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My Unique Selling Point

Having been a little angry recently, OK very angry recently, I thought I’d attempt to change my tune before I implode!! Hehe!!

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t resolved the issues that have prodded at my anger. I can’t yet, but I can at least try to delve into the positive side of life for a while to help me forget the bad 🙂

So, I began thinking about my ‘UNIQUE SELLING POINT’!!

In this post my USP is only for my reference, and not meant to impress or ‘WOW’ outside influences by relating to them my amazingness (I jest)!!! At this moment I just want to think about what I like about me, whether others will share the same opinion of me, who knows, I can’t say for sure!

USP is usually something economists or career guidance people chat about. It is unique to you, so only you know what makes you unique 🙂 In that, there is no wrong or right!!!! Yippeee!!!!! In this post I am assuming you are the product you are trying to sell to the world – which is I suppose exactly what we are and what we try to do!!

USP is important stuff then? Well, it is drawing others attention to your value or what you have that they need.

Yet, I do question it, just a teensy-weensy bit!!! Why should USP be used to buy and sell who you are – why should it be used to get others to invest in you??? Can’t it just be for you and you alone??? I mean if they need a USP to believe in you, then it says more about them that it does about you.

Anyway, just for the sake of this post, I am going to reveal (ta-da!!!) my USP. Even though I sometimes question the purpose of such one sided mechanisms of value, I do think it has a place in some circumstances (fickle eh? Not to be included in my USP)!!!! I suppose I just want to ensure we don’t become hung up on such things; it will never be the end of the world if a USP reveals we are not ALL singing and dancing geniuses!!!

OK – lets talk ME!!!! I feel I have many qualities depending on the circumstances those qualities are being assessed within. I think it isn’t so easy to sum up everything I have to offer the world (see, I can be positive when I need to be)!!!!!!

Anyway just to appease the topic of this post here are some of my USP’s (you might or might not be interested)!!!

**I am great at adapting to any situation**

**I am excellent at communication ~ I love to talk & explain**

**I am empathetic and can listen to what is being said**

**I can sing (oh yes I can)!**

**I have lived in the real world (interpret that how you want to)**

**I have a capacity to learn things & very quickly**

**I have a god memory, especially for faces (I should have joined the police)**

**I possess intuitive skills, which have helped me out on many occasions**

**I am affable, but not weak**

So, these are some of my USP’s;

BUT, WHAT ARE YOURS?????????????????????

What do you have to offer that makes you stand out from the herd????

What makes you you???? 

Do you ever consider your USP????

22 thoughts on “My Unique Selling Point

  1. **I am great at adapting to any situation**
    Yes. Sometimes people might find to my own personal detriment, but I do what I feel is necessary to adapt to the situation and do what is needed.

    **I am excellent at communication ~ I love to talk & explain**
    Yes; I’m pretty darn good at explaining things in plain English.

    **I am empathetic and can listen to what is being said**
    Yes and offer good emotional support too if need be.

    **I can sing (oh yes I can)!**
    Yes; most people don’t know it and it surprises them when they DO hear me sing. I don’t know why. They think just because they don’t hear me singing randomly all the time means I don’t sing. I’m no one of those people who typically sings when I work, not exactly.

    **I have lived in the real world (interpret that how you want to)**
    Yes; although I also have my OTHER foot in the world people often don’t understand as well. 😉

    **I have a capacity to learn things & very quickly**
    Yes; especially when I’m determined to learn it.

    **I have a god memory, especially for faces (I should have joined the police)**
    Not so much. I have a pretty good memory but largely for things I find significantly important. I’m terrible with names but I am EXCELLENT with Face Recognition!

    **I possess intuitive skills, which have helped me out on many occasions**
    Yes; I often use them to help others.

    **I am affable, but not weak**
    Yes and I’ll definitely push back if I feel people are trying deliberately to be rude or hurt me, especially friends or family.

    I also always try to be as HONEST as I can be and try to take care in the things I say or do when it concerns others so as to avoid misunderstandings, miscommunications or hurt feelings.

    • Hi Gwen, Many thanks for your contribution, and input on this topic!!! I see we share similarities here!! It seems in a way that some of us have fundamental core attributes and everything else is attached to those. Perhaps we have ‘pick and mix’ spirits, conciousness, characters, souls (whatever else it could be called)!!!
      I loved your responses to this and agree with you on them, plus your add ons ~ honesty and taking care of what you say to others. Important parts of any USP – or they should be!!!

      Thanks again,
      Bex 🙂

  2. I loved both your post and your USP 🙂 As for my USP, I am a good listener, I love solving problems(both technical and personal), I can communicated effectively (oral and written) and I am an intensely happy person (well at least most of the time ) 🙂 Great question, thanks for asking! 🙂

    • Oh thank you Amba, your are too kind 🙂
      Thank you for sharing your USP’s, very interesting; problem solvers are always most welcome 😀
      I just thought the premise of a USP is something a little different. Normally people struggle with identifying things that are good about them, they feel shy in ‘blowing their own horn’. Yet, it is good to sometimes boost your own self confidence, by thinking about the good within you!!
      Thanks again, Bex 🙂

  3. Senorita Orange…in today’s word you need to showcase yourself or else you will be lost in a vast crowd. The world has changed. It has become short tempered and short term. News today is forgotten tomorrow, but you need to make your mark. You don’t have to be different to stand out, but you have to be unique.
    Smile a lot. Be fearless. Never be intimidated. Choose your words carefully when speaking, never insult people, ask questions, make others feel important, make it a duty to know people at the top…they are the ones who really rule our lives. But also know the people at the bottom…they are the ones who carry out the orders from the top. Choose your friends carefully. Once you establish your individuality your uniqueness will be showcased.

