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If You Tolerate This………..

And THIS is a product of a healthy society?? Yeah, right!

And THIS is a product of a healthy society?? Yeah, right!

……….Where-in the HELL will it end??????!!!!!!!!

The issue of these disgusting Facebook pages makes me sick to my stomach. Where is the debate here at all?? It is simple for me; REMOVE ALL THE ABUSIVE AND SICK PAGES, and REMOVE THEM NOW!!!!

Rape, abuse and God knows what else – what part does any of that play in social networking? I mean what a conversation starter between long lost friends; “Hey great to speak to you again Steve, yeah, I’m an Engineer now, I drive a BMW and oh, yeah, did I mention I’m a wife beater and rapist – soon to be a Daddy too”. SICK, SICK, SICK; and another word, debauched.

What a twisted world we live in, and what low life scum inhabit it. Times like these make me ashamed to call myself a human being.

The men responsible for such things are surely on some ‘Most Wanted Psycho Killer’ list somewhere or another, if not, they will be.

There is nothing amusing about this sick content, and nothing which should be classed as anyone’s right to express. This is not liberating and progressive, but harmful and debase. In a civil society there is no room for such cruel, moronic and misogynist attitudes.

Ban abusive Facebook pages NOW!!!!! Stop quibbling over T&C’s and everything else; what is more important here, people and their lives or bloody paperless contracts for internet jibber jabber.

Facebook PLEASE get your priorities right once and for all!

18 thoughts on “If You Tolerate This………..

  1. I am lost for words to describe that photo. I cannot believe there are stupid (or actually evil) people out there who would put something like that out there.

    My only worry is that Facebook will exploit the legislation given to it to take down violence inspiring pages to start taking down what are simply pages with bad taste, criticism of government or facebook itself or worse simply the once they do not approve of.

    • Yes, it has that effect on us ‘normal’ folk, but Facebook remain unmoved. I can’t understand why such things would not be discarded as ‘evil’ actually. I understand your concern about FB taking the opportunity to discard all pages it feels are ‘unsafe’ or not suitable for public viewing. I wouldn’t want to see real freedom of speech pages being locked down, such as political and so on. I just think any content or photos which are vile and heinous, such as violence, hideous sexual content, criminal activity, crimes and harm against people or animals is wrong anywhere at any time. Hopefully FB will get this message soon and do the right thing.

    • Neither could I. I have heard of some strange pages, and pics being posted, but until all of this came to light I had never seen or heard of any as diabolical as this. I mean it would have been a good starting point for the police force to hunt down potential, and no doubt, active criminals. Words don’t actually do justice to the whole ridiculous nightmare.

  2. Sick indeed. A while back a group contacted me to help urge FB to remove a page of a guy who boasted killing cats, and even posted pictures of the shit he did. They refused, saying he hadn’t broken any rules.

    A little common sense would be healthy.

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