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Turn Over A New Leaf


Since my last post ‘A Helping Hand’, I have been trying to reconsider my position or imposition.

I do not propose to dwell upon what I wrote, although I realise it will take time to change what I feel I might be missing within myself or my life. Yet, at the moment I am looking at reassessing myself. I am on a mission of self discovery – I want to relocate exactly what I am all about as a person, to try and redefine me. Since I last checked – I have changed, just as my situation has. This is something I have to accept, come to terms with, work with and not run away from.

So, I took on some advice from those bloggers who responded to my last post (BY THE WAY – THANK YOU!!). I have obtained a copy of ‘What Colour Is Your Parachute’ – which is helping to push me into quantifying myself, to ask myself questions I might be a little afraid of.

I am looking into what ‘meet up’ groups are out there in Madrid for me to get together with people who might be of interest.

Once again I am looking at volunteering positions, and perhaps taking on whatever part time jobs might be available.

I cannot say for certain if any of these things will bring me what I look for or indeed even come to fruition; yet, I will try.

What I do believe is that where I am now, is where I wanted to be. I have gotten exactly what I required, and also, what I needed. I shouldn’t therefore see this as a wasted opportunity – it is a gift of time out from things that injured me. When I am ready to re-engage with whatever I lost or left behind or I buried inside – I will, and not one moment before. I can’t force myself to do, be, or become anything until I am ready, until the time is right. So, I accept what is, I will try to progress and find a direction, BUT, I propose to just enjoy what I have, as that is all there is.

Thank you, sincerely, to the bloggers who responded and provided advice and expressed concern.

I appreciate your input and all you shared with me.


18 thoughts on “Turn Over A New Leaf

  1. Good luck on your journey and thanks for sharing it with your fellow bloggers. We do care and will chip in with our 10 cents worth when we feel we can.

  2. Hey love the update! Btw you asked me if what you wanted seemed impossible and I don’t feel it is. I kept meaning to come back and tell you but well life caught me up. 😦

  3. oops! just catching up with updates, and youve posted much of same as the response i sent in helping hand.
    dont have gaps on a cv, it really does detract from the good parts of it. sad but true when there are 100 candidates for the 1 job, things like this can put you on the spare pile and give someone who may not be as good as you the job, because paper sifters are employed to deal with applications.
    They arent intereseted in you, just your good points on paper. Annoyingly true ;(

    • Hello, thanks and yes, this is something I am all too aware of, but I am trying to rectify!!! As per my reply on ‘A Helping Hand’, it is difficult in a new city and with a new language I don’t speak fluently. All I can do is try, and if nothing happens, well, I can’t force a job if there isn’t one for me. I do stress over this, as I will have to return to the UK one day – and then I will face a struggle, but some things are out of my control. To be honest I came here to escape a bad time in my life, and don’t want to waste the time I have worrying about what might be when I leave here. I need to see this as a positive experience for me, as not many people even have the opportunity to move to a new country; so that alone is something to add to the CV!!!!!

      • do you return to the Uk often? I only ask because when we lived abroad, my mother had a similar problem, she gave up a great career to become a mother, which is still a full time job, though that wasnt recognised in the past. But when she came home she volunteered in charity shops, and at the hospitals WRVS making teas. Doesnt sound much, but people always remembered mum being there, and she gained hours, which allowed her to get a reference. She didnt work full time, but maybe a morning once a week , in between laundry loads at home. When we eventually came home, she applied for another job at the library, and those few volunteering hours she had built up over the years, impressed her interviewers.

        I also did the same, and that is what gave me the edge in my interview in my current job. I wrote a blog on how Volunteering can be Networking, will try and dig it out. My boss told me that showing I was willing to give my free time to working to help, proved to him I would be a great risk to take, still here now, and it was him who suggested I reply this way after our tea time who you blogging discussion!

        • Thanks, and it is a good idea. I know volunteering is something that employers like to see on CVs, instead of employment gaps. I would prefer that too!!!! I’m all for volunteering if you can secure a place, and would advise anyone to try and do it, and have volunteered in my past too.
          When I am in the UK, I am not home for long, and recent trips have been orientated towards trying to sell my house, rather than working. Although, I have been renovating the house, and all that is included with that does carry some transferable employment skills!! I am looking for volunteering here in Madrid, as I have more available time here. Once I am in the UK, time becomes less free. If I was going back to the UK for longer than a week I’d concentrate on a volunteering path. I would then have time to search for a volunteer place, and could volunteer up until a certain cut off point in time. If I couldn’t find any volunteer work before this cut off point, then there would have to be gaps in the CV, covered over by crafty lies; as I would need a job by hook or by crook or face being homeless!!

          • will try and dig out some of my volunteering lists, lots of places that arent shops need help. does anyone in your family volunteer? you could join them on occasion,just introduce yourslf. also there is a great need for online helpers. I m struggling to typ this due to new computerbut will sort it later –

          • Yes, I am aware that there are more places other than shops that require volunteers. Online too could provide possibilities if all else fails me. For me, becoming a volunteer or finding a way to be a volunteer isn’t a problem. I am quite knowledgeable about volunteering in general, as I have volunteered in the past, and some of my previous work history involved actual volunteer management and coordination. I always found that volunteering isn’t necessarily as easy as just turning up and saying ‘here I am’ – people now have a myriad of hurdles to overcome like CRB checks, H&S, risk assessments and confidentiality issues. Plus, there are more volunteers than places sometimes.
            With not being in the UK long enough to search for volunteer placements I could ask others to help me, but no one I know volunteers as they are all currently working. I wouldn’t want to burden others with something I want to do for myself.
            I am however, as I mentioned before looking for and applying for volunteer places here in Madrid!!!! So, hoping something comes from this. I plan to do an updated post soon to inform on my progress!!!!!! 🙂
            Thanks again, Bex 🙂

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