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Home, But Not To Roost

You know when you are back in the UK when;

Every road seems to have been dug up for some sort of repair or another – causing traffic mayhem and general annoyance.

The temperatures become colder towards Spring than warmer – snow has again been promised.

Jeremy Kyle (a morning talk show similar to Steve Wilkos), is classed as entertainment.

People insist on wearing nothing but ‘sports’ wear even though they never actually partake in ANY sports activity.

Adverts constantly tell you how to win millions on gambling and then advise on fast track loans – logic please!

Young men think it is OK to assault young girls in front of onlookers in a busy supermarket. Great to pay witness to that whilst buying your Brussels Sprouts. Yes, I did intervene too.

Insurance companies think it is OK to refund you peanuts after a burglary – though you have paid for years on a policy for such an eventuality.

The Chancellor Of The Exchequer lowers the prices of alcohol instead of increasing people’s salaries, or anything else remotely useful.

You can wait forever to have a Doctor’s appointment, as the Receptionists feel they are the medical experts, and know YOU are not an emergency!

People say thank you even when they are being practically smacked in the face!

These are things that make Britain ‘Great’ – yipppppeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 thoughts on “Home, But Not To Roost

  1. Yep -agree with all of the above. And I do live here. Medical receptionists – don’t get me started. However I’m as English as the day is long and I can’t imagine living anywhere else….

    • Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it! Ah, well it is good to know others too feel the same!! I am Welsh, and to be honest although I appreciate the UK (honest I do), I still am so happy I live elsewhere!!!
      Bex 🙂

  2. Lower the price of liquor instead of increasing wages… hmmmmm. Sounds like the Romans giving the “common people” games at the coliseum to keep their minds off their miserable lives. But hey, there’s always reality TV to make us feel better about themselves… uh, right? 😉

  3. “Welcome to Britain, on your right you will see the four hour long queue followed by a rude UKBA staff member who will insult you by behaving as if you are only coming in to sponge off the benefit system. After that wonderful experience, feel free to take on our many transport options out of Heathrow, all of which are delayed and cost you an arm and a leg to travel on. Hope you enjoy your stay.”

    – A realistic welcome speech from Tourism for England

    • Thanks for your input!!!! You mean public toilets??? Few and far between, and a ‘bob’ what is that equivalent to now???? No spending a penny any longer, it would be more like a pound now!!!!
      Bex 😀

  4. Every road dug up, yup, that sounds like Utah. In fact several of those things sound very similar to the US. Crazy. Oh well, just remember home is where the heart is, lol. 😀

    • I had a sneaking suspicion it would be in some ways! Yes, that is true, I agree, but don’t know where my heart is!! I have mixed feelings, feeling a little displaced at the moment. Think being with family here in the UK is great, and love seeing them, but I also want to return to Madrid too 😦

    • roads being dug up sounds like agenda 21 – make using the roads inconvenient so you’ll move to town and walk or bike everywhere. Oh and when you live in town, it is a cramped urban setting with compact housing. This is usually called smart growth.

      • Well, not sure what is the council’s agenda where I hark from; perhaps as it is nearly April they are spending the remainder of their budgets on roads, which wouldn’t surprise me!!!!!!
        Thanks for your input, I appreciate it!!!

    • Well, perhaps it was once great, depending on people’s definition of that word, but there isn’t much that is great about it now. Well, accept the music, fashion, art, and other various things attached to culture!! Its all about screwing every last penny from the people, and giving very little in return.

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