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Return To The UK

Today I catch my flight back to the UK, and I am not sure how long I will be staying there this time.

I am worried as usual, I hate flying; all the messing about of waiting in queues, and baggage handling and security, and blah, blah, blah! I also hate the turbulence, and of late feel as though I could be sick during landing (which is never a good thing to feel, but especially on a plane)!

I am also worried, afraid even, that more bad things will happen – this ‘Mercury in Retrograde’ has me a little freaked out. I feel more paranoid than usual, sorry to Gwen at  gwendolynndedanaan.wordpress.com. Though, Gwen has given reason to the bad things that have occurred of late, it explains why all hell has broken out. I feel I sorely NEED to learn to master these ‘other worldly’ things that can control my life for the worst! I don’t want to have to face even more of them, well, not now anyway!!!

I mean – how long does Mercury in Retrograde last?? Has anyone else felt or undergone some horrible things, particularly horrible things lately??? It can’t be just me being kicked about by the universe; I’d like some company please!

Anyway, I need to maintain positivity, as worse things do happen everyday. I have to think of things calmly, which would be normally a little easier with a good nights sleep!!! Keeping everything in perspective is difficult when I am not sleeping so well, I therefore tend to feel less cheerful.

Things will get better (smile and breathe)!

Once I am in the UK I will try as often as is physically and mentally possible to get to a computer to update posts, and answer questions, or comments or whatever else! Yet, bear with me as I might not be my usual super-speedy self, as WordPress updates won’t be part of my daily routine (lacking internet connection will no doubt hinder me at some point too).

Also, I am returning to the UK to attend to other issues (which are plenty enough to contend with). Once again my computer time will be limited when I am in the UK, as I know I’m going to be crazy and mad busy, and completely preoccupied with everything else.

So, though I will have less of a presence on WordPress than usual – I will endeavour to try to keep everyone (my readers), updated and reply to you as I can.

I wish you all well, and please take care!!

Speak soon,

Bex 🙂

22 thoughts on “Return To The UK

  1. Once in Persia reigned a King
    Who upon his signet ring
    Graved a maxim true and wise,
    Which, if held before the eyes,
    Gave him counsel at a glance,
    Fit for every change and chance.
    Solemn words, and these are they:
    “Even this shall pass away.”

    Trains of camels through the sand
    Brought his gems from Samarcand;
    Fleets of galleys through the seas
    Brought him pearls to match with these.
    But he counted not his gain
    Treasures of the mine or main;
    “What is wealth?” the king would say;
    “Even this shall pass away.”

    In the revels of his court
    At the zenith of the sport,
    When the palms of all his guests
    Burned with clapping at his jests;
    He amid his figs and wine,
    Cried: “Oh loving friends of mine!”
    “Pleasure comes but not to stay;”
    “Even this shall pass away.”

    Fighting on a furious field,
    Once a javelin pierced his shield;
    Soldiers with a loud lament
    Bore him bleeding to his tent;
    Groaning from his tortured side,
    “Pain is hard to bear,” he cried,
    “But with patience, day by day,
    Even this shall pass away.”

    Towering in the public square,
    Twenty cubits in the air,
    Rose his statue, carved in stone,
    Then, the king, disguised, unknown,
    Stood before his sculptured name
    Musing meekly, “What is fame?
    Fame is but a slow decay
    Even this shall pass away.”

    Struck with palsy, sere and old,
    Waiting at the gates of gold,
    Said he with his dying breath;
    “Life is done, but what is death?”
    Then, in answer to the King,
    Fell a sunbeam on his ring,
    Showing by a heavenly ray,
    “Even this shall pass away.”

    — Theodore Tilton

  2. I have a time I can tell you about. In the span of a few weeks, my Aunt died, my Grandma died and I found out my best friend was in prison. That sucked. But with time things came to an end.

    Take care Bex and hope to hear that things are going better soon.

    • Oh that is awful, now that is terrible! How did you cope with such news; just one of those pieces of news is enough of a shock, never mind all of them together.
      Nothing so bad here, no death anyway.
      Thanks for sharing – makes things seem less dreadful for me.
      As I mentioned before (probably in the post), I know other people go through far worse.
      Thanks, things I think are OK. I just remain a little paranoid thinking other things could occur, but hoping not!!
      Bex 😀

  3. Wellp, I quit uni 6 months ago and my mum was and is still furious. Everyday I get nags, complaints, bitchiness, and more nag about the things I do and how I do them. She keeps repeating the same sentences over and over again in hopes of having me realise what I’ve done but I’m not biting. Lol. I just ignore her. Got to sick of the drama that I decided to block out every negative thing she says about me which has made me turn out to be rather at peace. We both tried to keep my situation a secret but I don’t know how people learn of these things.

    I hope that was good enough company for you 🙂 The universe is also against me right now hahahaha! (and yet I just laugh it off for some strange reason O_O)

    • I hear you!!! I can empathise with family problems – I know them too well!!! I hope things become better and the situation improves. I think you are being strong by just sticking to what you want, and not necessarily swaying under parental pressure.
      It is your choice to ‘quit’ or redirect your life – if uni isn’t for you, it isn’t for you! It is your life your leading not anyone else’s so don’t try to appease their version of what they think you should be! I do get where you coming from – I have had similar hassles and it hurts when your own family are against you.

      I feel we are all having our own problems, so I am in company!!!
      Yes, laughing maybe is all we can do – and it funnily enough does help 😀
      Take care, Bex 😀

  4. not telling anyone what to believe or what not, but imao astrology is superstitious hogswash, and more likely, though still damned improbable, Aliens are to blame – not illegal aliens from Mexico or wherever they come from in the UK, but the kind The Doctor protects us from.

    I do hope your flight is without turbulences. I personally love flying, expecially during thunderstorms and blizzards, but I’m a madman who wears short pants in the winter 😉

    • Ah, well, I believe in that stuff as well as ‘shit’ happens too. Not, aliens though, but maybe the planets!!

      Thank you, it was, thank goodness!!! Yes, well that is what wearing shorts in winter does to you!!! Hehe!!!

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