensical attacks on rights, and more specifically rights of women, at this moment in time make sense; consider the economic troubles in Spain. A Government needs to be seen attempting to appease the electorate, so what better way than stamping on the vulnerable. These type of drastic and alienating policy changes are seemingly the only ones this Government is capable of making. They are reactionary, and to be honest not worth the paper it will be written upon. When so much needs to be done, abortion (for or against) is not an issue which will keep the country poor for years to come.

Priorities, por favor!

10 thoughts on “Spanish Anti-Abortion Move

    • I suppose you’d have to be that woman to really get it. I think the key is; we don’t always understand, but we can’t judge until we know the whole story. I agree, we can’t prohibit things we don’t get or believe morally.

  1. If I could play devils advocate for a minute but the issue of abortion always seems to boil down to those fighting for “women’s rights and freedoms” and those opposed to them. What about the rights of the child that is at the centre of this issue? Does the child ever have a choice to be born or terminated? If you were a child in the womb, assuming you could decide your fate, would you choose to be killed before entering the world or would at least like to have a chance at life, even if that life was filled with struggle and pain?

    • I know, but it is the woman who has to go through with it. I wouldn’t want to be forced into having a child, if I felt I couldn’t, would you (if you were a woman)? The decision has to be the hardest to make; it wouldn’t be taken lightly. Well, to be born to someone who doesn’t want you has to be the most destructive life experience ever! I would rather not be born, than born and hated, hated and punished, then driven crazy.

      • I’m not sure I know of any woman who has been pregnant, outside of a rape victim, that has said I hate this baby and want to kill it before its born. I know plenty who resent the idea of having to have that responsibility and want the easy way out though but hate has nothing to do with it. It’s also interesting that the “woman’s decision” is always said to be extremely difficult and isn’t taken lightly yet the same doesn’t apply to her actions leading to the pregnancy. Apparently having sex should never have unintended consequences that have to be dealt with and therefore sex should be approached with a reckless abandon because, well, there’s always abortion! Again I am simply playing devils advocate, I am not asserting my own personal opinion I’m simply arguing the other side so no offence is intended.

        • I get the devil advocate position, makes for good conversation and discussion. So, don’t fret, no offence taken!
          Not hate perhaps during, although this can happen, I have heard of it. Hate after; feeling the child has restricted them, resenting the child, the change in life, hormones, body and everything else. This does happen, and does impact upon a child and the woman too.
          Perhaps some do see abortion as an easy option, yet, it isn’t. Maybe it is seen as a get out from careless sex, but then things happen, and just because someone is pregnant doesn’t mean they should or are fit to have a child. I also think, men talk freely of pregnancy and what women should do, perhaps because they will never be in that situation? Also, men have careless sex, and can walk away from the consequences far easier than a woman who could be left with an unwanted pregnancy or a wanted pregnancy (either way she could be left with no ‘father’ in the picture). If people don’t want unintended consequences, then they should never have sex until they want kids, as stuff happens!
          I feel it should be an individual decision, we cannot judge and enforce what maybe we feel or think. There are too many complicated issues attached. Just what I feel, my personal opinion.

          • Some excellent point Bex! I also agree with you, abortion isn’t a simple black and white issue it certainly does have many complicated issues attached to it. While I agree in part about your comment on men I do think that if they want to be fathers to the unborn child that they have a right to voice an opinion about this issue. It may usually be a woman’s decision but I think in certain cases like that of a married couple the man should have some say in the discussion!

          • Thanks, yes it is complex. Yes, I agree, it would be cruel to not consult with a potential father who was involved with the woman in question, and was a decent bloke.
            Men, some men, do want to be involved and do want to have such discussions.

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