Excuse Me!!!!

What bugs me most, well, OK this particular thing is not THE most annoying thing in the whole world, but  it is on my ’10 things I hate’ list. Don’t believe me, well, check it out; 10 Things I Hate.

So, what is this annoying ‘little’ oversight, well, a lack of MANNERS of course!!!!!!!!

Living in a city is never going to be picture book perfection, I’m not crazy enough to think it is. Not everyone will always don smiles from ear to ear or be pleasant and happy. Nor will they dance and swirl around as though they are part of the cast of some lavish musical. Yet, I didn’t realise that SO MANY people could leave their homes every morning, and FORGET that one essential thing that makes this world that more sweeter and bearable; their manners.

Who brought them up exactly, parents or vultures?

What effort or time does it t of to express gratitude with ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’, ‘excuse me’ – ermmm, NONE! Well, not for me anyway, it is automatic because I am not an inconsiderate, selfish oaf.

Everyday on the streets and Metro, in the stores and museums of Madrid there are idiots. These idiots blatantly go out of their way to annoy, to cause disruption and general angst – basically these idiots are pushing their luck! I have often wondered when, or indeed IF, someone will one day just snap, and slap them!!

To be honest – it sometimes begins to feel like a battle, a free for all, a power struggle, a dominance thing. Call me paranoid, but it is almost as though these people are trying to root out those who are weaker, those whose nerve will cave in quicker, those who are foolish enough do adhere to manners and good conduct. They, these aggressive and arrogant morons, can then laugh at such weak considerate and mannerly people, as they mow us down on the street with their heels, handbags, elbows, dogs, pushchairs and God knows what else!!!

Honestly, good manners and consideration must be a rare thing here in Madrid now, a thing which will very soon be extinct.

People push and shove; they barge right into me, physically knocking me out of their way. They think nothing of cutting me up on the walkways, so I nearly trip up. They hog all the walkway too, and often walk as slowly as snails because they act as though THEY own that piece of ground, and I am an intruder. These idiots just keep walking, and I mean walking at me and into me, just like they intend to mow me over (which they do). They expect me, to give way to them, to jump up out of their way like a fricken acrobat; just so they and their lazy butts can get past without disruption or inconvenience. What, so two steps to either the left or right of me on a walkway is such a inconvenience??? MENTAL!!!! Good God, there is plenty of room for EVERYONE to walk, yet these fools won’t give way, WHY???!!!! WTF???!!! They would prefer to see me lying on the floor with their footmarks all over my crumpled and bruised body – seriously, they need their heads reading!

People also are not adverse to sitting, standing or talking too close to my personal space (again, when there is NO need as there is plenty of room for us all to be in one place without sitting on each other)!!! Men will take the last seat on the Metro train while a woman stands up with shopping. Children bump into me, and play about without a care of whose foot they are trampling all over. Their parents, well, absent, and engaged in loud conversation about nonsense – too busy to tell their offspring ‘STOP IT’!!! People stare, really stare, the daggers are out type of stares! Honestly, I can be travelling on the Metro, minding my own business, and for the entire journey I can be stared at. These people thing nothing of wasting their time looking me up and down and up and down, as though I am some freak of nature. It is like I’m dressed in my underwear only, which is something I never do, and yet those who do dress like that NEVER get stared at. WHY?!!!!!

I am becoming a little more ARGHHH everyday – and I think, I shall be the one to slap the next person guilty of these crimes of ill mannerly foolishness.

So, take heed people of Madrid and BEWARE!!

36 thoughts on “Excuse Me!!!!

  1. Sigh. I hear you. This is one reason why I sometimes refuse to go to a movie theater. People yap on cell phones or talk to each other during the movie. I’ve also been jostled on sidewalks and nearly knocked down while trying to enter a commuter train.

  2. Bex, this is one of my pet peeves too. As usual I’m going to wax philosophical. Somehow people think that if an action is not against the law it’s OK to do it, but this is nonsense. Good manners and good taste are an essential ingredient in a free society. If we don’t want to live in a society where all our actions are regulated by officialdom we need to regulate ourselves through manners and taste.

