I Am Miss!

Just because I am going out with someone, live with someone and then make a purchase with them doesn’t mean I am married or even want to be married!!

This misconception of being wedded to my partner has often been applied to me, and my situation. Usually I am not perturbed by the mistake; it is natural perhaps to assume I am married, but sometimes this assumption grates on me!!

Assumptions on marital status – I am a woman, I am not a teenager, I am with a man, we live to together, therefore we HAVE to be Mr. and Mrs. Well, we are not and are quite happy not to be, thank you!

I am MISS!! Not MRS!!!!

Exerting that fact seems to make me seem pedantic, but I DON’T CARE!!!!

I mean, why can’t a man take a woman’s name when they get married?? My fella has been called Mr (my surname), by mistake! That has amused me, and is quite refreshing actually. For a change, he is called something different, instead of me being Mrs (his surname).

Even if I did get married, I would’t change my name. That is something I am resolute on. It is the name I was given at birth. My name is part of who I am; why is it when a woman becomes a wife she suddenly side steps that part of her identity?

I am not anyone’s possession, or appendage,  I am me, a person in my own right – I am Miss, and happy to be so!!!



14 thoughts on “I Am Miss!

  1. I actually know a man who took his wife’s surname… that aside, familiar status is something becoming ever more fluid in the western world. I do very mch like my surname (it’s Swedish), and my sister returned to her original surname after she divorced – she is also not going to marry again any time soon (if ever; she is kind of a catholic at heart), but she lives in a quasi-marital relationship with her bf, who has his own daughter, aged 7 (methinks), conceived out of wedlock… marriage can be a wonderful thing, I recon, but it is a relic imao. I think I have proven my point (whatever it may or may not be)

    • I was actually thinking of Ms too – I wondered what confusion that would cause when Miss seems too much to handle!!!

        • Thanks, that is kind of you 🙂
          I have been away (some personal issues to attend to). I don’t have access to the internet, as I’m in the UK at the moment. I’m relying on using my parent’s internet!!! Sporadically I find time to update my blog. I won’t be back in Madrid for another 2 weeks – things have run on a it here, so I’m making the most of being online today!! 🙂

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