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Oh Dear, I’m In Trouble.

Just want to follow up on my last post.

What can I say, sorry perhaps for concerning and worrying family members who read it, and thought it pertained to my current relationship with my boyfriend.

It didn’t.

I don’t want to excuse my writing the post though, as it is my blog and it is where I commit feelings, thoughts, concerns, ideas and so on and so on. Also, I often include generic scenarios, and ‘Devil Advocate’ posts too. Not everything I write is personal or indeed about one person I know or about my family, friends or boyfriend.

I would never write about anything as personal on my blog anyway! Reason being, well, people do get the wrong end of the stick, that is natural!

The reason for writing my last post, was merely for it to be read, and to receive comments. Also it was a chance for me to perhaps clear some long languishing emotional cobwebs. As those who read regularly know I am on a mission to change, and also progress. I write every post as a kind of therapy, for me, and not necessarily for the reader to like or even identify with. Writing is after all a personal pursuit.

I feel a little upset that the post was interpreted wrongly, as this could have caused me some trouble, and upset. Yet, I hope this explanation will clarify, what my previous post did not.

The post wasn’t intended to discuss one person, but things that have occurred to me or been said to me from time to time, in varied situations.

For reference, my boyfriend and I are not perfect, then what couple are?! We do have our share of problems, arguments and general ‘argh’ moments, but after many, many years I deem that quite acceptable.

Thanks all for reading, and hopefully this now makes sense.

5 thoughts on “Oh Dear, I’m In Trouble.

  1. Ooo. I probably should have read the previous post before this so I could understand what’s going on. I’m catching up on my blog reading. So I totally understand where you’re coming from, based on this explanation. Writing is therapeutic, but you’re entitled to your privacy.

    • Well unfortunately, you can no longer read the previous 6 posts I did have up on my blog. I was forced to make them private, as some people I know chose to read them, and this caused confusion, and what could have been some trouble. So, think I shall stick to the politics posts from now on!

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  3. Is that what reading my posts can do?! Or, is this how you feel about blogging? I would feel honoured to know that you, and perhaps people in general, can actually identify with what I write, oh, and feel therapized!

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