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Life is made up of many threads, if you don’t make those threads to begin with then how can you possibly create a life?

Life won’t just knock upon your door and ask if you are free to come out and play! It is you who has to go and knock upon life’s door first and ask it that question.

So, what are you waiting for?!

Experiences are the most important threads of life. Experiences enrich life!

Life has to be embraced. In fact, embracing life is living it, well, this is what I believe anyway.

Harbouring a fear of life is no good. Fear of what life will bring, is a wasted effort. Every new second brings the future to us, moves our lives forward, so the only thing fear can do is cripple our lives.

Experiences take us onto a path, they move us ever forward. Refuse to live life and have experiences, and there can be no path. If you won’t take a path to begin the journey with, how can you begin to live a life?

Standing still will not get anyone anywhere. You have to just take a path, any path, walk along it and see where the experiences will lead you.

Who knows what might be around that next corner!

Threads = opportunities = life

Everyone should want more threads in their lives, as these in turn bring new opportunities to enrich your life.

If you want a life you definitely have to weave one, and you can’t be afraid of getting your hand trapped in the loom!

More positivity = more happiness = more life!

Positivity is the building block to base your life upon, to build a firm foundation, to help you say ‘yes’ to life!

Basically, this is stuff you already know, but never really think about or even believe. It has taken me a long while to actually put it all into perspective, and truly believe it all! Better late than never I suppose!

18 thoughts on “Life

  1. Exactly right. That’s the reason I’ve always believed in doing something rather than doing nothing. It’s also the reason I don’t want to live in an isolated rural area despite my love of the outdoors. Urban areas have so many more threads!

    • Thanks Malcolm! I agree with you now, well, it has taken me a little time though, because of one reason or another! NowI definitely feel that something IS better than nothing! Yes, the city is better for more threads 🙂

  2. This is such a perfect post. I just had a really in-depth discussion on this very topic the other day. So many parts of my life are good right now, but I can tell that there are still missing pieces. There are still so many things that I want to try and experience. It’s crucial to keep your soul occupied and content, whether that be cooking a new dish, meeting a new friend, or starting a new routine.

    • Thank you, that is very kind of you 🙂

      I agree that we all have missing pieces, and for this reason it is so important we do keep our souls occupied and reaching out for the new and wonderful!

      Hoping you find that contentment you deserve.

  3. This really helped clarify some of my thoughts right now – thanks for posting! Too much hesitation and deliberation can lead to a negative stalemate – it’s good to be focused and purposeful, but the crucial thing is just to take steps forward (any steps – those random experiences can only widen your perspective)

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