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Motivation At Its Best!

It is Monday, I am taking a flight back to the UK in only a few hours time, and I am nervous, and angst ridden as usual.

So, I felt I required some inspiration and motivation to coax my mind that all is well *sigh*. Well, what better than making myself FEEL good with MUSIC and a bit of DANCING!!!

The tune included in this post IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE by ONE OF MY FAVOURITE bands called; ‘Rudimental’!

Fantastic song, wonderful lyrics that really capture my whole outlook at the moment. The words remind me to stay determined in everything I do; ‘I’m not giving in’!

By the way, if anyone is looking for a great song to exercise to, or even clean the house to – this is it!!!!!!




20 thoughts on “Motivation At Its Best!

    • Thanks, I LOVE the song and the band! Thanks Paul; yes I have arrived safe and sound in the UK again 🙂

      • I am diggin them as well!! Serisouly that track especially is my morning fire pump up and get up, etc. song.

        Good to hear you’ve arrived all in one piece as always!


        P.S. Feel free to share more music!

        • Hi Paul, thanks, very sweet of you! So pleased you love the song. Another band to check out in ‘Chase and Status’ they are another of my favourites!

          • Yes, I love ‘Blind Faith’ too. Well, I love the songs; ‘Let You Go’, ‘Time’, ‘Flashing Lights’, ‘Lost and Not Found’ and ‘End Credits’. Good songs!!!!!!! Listen and let me know your opinions!!!!!

  1. I’m always looking for good songs to help me when I’m doing my least favorite thing…cleaning house. Thanks! Hope you had safe travels

    • Haha!!! Yes, good music always helps when doing that (yuck, I hate cleaning house too)!!!! Thanks you, I have 🙂

    • Try another video on Y.T then; the song is Not Giving In by Rudimental. Hope you have a chance to listen 🙂

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