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What’s So Civil About War Anyway?

Just one word, war.

OK, not yet, but the potential of such an act should be enough to warn other countries; stay the hell away. Haven’t there been enough incidents to prove this type of ‘civil’ war gets no one anywhere, this type of war drags on, kills hundreds of thousands and costs the same amount in money too.

Ample previous experience surely proves to U.S and UK governments how this war will end, badly.

Syria, will be such a war, given the chance. There will be no real or swift resolution to their problems. It would be another war neither the UK nor U.S have any business being involved with.

Why must the UK feel they have to become embroiled in such ‘fights’? Perhaps because the U.S ask them to be? Where are the rest of the world in such situations? Oh yes, staying out of it because they are sensible enough to realise they haven’t the resources, and they aren’t some super human power capable of healing the world.

I do wonder though, if the U.S or UK were having such problems (like Syria), would other countries also be so eager to rush in and help, to solve, and heal the problems? I think not.

Again, can the problems of the world be solved, and solved well enough by merely playing the war game, no.

These wars are about ego, pride, heritage, history, religion, money. These are men’s wars.

What does concern me is that so far Syria has had no qualms in killing their own people in vile and despicable ways. I wonder then what ‘joys’ will await the troops, and countries, who dare to become involved in Syrian ‘civil war’.

The only clear answer then to avoid such wasted efforts and human carnage; leave Syria to their war. Now is not the time to become part of yet another middle eastern power struggle.

Nothing is worth becoming tied up with, and into, yet another pointless ‘civil war’.

4 thoughts on “What’s So Civil About War Anyway?

  1. Hey, welcome back. Hope your trip home was enjoyable.
    I made this point back in May that nothing good will come off being involved in the Syrian war(http://drosophilacerevisiae.wordpress.com/2013/05/31/syria-pull-out-and-watch-from-the-sidelines/).

    And again this month, I laid out why I thought Assad would not have used chemical weapons now (http://drosophilacerevisiae.wordpress.com/2013/08/24/from-assad-to-the-world-community/).

    Best thing we can do right now is just let Syria sort out it’s own affairs. In the aftermath, we can decide whether to trade with the winning party or not.

    • Hi, yes all was well thank you. Oh, yes it is good to be back! Sorry for late response here, your comment went to spam, because of the links! I haven’t read your posts, but I will do so. Yes, I would not interfere there. Seems countries may be eager for war, and others playing that game or tactical option to suit themselves. It strikes me as ego, and afraid of being left out of a game. Hoping the UK remain outside of it all, and do not cave in under pressure.

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