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What Is Hope?

Hope, the best weapon against life.

Hope, the best weapon against life.

I had a rather disconcerting conversation with my friend yesterday, which all began because I asked the question; “What makes me unusual?”

Somehow the topic shifted. Soon we, I.E my friend and I  begun discussing my desire to pursue a career, and the reason why I insist upon believing in a dream job (term applied loosely; this represents a job I truly enjoy, and feel good about doing).

My friend told me; “Dream jobs don’t exist! Plus, they are immaterial because everyone only works for the money”.

I then tried to explain my take on the dream job; “I need to feel I am achieving something and also progressing. My work life cannot be static; it has to move forwards and not backwards. I need to feel I am respected, appreciated and have responsibility in a job. I want to be treated like an intelligent individual and not an idiot. I need to have a say in my working life to prevent me becoming thoroughly miserable”.

This explanation was also frowned upon.

Yet, is wanting those things from a job completely farcical?

I then asked my friend to consider how much she had actually progressed. She now has a better position with more respect and authority given to her. I told her that she may still not be ecstatic, and may still wish to be living a leisurely life with endless funds at her disposal; but compared to how it had been for her, she now had a better life (thanks to her better job, which suits her).

All I ask is similar – to be respected and appreciated. I wouldn’t want to be an employee who is bullied, used and abused. I want to feel I am worthy and being valued in a company. I want to feel invested in. If I have to work for a living I want to be as happy as I can be doing what pays me.

I told my friend; “You are turning what I want into a negative, as though I am a dreamer. I need to believe I can find something which suits me, and will enhance me” (admittedly I am never happy anywhere for long).

My friend replied; “It would be great if dream jobs existed, but they don’t so don’t dwell on them”.

Really, and why not? Why can’t a person have more than they currently have? Why can’t they look at attaining elements of a dream job if it makes them happy or if they feel there is more hope from doing so.

I know my friend has abandoned her ideas of a dream job; thinking they will never come to fruition. Perhaps also she has abandoned her hope to achieve more in her life. This thought saddens me, and she knows it does. I cannot understand why she insists on being resigned to the fact things won’t change.

True enough; we can’t all conquer or  change the world, but we ourselves can change. We do grown, develop, learn and progress – even within a job and this helps us attract more in our lives. If people reflect upon their lives they would be shocked how far they have come, but haven’t even realised. No one should give up without trying to achieve more, as that is what life is; experience and progression from one thing to the next.


I think my friend, like many other people feel it is practical to dismiss hope. Just by stating you have achieved all you think is possible at any age is depressing; life isn’t over until its over – so keep going! If I thought there was nothing more I would crack! I have always clung onto hope. I may have fleetingly considered things might not get better or things may not change, yet, not for long. I have never clung to the notion that there is nothing more for me to achieve in this life.

I actually wonder whether losing hope means you die – not physically, but internally? What is hope if not truly delusion, and yet without it, who are we and what is our life?

Without hope life is a reality stripped bare and basic; bills, work, money, worry, aliments, ageing, disappointments, lack of motivation, no goals in life. We would all then lose faith in ourselves and our lives – what would it all be like if we didn’t hope there would be more?

Hope, it is all we have for free, and without it life is damn grim. I know I prefer to live with hope than without it. How about you?

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25 thoughts on “What Is Hope?

  1. Reblogged this on The Savvy Senorita and commented:

    Oh dear, I cannot imagine what planet I was on when I wrote this post! A blast from some crazy past; when I had hope. Career aside, as that really is inconsequential right now; perhaps because I have had too many careers to count, and never really settled down. Content, no; hope, no; change, yes – and too much of it!

  2. Don’t give up hope or give up on your dream. You can make it happen and do anything you want. Go for what you want in your life. Another way to look at it, why wouldn’t you?

  3. There is no real living without hope. Even people who say they have given up all hope still retain a glimmer of hope, even if they can’t admit it. There is nothing wrong in wanting the things you stated. In fact, those are fairly basic needs.

