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I wanna talk.

Well, firstly how are all of you lovely people out there in the world of WordPress? I trust life has been kind to you all over these last few weeks.

I know I have been absent from my blog, and it feels like it has been forever. I aim to try and get back into writing, but being in the UK, there are always too many distractions! I have had an internet issue too, as usual, but I have a new gadget to compensate – an iPad.

I felt somewhat behind the technology movement; although I already have another type of Android tablet. I thought that the iPad would offer MORE, but I still don’t really enjoy using a virtual keyboard. I know, how old fashioned of me! Anyway, this little convenient bit of tech is forcing me to readjust, but I still miss my trusty laptop.

So, sorry for the lack of in depth info on everything that has been occurring, but to be honest I haven’t really got the inspiration to compose a lengthy post. Perhaps next time!

Oh, I will say I have honed some home improvement skills, which has made me really proud! My house in the UK is over a hundred years old, and it has taken time and energy to renew it. Now I can see the whole project coming together, at last!

Anyway, tell me about your summer activities; I would love to know what you have all been up to!

Bye for now!

12 thoughts on “I wanna talk.

  1. I’m with you on using a real keyboard – I’d be hard-pressed to write much at all on a virtual one. Glad you’re doing well though and keeping busy. I keep thinking I’m going to relax this summer but it just hasn’t happened yet; gardens and a new dog have kept me quite busy. 🙂

  2. Good to see you Bex! So did you move back to the UK or just there for an extended visit? WP seems like a city on vacation lately but I guess thats expected when its summer in most places. I am thinking of taking a break from being on here as much to work on the book of poems I am putting together and trying to get published. Other than that just enjoying the rest of the warm weather and trying not complain about the heat because before long I will be complaining about how cold it is.

    • Thanks, good to hear from you too! No, just visiting the UK for the summer. Yeah, having a break works – I think I’ll be on here less too. It seems to just take over. Wow, sounds like you’ve been busy! Hope all goes well, your poems are great. Enjoy the sun, it seems to be waning here, but can’t complain as it has been very warm.

      • It does take over at times but you have two blogs and I imagine that the comments you have to respond to are much longer and more in-depth than the comments I receive on a poem so I can only imagine how much time it eats up. I do very much enjoy reading your pieces though as your blog is one of very few, if not only, blogs I follow that is not poetry or creative writing based. Enjoy the rest of your break and I wish you safe travels back to Spain!

        • I haven’t expanded my second blog, for those ver reasons! It is good to know you enjoy reading what! It is good to know you enjoy reading what I write, I appreciate that. I too enjoy your work. Thanks, I also hope for a safe and hassle free journey back.

  3. Welcome back! I don’t like the virtual keyboards either. I hope things are going well. That sounds really cool about the house coming together…

    My summer activities have been, spent a week at the first of July on vacation in Idaho (it was fun) then it’s been work, exercise, blogging and bed, lol. I am so exciting! 😉

    • Thanks! Oh, then I am not alone on that dislike. Yes, I am pleased too. I am happy you enjoyed your vacation! Well work and stuff are a necessity, I know they aren’t quite as exciting as they should be!

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