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Volunteering To Progress

I am feeling quietly pleased with myself today.

It has taken some time, but I’ve managed to discover some volunteering programmes with opportunities available here in Madrid!!

On first inspection, volunteering options here did seem quite limited; signposting for such things on the internet was not great! Yet, with ample research done, there are a few good groups with lots of links to lots of projects.  I have begun the ball rolling, and am quite excited about hopefully becoming involved with as much of this good work as possible!!!

I had a determined streak in me today – a little ‘this will work’ voice; perhaps it is because it is my Birthday tomorrow?? Surely the rule has to be that there has to be some good luck attached to that, right????

Anyway, I have had a prompt reply from one volunteer group who wanted to meet me ASAP!!! Also, a chance of an interview for teaching English (although, this is where the luck falters – the interviews, and eventual job offers are no where near Madrid, and that is no good for me).

More news, yes there is more!!! I have also joined some social groups – Madrid meet up groups. I was reluctant to do this initially, as I am not the type of person who likes organised social groups (reminds me of Girl Guides – and I was NEVER a Girl Guide)!!!

Yet, if I am honest, and I feel I ought to be honest; I also have noticed I am feeling a tad fearful of meeting people in group situations. This makes me shout, WHAT THE HELL; this would never have been the case back in the UK. For me it is a clear sign that my confidence must have taken a dint somewhere along the line. Anyway, I feel I need to try to make more of an effort to meet new people here in Madrid – to be out of my comfort zone if I have to too.

All I hope is that when the time arrives to meet with these new groups, I don’t make a lame excuse not to go. It is important for me to at least try and cast my networking net further afield!! I suppose I just wait and see how it goes; if it goes anywhere at all!!!!

I think my main hurdle now is keeping positive. I have tried applying for things here in Madrid previously, and joining in new social groups too, yet, regardless of my best effort, nothing has come to fruition. SO, I am hoping THIS TIME, it will be MY TIME TO SHINE.

Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26 thoughts on “Volunteering To Progress

  1. You can do it! I am a super-introvert…it took me 3+ years to reorient myself to a my home city when I moved back as an adult. Staying positive is the key…I am happy you are stepping out…again…I hope the best for you…be blessed during this new phase of your journey!

    • Thank you Julie for your faith in me, your blessing and kindness, I appreciate it!!!! I agree with being positive, I think sometimes I allow myself not to be. I did feel I was retreating somewhat from life, and now feel ready to grasp the opportunities once more – hoping this signals a good change for me 🙂 Thank you again, you are too kind!!! Hoping too, that you are also feeling more at ease with your surroundings now?

  2. Good for you for wanting to step outside your comfort zone! I hope you stick to it – you’ll only find yourself with some more great tales to tell! (and meet some great people along the way)

  3. It’s not necessarily your confidence taking a dint – maybe you’re just more sensitive to your surroundings. This could definitely be an advantage 🙂 I need to throw myself in at the deep end a bit more too. As long as those feelings of dread are expected and accounted for, so they don’t scupper new wonders. Good luck!

    • It does have a contributing factor – although I know the place, the language barrier has often made me feel on the outside. Many thanks and good luck for you also 🙂 I hope you decide to take a chance – though it can be difficult to do so with many conflicting factors attached!

  4. My last trip to Madrid was during a bullfighting season. Ads showed up everywhere showing bulls getting lanced. Maybe you could volunteer for ” save the bull” or start a campaign. And keep up the good work..don’t be bullied! Take the bull by the horns! Reach for that bullhorn now! 🙂

    • Hehe!!!! I would be thrown to the bulls!!! They are not quite as sentimental about animals here as they should be! Anything is fair game for the plate, from piglets to red squirrels! I despise bull-fighting; an antiquated and cruel ‘sport’. Thank you though, I won’t quit my progress to grasp the good work out there – I will keep on 🙂

  5. Good luck and happy birthday! If you find any cool volunteer opportunities in the center would you mind posting the websites where you found them? I’ve been searching for the same thing. thanks!

    • Thank you!!!!!!! I will, but want to first try and test them, before I advertise them – you never know if the are all the claim to be until then. I am hoping so though!!!!! I know it is a bit of a struggle finding volunteering options here, I am not sure why they are so badly signposted via the internet. All the best, Bex

    • Hehe! There are always pros and cons to meeting new people – that is true enough! Yes, that is hopefully how it will go – tea or coffee and good conversation – if not, well, I can at least say I tried 🙂

  6. First of all, I hope you have a happy birthday!!!!! Second, how cool! I hope the meet groups and your volunteering will be enjoyable for you. What a cool way to start a new year of your life!

  7. Luck!

    You’re right, though… being in Brazil dented my self-confidence for a while. Playing it easy is safe, and “safe” can be a hard ride to get off.

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