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This Is Frustrating

I found a great little job site for applying for work here in Madrid, yet, the application process SUCKS!!!

I can’t upload my own CV, which far surpasses the useless and limited electronic version the site has for every candidate to use. It is OK if every candidate is Spanish, but I am not, and the jobs being advertised on the site aren’t all for Spanish speakers or Spanish companies!!!

The CV on the site didn’t even have the ‘pull down’ option on there for MY degree, what the Hell!!! It couldn’t get my age correct either!! It also required either NIE (certificate of residency) or passport number – which is highly confidential information to part with, and leave lying around on an online job site, which could be hacked any time, and my complete identity then stolen!! In the UK such personal identification would NEVER be required until the interview stage or, until an actual job offer has been made.

The site also required me to input a Spanish telephone number, which I haven’t got. I don’t want one either!!!! I didn’t see the need to transfer my contract over to a Spanish contract, especially as mobile contracts are expensive here. I use texts more than calls, here, Spanish people use calls more than texts – who the Hell am I gonna call and chat to?? I don’t have an endless contact list!!!

The other down side – everything on the site’s CV was in Spanish. Yet, the jobs I wanted to apply for are not advertised in Spanish, are not for Spanish speakers, but Native English speakers. Therefore, as a non-fluent Spanish speaker – the whole site was a tad frustrating to navigate – and most of it wasn’t applicable to me!!!!

It was a classic catch 22. I need to be in a Spanish working environment to learn more Spanish, and yet getting a job to help me do that – is a nightmare! So, I rely on applying for English speaking only positions to help me get somewhere; but this is no better, as the application process is in Spanish!

Barriers, and then some!!!!!

The etiquette for interviews, and for meting people in a business capacity is completely wrong too! There is no follow up, the only option is; come at this time, this date, to this venue – there is NO, can you make this? Is this OK for you? Let us confirm this 100%. There is NO response to confirm or responses to answer questions – its just – this, that and nothing more. If that is no good for you, well, tough – and DON’T contact us again! How is that conducive for business or organisations to run?? Why can’t they clarify what is required?? Why can’t they communicate and decide what is best for all parties concerned?? How does anything ever get done if there is no negotiation and communication, just orders?!

As a candidate or enquirer about volunteering, info on jobs, organising meetings and so on, you have to do all the chasing too. Without two way communication you are often left hanging with no real answers, clarification or a way to progress. Basically, it is a one time only offer; unless you comply to what they want, when they want it and how they want it, you as a candidate or enquirer are up the creak without a paddle.

No wonder so many people here in Spain are unemployed!!!!!!!

I am at least, seemingly, making headway with volunteering. I am trying once more to arrange a meeting to discuss what I can do, and they can do – and so on and so on. Fingers crossed this will all be done and dusted by next week!!!!! Fingers crossed!!!!

28 thoughts on “This Is Frustrating

    • Yes, it is not uncommon, unfortunately. I haven’t resumed my attempts on that site though, I have applied for other jobs however, yet, still no job offers!! I do have some good news though, which I will write about soon!!!

  1. Isn’t there an English expression that goes like this: “Where there’s muck there’s brass”. Sounds like there’s money to be made setting up a job site with a great user friendly website that has all the features that the one you describe doesn’t. If necessary go into partnership with an unemployed Spanish website designer.

  2. I’m rather new to the job hunting stuff, but what you describe is rather applicable to Germany as well, except for the confidential information. The Anglo-saxon world has a far more developed job interview etiquette than the rest of the world, I guess. Well, Germany has other qualities that make us so prosperous

    • They have these automated CVs for job sites in the UK too. I hate them, although they are quite in-depth in the UK, and not as vague as this one on the Spanish site I visited. I just feel they are letting possible applicants down.

  3. Oh my gosh that sounds complicated and frustrating! I hope that it gets easier for you soon in the job hunting arena! You would think that they would have an English site too if they are going to have jobs that don’t require Spanish on there as well. Grrrr…

  4. This sure sounds tough and complicated as if they’re actually satisfied and do not need applicants at the moment. You will find the best job that suits you perfectly at the right time. You will then recall those moments and smile at how things turned out the way they were; How it is actually for your benefit. Just keep your awesome potential, and keep having faith that even if you were rejected it is actually their loss. 😉
    Last but not least, keep venting here with us, and keep us updated 🙂
    Many hopes for the best to come as fast as possible!

    • You know Mohamed I’m not sure. This particular job site just has a generic CV template that all candidates for any job have to fill out as part of the site registration. It is annoying as templates, computer generated templates, are so constricted and based on ticking boxes rather displaying who each candidate is personally. I hate them!!!! This is the first one of its kind I have experienced here, hoping there are no more 🙂 I will hopefully find something that suits, as wondering, I’m I meant to find anything as so many barriers. Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree again!!!! Thank you for your support though, as always I appreciate it 🙂

  5. This is like submitting on publisher and agent websites that require forms. I totally agree it sucks. I think this is an automated way to get rid of applicants. Keep going though

    • Yeah, ordinarily I wouldn’t. I mean I gave it a good go!!! Yet on this occasion the tactic of the crafty website worked!! I just didn’t want to misrepresent myself, my experience and education. I hate being forced to make do, especially when applying for a job. I should be able to sell myself to the best of my ability – not make do. An employer needs to see all I am, not just a bodge job because the website sucks. I hate such terrible websites, why or why do companies insist on creating them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh gosh, I hope it gets better. That seriously sounds like such a circus show to just “apply”, I wonder what you have to do to get an interview and sign… 😯

    • Thanks, me too; I know and it is crazy!!! The whole process of applying for jobs seems to be long winded and unnecessary. I don’t know, some sites are OK, but recently my experiences have been like this – like banging my head against a wall!!!! I was more frustrated as this site had some great vacancies, and yet I couldn’t apply!!!

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