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An Easter Post

Hi all, well I am still in the UK, and still struggling to keep up with my usual regular posts, and interaction with you wonderful bloggers out there on WordPress.

THE REASON – well, I have no internet at my own house, and again find myself relying on being able to use my families. Coupled this with the recent heavy snow fall, and it makes for not much social interaction – virtual or real!

Consequently, I have been a bit quiet on the WordPress front!! This silence will remain for the next few weeks, as I still have some things to complete here before I return to Madrid.

I am now missing blogging very much indeed 😦

So, just thought I’d take the opportunity to say hello, and hope you are all well????? How is life with you all???

Also, I want to WISH EVERYONE out there in blogsphere a VERY HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 thoughts on “An Easter Post

    • Yes, I did – hope you did too??? Woo hoo!!!! Good for you!!! I hope you enjoy your visit – it is a good city. If you want to learn some more I have written some posts about where to go, and what to do whilst in Madrid. Take a look, it may help you with some more ideas.
      Bex 😀

    • Haha!!! I am like the Scarlet Pimpernel!!! I am OK thanks, getting there slowly with all the things I am trying to attend to at once!!!! I am not officially back blogging yet; internet still an issue, but hoping that within the next 2 weeks I will be 😀 So I won’t be MIA for much longer!!!
      Thanks, and hope you are well and all is OK????

    • Good I am glad to hear it 😀 I have missed our usual chitter chatter!!!! Yes thanks, I just have had a lot to attend to after the burglary 😦 So, it will be a few weeks more of ensuring all is well again. Yet it has prompted us to renovate the house (so, some good out of the bad).

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