    • Hehe!! That orange is me!!!!!
      I think showcasing has become more natural/accepted in the world – people are more cool, relaxed and candid at saying ‘look at me’! I know it took me time to feel comfortable doing this – or at least expressing that I felt I had something to offer. I am not a natural in any lime-light!!
      I really enjoyed reading your take on the USP in general. It sounds like a ‘plan’ that has worked for you – an angle which has helped you to develop?? I personally can feel fearful – I’d like to learn how not to be!!!!!! I admire those who don’t feel fear in situations; what is the secret???
      Bex 🙂

      • Bex the orange, the only thing to fear is fear itself. Address your worst fear by taking it by the horns. I was afraid of speaking in front of people, so I joined Toastmasters to gain confidence. My first job…lowest on the totem pole, my biggest fear was being nervous around superiors, so I waylaid the CEO and asked him a question. Always remember people high up like to expound their knowledge. They become good mentors. Result was I established a relationship. Once you have confidence in yourself, you can do wonders in any area you want to explore. Tip..always have a smile on your face! 🙂

        • Haha!! I actually did something similar around confidence issues myself; determined to challenge myself and not allow them to control me – so I did always what made me develop in confidence. Yet, now I sometimes find myself entrenched in a little rut, around certain little fears. I forget to just ‘take the bull by the horns’, and yet, it does often work and can be the most effective action. Fear creates fear – it does, it truly does!!!!
          Oh, the smile – I smile a lot, but wonder if people just think that is a sign of being fake or weak (I.E – too nice). I wish I could frown and snarl more, look menacing!!! Well, sometimes anyway!!!

  4. Hmm, my USP…. This is actually homework Po3tic gave me, lol. I don’t like actually talking about myself. But I’ll give this a go.
    1. I am a good listener 🙂
    2. I can be funny at times. 🙂
    3. I try to help other people learn from my mistakes
    4. I can make people feel good about themselves.
    5. It takes me a long time to learn things but when I do, I learn them rock solid.
    6. I always try to improve things, this can sometimes backfire, lol.
    7. I can doodle fairly well.
    8. I’ve been told I’m a large Teddy Bear, lol.

    • Awwww, Greenembers why ever not?! My idea on this was the same too. That was until I figured out that not many people in this world will ever ‘brag’ you up, so, you have to do it yourself – and say; ‘Hey, this is me’!!!! Not in a egotistical way, but a proud of who you are way.
      I am happy you shared your USP’s with us all!!!
      Improve things ~ sounds intriguing, doodles I love, and Teddy Bears rock too!!!! All in all your USP’s are fab!!
      Bex 😀

  5. I think your list is excellent! They are all good qualities that I think anyone would admire and aspire to.

    Personally I never think about USP, mainly because I dislike the concept of “selling myself” it makes me think of selling ones soul. Of course I have qualities that I like about myself but I tend to think of them in terms of how they make me a better person as opposed to how they could benefit someone else and myself financially.

    I think what sets me apart from the herd is that I just don’t follow the herd to begin with. Most people try very hard to stand out, I just try to not blend in!

    I think what makes me who I am is the fact that I don’t try and gain the approval of others or worry what others think, I just try and be true to myself. I don’t try and bend myself to fit the norms of society or follow accepted opinions, I question everything and constantly search for the truth in all things!

    • Thank you, I just thought of a few quick USP’s!! Well, maybe, but I wouldn’t flatter myself on that; yet, I’ll accept it if you think so!!
      Yes, me too – it is something that has made me uncomfortable, but I have grown used it. I have had to promote myself and also other people too, so it is now common place in some ways. Although, a USP is not always the truth of the person – merely an aspect.
      Oh, I admire that – just being comfortable with you and not thinking what others think of you. Wow, I wish I could relax on that front. I can’t, but then history shapes us, and it made me alert to others criticisms!! I do like your relaxed and accepting approach- that for me is a perfect USP!!!!
      Bex 🙂

      • You’re welcome! Yes, I do think so and now you should too!!

        I hear you, I know there often situations where we have to sell ourselves even when we are not fond of doing so. I also agree that our USP’s are not “us” but certain qualities that we posses, we are obviously much more than a list of favorable attributes!

        It actually took me a while to not care what others thought, I finally just realized that the only persons opinion that should matter is my own. After all I have to live with myself 24/7 for the rest of my life so I better like who I am!

        • I will!!

          Yes, that is it exactly 🙂

          Yes, it is true – we shouldn’t concern ourselves with what other people think about us, but it can be difficult sometimes. I do agree with you though; I suffer myself, so I can’t be all that bad!!!

  6. Well, chemically and physiologically there are countless unique identifiers to every person (DNA for most, finger prints, retinal scan etc), but I don’t think there are personality traits that are unique to any person, except for the combination of traits any person has. The same with personal history: every element of your history is shared with someone else (or countless other people), but unless you are conjoined twins, your history will still be unique…

    • Thanks for your input on this, I see what you say can be true – how could we all be so different?? probably not, well, not really. Yet, I like to think I am a snow flake!!
      I know it might not be as true as I profess it to be, but it does me the world of good to think I am unique. I don’t often think unique in the grandest or most flattering of terms though!! I try to see myself in a positive light, as I need all the help I can get bolstering my self esteem!!!! So thinking no one is quite like me can help 😀

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