  3. Mothers aren’t teaching their children manners anymore. In fact, mothers these days have no manners, therefore, their children have no one to emulate. Schools aren’t allowed to teach manners, so it is up to you and me to point out their crass behavior and explain the proper way they should have acted. At least, that’s what I do. Some people get embarrassed, others get angry, but they should be pointed out and their rudeness addressed. Gee, can I never retire from teaching? It is a sad world we live in these days.

    • Yes Barbara, I agree that has to be the main reason behind the lapse. Also I feel it has something to do with a city mentality too. This ‘I don’t care a damn’ attitude is unfortunately seeping into every place, even small towns!! It is almost as though people deem having manners as a weakness, like it is some how out dated! Perhaps city people have been brought up to be naturally more ‘pushy’, and therefore act more like it is them against the world!!! I truly feel it is a complete shame that people choose not to have manners any more, for me, it is a sign of a decent person.

  4. Ain’t I glad that I live in a “city” in Germany with <500k inhabitants. People aren't usually super-polite, but they also don't go out of their way to make other people feel miserable, and when they do step on my (steel-tipped-boots-protected) toes, they apologize. Well, except for some lunatic on the subway train just recently, who threatened to kill two girls in the neighboring seat group. I mean, I was wearing my uniform, he was sitting across from me, and he made those gestures that looked like he was disemboweling a person after slitting their throat. I digress. I was even rather polite to him: Instead of punching him in the face, I asked him if he had toys in the attic. Soon after that, he left.

    • Ummm, that is a rather disturbing subway train tale. Again though, I often think there is something about such an enclose space that attracts more odd balls. There are always people who act up on trains – well, that is my experience anyway!! Quite freaky!

  5. One thing that Ive noticed is that people will go out of their way to avoid crazy people so if you act crazy enough they will get out of your way, wont sit near you and wouldnt dare let their kids within 100 yards of you! I like to accomplish this task by talking really loudly to myself or pretending to have an awful facial tick.

  6. I don’t really interact with people that way, I just have to deal with their rude driving… which is really similar. I thought that if people were to walk more they’d be nicer… but I am guessing not. 😦

    You should take up karate or something to get out the wanting to slap feeling before you actually slap someone! 😉

    • Yes, well I wondered about correlating the bad behaviour on the walkways and on the streets. I wondered if those who drove and those who don’t act differently whilst walking about; I wondered if those people who act like fools on the walkways actually don’t drive, but then I recall my frustrations at the wheel too!!! I now realise whether on two feet or four wheels people are just fools!!!
      Regarding the karate, you’re right!!!! I used to do boxing especially for such frustrations – but I don’t do that here. Perhaps this explains why I feel my angst levels rising!!!

  7. Oh, I feel your pain. 😉 I’m lucky to live in a relatively uncrowded city (Budapest) but people still seem to have a problem realizing that they’re not the only people on the planet.

    • Thanks for the empathy 🙂 I know, I can’t quite get that mentality!! I feel perhaps I am too sensitive, but, I just like to feel I am being acknowledged!!! I don’t wish to be pushed out of the way as though I am not worthy to occupy my own space and time!!!!

  8. I agree with you. Would you believe me if I told you that ‘we’ in the Arab world think that in Europe there is much less staring, more people minding their own business, and more manners than in our community? Well, I guess everywhere we go, there have to be pros and cons. You made me smile reading about those parents talking loudly about absolute nonsense, and leaving their children bumping and annoying anyone they desire. It’s really ridiculous!!
    I hope you find your own peace of mind every once in a while 🙂

    • Thanks, I will do 🙂 Yes, I think everyone thinks that there are better places – yet we are all people at the end of the day and all, sometimes, morons!!! It is the same in the UK too, I just thought things might be different here – silly me, I can’t escape bad manners wherever I go!! I always thought in Arab countries people would have been more mannerly, I am shocked! 🙂

  9. Having lived in New York City I can feel your pain. I found that those rude people are that way because they encountered rudeness. Seems big city fosters an anonymous attitude that seems more jungle-like. My advice (for what it is worth) ignore them and soon you will forget they are there and then see beauty

  10. I think you find that in every large city because it’s so crowded and people are trapped in their own heads. In the times, I’ve gone to NYC, I’m the one apologizing and evading people. It’s like everyone on the sidewalk is playing ‘chicken’ with each other.

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