  4. Don’t ever let negative people dissuade you from your dreams. I call them “hope squashers!” We all run into them…grrr! Hold on to your hope and your dreams…keep seeking and searching. I agree with you 100%

  5. I agree with John and also have the same profession as he. And I agree with everyone. What a disheartening conversation. Misery loves company, I guess. If we all abandoned our dreams, what a miserable world this would be.

    • Yes, I agree!! I want to be paid to write, this is what sparked it – the fact it seems so unlikely a profession for someone like me. This is what made this response what it was! I can see the point the other person was making, as I feel everyday how remote the chance of this occurring is, although, I try to think it could, one day!!! I might find a way to do what I want, so I refuse to abandon hope!!!

  6. What a disheartening conversation. The respect, integrity and dreams we put into any situation will often be reflected back to us (unless it’s a hideously horrible job/situation, in which case, run away!) I have had very open-ended jobs in non-profit, horrible jobs and my current job, in which I am a lowly cog and loving it because the company and the people are wonderful (plus, cog = time to write & a remarkably good home/life balance). I think it boils down to what we’re willing to put in, and as John said, if it turns out that dream is poorly-invested, then it’s time to dream up another dream, or investigate another facet of the dream.

    • Thanks for your input Katie, I understand what you mean and can definitely agree. I’m not looking for the world on a plate, just to feel peace with myself and what I am doing with my life. Fingers crossed what I do dream, may in fact one day become a reality in some form if I invest enough of myself!!!

  7. “Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what you want to do with your life. The most interesting people I know didn’t know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives, some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still don’t.”

  8. I have completed three careers in search of the dream job. All three took me to the top of the organization only to find the dream poorly invested. I now am in the dream job. Simply writing what I want everyday. The other quest took 50 years to prepare for this one which will be shorter but sweeter. I thing you should keep looking for the dream

    • Well that is what I have confronted. I worked to achieve something specific; I moved around within certain careers to find the roles which suited what I was looking for. Only then did I realise it had gotten me nowhere. They were the wrong direction and career paths for me – I wanted something opposite to it all. Something I didn’t think I could ever have, and therefore shied away from. I know there is always time to follow a dream and work to succeed, but I do struggle to keep the faith!!! I’d love to be a published writer, in any capacity – getting paid for my words would be FABULOUS! Yet, the road to that eventuality is exhaustive, and not guaranteed (lower chances), unlike perhaps becoming a Doctor, Teacher, Lawyer and so on. So, in some ways I understand why that person I was talking to was telling me to ‘keep my feet on the ground’.

  9. Oh my! What a negative person with whom you were discussing this topic! I’m glad he or she did not alter your way of thinking though. I’m totally with you. I think hopes and ‘dreams’ are what put meanings to our lives. Who are you? What do you want? Why are you here? Do you think we exist here to fill some space? Do you think I am like you like Bradley like Kira like Charles like everyone else? Of course not! We are not machines designed to work, earn, and spend what we’ve earned, unless we choose to be so. I believe we always have a choice. Bill Gates once said: “If you were born poor, then it’s not your fault. But if you die poor, it is.” This person chose not to step out of his/her comfort zone, and to just give up the dream of his/hers, or as he/she stated. Keep on going, Becca. Follow your bliss, and try to avoid negative people as much as possible! 😀
    Many hopes for the best to come ASAP ❤

    • Thanks for you feedback on this, I appreciate it!!!!! There is a definite element of negativity there, though they would deny that!!!! I think sometimes some people can’t understand why people don’t think as they do; they can see things too yin or yang. I understand how and why they think that way to an extent, and I admit I could quite easily become carried away with weaving a fairytale of wish lists!!!! Yet, I need to hold onto some dreams to remain sane. I just couldn’t be quite so clinical in my outlook on life and our purpose. Being that way, well, it would literally suck the life out of me. Thank you for your good wishes for me, that is sweet of you 😀

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